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COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak: Popcorn Cookie's Trial
This is not the perfect run. But hope it can help you guys~
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【Cookie Run Ovenbreak】Stage 1 (6 - 7)
Combie: Carol Cookie + Giggle Bomb Treasure: Lollipop skate + mini magnet robot + bear jelly boomerang
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COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak: Complite the mission Millenial Tree Cookie + Test Running
I finally have my good mood to play Cookie Run again!!!! Am I too late for this new Legendary cookie? 😂 He is OP even though he doesnt have a magic candy 💪 I'm sorry, I havent check the sound before its take a record. So, my voice doesnt sound good and you can't hear my voice so clearly. I was said, I will upload my next video for BO-2. Its more interesting now! 😍 ========================================= Enjoy my video ✌
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COOKIE WARS Elemental Fire Dungeon mission!
The war has begun and Cookies have to fight the enemies in front of them! Today i was fight on Elemntal Fire Dungeon from the easy level to Hard level 😳 this game became so addicting!! Leggo! 👊 Sorry for some laggy video. Idk if this turned into this result 😧
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Plants vs Zombie 2: Premium Seeds (Blooming Heart!)
Valentine epic quest to get Premium Seeds for free!!! ❤
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COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak White Choco + Sakura Cookie 75 M
Still trying to remember the last stage 😶
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【Cookie Run Ovenbreak】New stage on area 5 (Champions League: Cherry Season 1)
New season on Cookie Run: Ovenbreak has begin. Today I'm going to test new area, on area 5. Combie set⤵ Cookie: 1. Pink Choco Cookie 2. Sparkling Cookie Pet: Pink Candy Treasures: 1. Coin Fireworks Box (maxed + enhanched) 2. Mini Magnet Robot (maxed + enhanched) 3. Bear Jelly Boomerang (Level 9) Music: Lady Gaga's Instrumental - The Cure
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COOKIE WARS Battle Boss ✴Stage 1-10✴ Battle Boss
Was not that good for Cookie wars 😂 I'm still learning how to play this game
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MYTHIC Unite Guaranteed! 🙀 ▶Fusion S+ Event CW◀
Hello everyone! Good news for everyone who has missed the chance for Fusion Event a long time ago. Now Fusion S+ Event is back! Whats good from this event? 💥You will received Mythic unite by fusioning 10 S+ Unites and it's GUARANTEED to get Mythic unite! So, hurry up! Before this event end💥 ———— By the lates update, we've got a new PvP system. Devsister has reduced the star to open every chest. Also, we've got new PvP arena! Enter the game by coin and Crystal. Get higher chance to win by using Crystal. ———— Good luck and hope you guys enjoy my video. Thank you! ❤😆
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COOKIE WARS Battle Boss ✴Stage 2-10✴
My Cookie Wars still laggy because this game haven't released for world wide. So, until last August, every user will have the same problem as mine (I guess) if your phone has a large capacity. There is nothing to worry 😳
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COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak Squid Ink Cookie - Land 8
All maxed and because Squid Ink Cookie coins appeared so random. I have to hit my cookie 2 times and make it fall to get new score 😶 ======================================= Enjoy my video
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COOKIE WARS Battle Boss ✴Stage 4-10✴
Leveling my cookies for fuse purpose 😂 this is the best way to not spend my coins. Cuz in Cookie Wars we cant get a lot of coins like cookie run ========================================= Enjoy my video 😋
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Cookie Run: Ovenbreak - Breakout Rewards
Today is the latest update of Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. You can claim many rewards by playing in Breakout mode. Each stage you'll received reward. The reward has a limit for 6 days (1 week)
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COOKIE WARS New Survival Mode preview
Welcome to Halloween party on Cookie Wars 👻 Play to survive and get out of the X zone
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Complite the Mission for 200 M+ score with Kumiho & Lemon Cookie!
Since the day Dreaming Bear Medal treasure has been nerfed. I try to reach 200 M with kumiho, so I decided to change Dreaming Bear Medal with Red Egg of Resurrection treassure! 😍 Its cool that Kumiho still powerful ========================================= Hope you guys enjoy my video~😊
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COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak Which cookie has the strongest skill?
Loving the new cookie - Squid ink cookie He look so cute but he's sad 😔 ============================================================= Enjoy my video 👍
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COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak New Legendary Costum - Guardian of Millenial Tree
New Costume now available on Medal Exchange Center for 4000K medals ! Wind Archer's Cookie Guardian of Millenial Tree
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【Plant vs Zombies 2】 BattleZ - Brick League
Brick League has been started. Have to play it everyday to keep on listboard 💪
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쿠키워즈: Bug on Sea Fairy Cookie ▶Mythic Unite◀
This happened for more than 2 times. So i thought this one comes from my phone that its lagging but I realized if this caused by the lag, the demage should comes after her special skill. But they dont come. This legendary Cookie one of baddas mythic unite also the one who always have bug on it.
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COOKIE WARS Battle Boss ✴Stage 3-10✴
This video was made before the latest update, the latest version have a better performances 😳 If you have'nt downloaded the latest update. Here is the link to download. !Its credit to the owner! 👇 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PnM55loh5dW6gwVq3h1jWFnRcrU6rwkT/view
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COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak: Angel Cookie's Trial
Note: makes sure to catch all the feather jellies while Angel Cookie activated her skill
Views: 34 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak ▶227M DJ Cookie & Angel Cookie◀
My DJ Cookie still on level 14, so if yours already maxed. You might reach more point than mine 👍 ========================================= Hope you guys enjoy my video Don't forget to like and subscribe 😍
Views: 49 Black Hybrid
Testing Legendary Cookie: Dark Enchantress Cookie
Song Tittle : Ke$ha - Thinking Of You
Views: 73 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak - Kumiho special skill longer transformation, Magic Candy & New Treasure!
Update your Cookie Run Ovenbreak to get new Kumiho's special skill + Magic Candy + New Costume! Its a powerful 👀
Views: 60 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak Free Crystal From Hello Kitty!
Free Coupon code crystal has arrived again! The total is 1300 Crystal 😍 I hope you guys enjoy this 2 free coupon codes. Keep running! 🏃 Coupen Code: 1. LETSRUNCOOKIERUN (1000 💎) 2. HELLOKITTYSGIFTS (300💎)
Views: 611 Black Hybrid
COOKIE WARS PvP Battle 5 Win Streak
Battle wars has begun, and every player could win to claim their Thropies! Go go go! 😆
Views: 33 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak Farming coin without Burning Time! 123K!
Before the bug end, i try to record it! 😆 The Rocket Firecracker has a bug, no energy draining when its active
Views: 32 Black Hybrid
Get Free Seed for leveling up your plants!
They are so many quests that available to help us to get free seed 🍃
Views: 30 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak New Land 8 Sakura & Red Bean 74 M
Having trouble cuz Turbo treasure have not maxed and hit obstacles for so many times 😩
Views: 52 Black Hybrid
Plants vs Zombie 2: Leveled-up Plants!
Epic Quest now available get free seed packets to leveled-up your Plants!
Views: 45 Black Hybrid
Special Episode of Cookie Run Ovenbreak! Get 197K ❇
Just got new editor package and i've a lot of time to edit all of my video games~ Hope you guys enjoy 🙌
Views: 33 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak Free 1000 Crystal!
After the error for Lime cookie and Squid Ink cookie. Devsister give us 1000 Crystal for free 👻
Views: 263 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak ▶Breakout mode Eps.1◀
Using Squid Ink Cookie on stage 1-7 All maxed Have to reach the lattest ink bubble jellies to get higher score 💪
Views: 49 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak Free Crystal from Chuesok day!
Hello, good morning everybody. This morning we received a new coupon code for everyone. Enjoy your free coude and take your crystal! 💎 Happy Chuesok!!!!! 🎉 Coupon Code: HAVEAGOODCHUSEOK Link : https://www.cookierun.com/en/coupon
Views: 779 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak Champion League - Arena 4
Using Lime Cookie and Pirate as relay, they became so powerfull. If your legendary cookie & Pet haven't max yet. This combie will be the best to replace legendary Cookie 👌
Views: 44 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Breakout 27M on chapter 1 (stage 1-3)
Breakout weekly chalange If all of your treasures are maxed you can get 28-29M for first run on Breakout mode in chapter 1 Combie set⤵ Cookie: Pink Choco Cookie Pet: Pink Candy Treasures: 1. Coin Fireworks Box (maxed + enhanched) 2. Mini Magnet Robot (maxed + enhanched) 3. Bear Jelly Boomerang (Level 9)
Views: 40 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak: Free Rainbow Cube 🔊
If ya'll havent take your time for free rainbow cube. Its now to redeem the code. WELCOMEHALLOWEEN 👈 the code you must enter
Views: 214 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak BO ep.1 ▶296M by 4 Cookies◀
Half of them are maxed, but Ocean Dragon pet is level 3 In this video, i could'nt get higher score by using Ovean Dragon, cuz when my phone got hotter its start laggy and makes the proccess of this game doesnt look so good almost crash 😫 But hope you guys enjoy my video! 😊
Views: 46 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak: Party Crystal 💎
To remind everyone that haven't entering free coupon code 😸
Views: 832 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Land 7 Sakura & Ice Candy 72M
i've not reaching max treasures 😐 Get your treasures on max level, you will get a highest score 😊
Views: 225 Black Hybrid
COOKIE WARS Free 5000 Crystal reward!
Log in to you Cookie Wars game right now and get 5000 Crystal 💎 for all players!
Views: 112 Black Hybrid
COOKIE RUN Ovenbreak: Moonlight Cookie's Trial
Finally I got fully enhanced the Magic Candy of Moonlight cookie 🙉 --------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you guys enjoy my video 😊
Views: 24 Black Hybrid

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