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I Tried Minimalism For A Week

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Text Comments (4996)
Skyo Su (1 hour ago)
I think you look beautiful without makeup. So honestly I don't think you need makeup.
Tahn Bae Koh (9 hours ago)
Hey Buzzfeed! Would you all consider a do over for this try? Maybe a month to really dive in, recognize what you really love, and not deprive yourselves? It takes time to figure it out, years even. A month would be a sufficient try with more research and understanding, of course :)
Sari Putri (11 hours ago)
SavSamuShaman (14 hours ago)
your camera is dirty
Rafael Leall (20 hours ago)
hahaha Yoga pants...
Coco LaRue (1 day ago)
Haven't people ever thought of just not going shopping?
Channel Twenty One (1 day ago)
I don't think minimalism and make-up means NO make up. Doesn't it just mean you use less?
christina ross (1 day ago)
You read 9 stories by JD?? can you tell me your favorite chapters?
Bob P (1 day ago)
I would tell her that minimalism is not getting rid of everything, but get rid of stuff you don’t use. Its ok to keep stuff you use and love.
Mel Rey (1 day ago)
The greasy hair guy is too minimal on hygiene.
Tatane Coréenne (1 day ago)
Sky, You are the most beautiful human being I have ever seen in my life.
imahelpfulperson (2 days ago)
The US has a community for and celebrates EVERYTHING!
D C (2 days ago)
I'm an involuntary minimalist, because I can't afford nice things.
Keith Kogane (2 days ago)
wow Americans really are consumerist
C White (2 days ago)
Nothing wrong with minimalism. Just not EXTREME minimalism like the guy living out of his van. That’s called being a hobo. Never go full extreme in any direction in life. BALANCE
Smith A (2 days ago)
About a year ago, I became a minimalist and you wouldn't believe how much hate I get. I get called cheap, hippy, constantly made fun of, etc. Friends and family, for some reason, are extremely bothered by the fact that I have a flip phone with a $30 month phone plan. I wear the same pair of sneakers everyday, no makeup (my skin became flawless btw), and if I really need to dress up, I go to Goodwill. This makes everyone nauseous for some reason. Why?
F**k...you're rich
Societal Deformity (2 days ago)
you ma'am, have a rather symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing face.
Leocot (2 days ago)
Why do people have a mac nowadays.. Just don't get it
Jerry Man (2 days ago)
How many pairs of shoes ? I've got 3. Work, sports & outdors work, Heavy duty mountain shoes.
MrRUSSWILL (2 days ago)
Too bad the minimalists didn’t minimize their social media names... 🤷🏽‍♂️ not enough underwear huh? And what does van man do for money?
Nessie Andrew (3 days ago)
America: Having a room for your clothes.
I HAVE CUTE DOG xD (3 days ago)
A wamen taking 7 minutes Jesus is back
Sheen Ismhael Lim (3 days ago)
Why would you compare the number of storage units to fast food establishments? I cannot see the correlation..
Yuilen (3 days ago)
In a world of materialism and super-abundance, the new "edgy" is to try and live in the exact opposite, but not really. After all, if they really wanted to live a minimal lifestyle, the first and most obvious choice would be to leave their extremely privileged and technologically advanced first world home country....
J K (2 days ago)
Yuilen Who told you that?
thoughtful_commenter (3 days ago)
If minimalist lifestyle requires you to have only a couple of clothes, it must be 10/10 to be in your wardrobe
DeathlyDiJ (3 days ago)
if minimalism is only doing things that bring value to your life, doesn't that make everyone a minimalist? i doubt that people excesively do things that they don't apreciate.
Edith (3 days ago)
she looks like brie larson
Moggy Johnny (3 days ago)
I like clutter tbh, it stops me from getting bored and if I were to live like this I don't think I'd last long
McKenna Cawley (3 days ago)
I wanna be minamal
Struggling Muslimah (3 days ago)
Ok i am gonna try minimalism. Who else is there?
Blossom (4 days ago)
Compared to me she starts off as a minimalist. 😂 😂
justin sharifi (4 days ago)
Only in Cali
Alan Philips (4 days ago)
00:01 ...thisizizizasterrr... : ^ )
Ludo Sad (4 days ago)
So, to be a long term professional minimalist, you need to be wealthy.
theCharlotte23 (4 days ago)
Watching her take out all those things that made her personality in the room made me feel really sad lol
Tami Hodson (4 days ago)
So its like living like a bum. Back in the 60s. Throw all you own in a bag and hit the road, sleep were ever. No thank you
J K (2 days ago)
Tami Hodson Who told you that?
Ricky Merlin (4 days ago)
Did she go on the date with the guy in the van?
dreicqb (4 days ago)
that piece of the video is bugging me
Jennifer Vance (4 days ago)
Her comment about the storage centers is missing some nuance because one reason why they are being used so much is rising housing instability and homelessness.
Jennifer Vance (4 days ago)
Lol at men saying all you need is a backpack full of stuff, my pads for my period just for two times alone would take up a backpack...and I know I'm not alone here.
Zacky (4 days ago)
minimalist house aka OCD house
Moggy Johnny (3 days ago)
How so?
Russ Cambell (5 days ago)
Today I found an item on eBay that I ha e wanted for years but just don’t need. Lol that’s why I’m here
Jack (5 days ago)
She looks exactly like Brie Larson
Ram Jam (5 days ago)
I have my guitar, pc and RDR2
Niferax (5 days ago)
this video makes me uncomfortable
Victoria Russo (5 days ago)
**sees guy and his van** **2 minutes later** **gets in van**
I recently adopted a 21 day policy where if I don’t use something for 21 days (barring seasonal clothes etc ) I get rid of it it’s great
Moggy Johnny (3 days ago)
It's a good thing you aren't female because that definitely wouldn't work out 😂
PicmipPixel (5 days ago)
I haven't petted my cat for 90 days, guess what I got rid of?... My life is much better now.
Angry Pirate (6 days ago)
It helps if you are naturally beautiful, I've seen some girls without makeup who definitely need it.
Shawn Elliott (6 days ago)
Minimalism is great until you need to tighten a loose screw and you don't even own a goddamn screwdriver.
J K (1 day ago)
Shawn Elliott That 90 day “rule” is just something someone said. The essence of minimalism is to get rid of the stuff that you don’t need. Trashing your basic tools would not fit with that ideal. The essence of minimalism is common sense. For example, a woman doesn’t need 25 pairs of fashion boots.
Shawn Elliott (2 days ago)
+J K: Nobody told me that, but I'm thinking about _other_ people who might get sucked into the "minimalist movement". The 90-day rule would cause a lot of people to ditch their crappy dollar-store tools, which are still better than not having any tools at all.
J K (2 days ago)
Shawn Elliott Who told you to not have screwdrivers?
Kingberli Capellan (6 days ago)
"The minimalist life is not... is not cute" hahah so precious
P.E.I. Man -Canada- (6 days ago)
Go live on the street for a couple of months like a real minimalist.
Super knullisch (6 days ago)
01:12 guy in the middle.. definitely don't think he needs shampoo or a fuxkin hair cut!! lol!!
Job Done Right (6 days ago)
Bunch of snowflakes
Jon David (6 days ago)
Is this a parody? What the kcuf is this?
Yue Tan (6 days ago)
i think she has make up on
martha macpherson (6 days ago)
she went in a strange mans green van ?
Laphy13 (7 days ago)
Minimalist lifestyle only applies to the rich or to people with good credit
Liberty Walters (7 days ago)
I really hate how pictures of minimalism are all white stuff. Reminds me of a mental hospital lol
Sergio Garcia (7 days ago)
I thought I would feel a little bit.... empty watching this, but I realized you needed to bring the make up back 😂👌🏻
pattygq (7 days ago)
0:11 George Carlin - Stuff - https://goo.gl/v6UtoV
firestonegraywolf (7 days ago)
Pretty sure they have loads of money but preach minimalism
BAD_F0RTN1T3_YT (7 days ago)
*Get in the van*
Heath Sims (7 days ago)
Wow, 7:28 in, she looks amazing
Haruglory131 (7 days ago)
Did she get hotter
Ben G (7 days ago)
I have a 4 bedroom house and every room is ready for a guest with everything in it. It's only me and my dog in this house. Guess how many guests stayed with me this year? 3 person in 3 different dates, but when you step into my house it looks like a whole family lives here. I really need to get into this minimalism thing. Hoping to get into 2 bedroom condo for a start.
Kellies Kreations (7 days ago)
check out my keto chicken . its yummy..
Daniel Suo-Anttila (7 days ago)
oh a pimple oh no make up welcome to the life of a man
Renita Lake (8 days ago)
Why does minimalism mean no makeup? Foundation or powder, blush that can double as eye shadow, and mascara, maybe eyeliner. Done.
Renita Lake (8 days ago)
I see now. She just went ham. 😄
Marlon Elias (8 days ago)
I only buy my essentials because I'm poor, it's not a lifestyle choice but environment and income force me to live a minimalist way of life.
Oscar Angeles (8 days ago)
im oscar
SSBMA1994 (8 days ago)
Minimalism used to be precticed by muslim long l9ng time ago. Its called the 'zuhud' lifestyle. Nowadays, only some people practice it. Most people has become materialistic. Muslims used to only own 3 outfits on purpose. They ate only when hungry and stop eating before full. They just lived on the most basic of needs and not overdo it. They have the mindset of living like a traveller and living a humble simple life. Because we are more worried with our character as we are preparing for the afterlife to meet god. So the excess money was spent on charity. I bet christians have it too. Jesus, or we muslims call him prophet Isa, led a simple humble life too.
Vedurin (8 days ago)
Honestly. I don't like the picture of beauty that is discussed ... like women only look good in makeup ... there's so much beauty in a REAL face, that a smoothed out makeup just doesn't have ...
HESH AtSeaLab (8 days ago)
So this is what the gay agenda looks like...
Moggy Johnny (3 days ago)
Nah these people are very hetero
GoatCheese (8 days ago)
dont use internet thats wasting electricity. i know that would really be a challenge for an age of people that use it so much.
Kimia (8 days ago)
This is literallly the worst representation of minimalism I’ve ever seen. She can call this decluttering for a week, not minimalism, what a crappy video.
Etai dade (9 days ago)
Hey buzzfeed, next time you blur someone, make sure that its blured at all times.
piquing interest (9 days ago)
She looks much prettier and down to earth with no makeup
piquing interest (9 days ago)
Makeup is pretty wacky
ipKonfig.com (9 days ago)
one week... she really thinks one week is going to give her a taste... just...wow
James Darma (9 days ago)
I got rid of my job so I can save gas
Love Nurtures (9 days ago)
Got rid of two restaurants & his 3500 square foot home to live out of a VW van? WOWWWW!!!👀
VC VC (10 days ago)
The concept seems terrific but the really bad haircut the guy has doesn’t make sense to me. What’s wrong with still looking presentable?
NPC #0I1V313 (10 days ago)
People like this are so boring
Christopher Thomas (10 days ago)
Just randomly met the guy in the van as you're making this video b*******
Paul Krawitz (10 days ago)
2:20 Skyrim in real life. 😂
Larissa Kensington (10 days ago)
I've been wiping my screen because I thought there was a spot of dirt but it's actually her camera lens that has the dirt spot
King Helmer (10 days ago)
Not the best style, getting rid of your summer/winter clothes in each December /July
KC O. (11 days ago)
*cleans room for 15 minutes*
23sweetwater (11 days ago)
You look great with little to no makeup!!! Im 30 yrs old and I am a minimalist. My mother died when I was 11 and I watched my Dad collect things that slowly overtook our house! He passed when I was 25 and I had to return to my childhood home and clean EVERYTHING. I don't have alot of clothes I find that if something doesn't fit or isn't flattering I get rid of it and that makes room for something better to come in! I don't wear alot of makeup but I definitely could NOT survive with out foundation. Just the basic makeup no hooker clown faces here hahahaa
Kobs Nguyen (11 days ago)
I’m from Chicago and wtf is a Jack in the Box
TheNewChronicles (11 days ago)
You could have gotten kidnapped when you got in that van
Jerry Spaghetti (11 days ago)
You could have gotten rid of the pillows, you don’t need that many.
VictoryLion (11 days ago)
What I found is that it is not necessarily about what is essential, but what actually adds value to your life. Accordingly, things like make-up would be fine.
Nad (12 days ago)
Those two guys speaking a whole lot of nonsense. They take themselves far too seriously.
AnimeRage8 (12 days ago)
so just being a non productive member of society and doing nothing??
Mosh Lundgren (12 days ago)
Pimples and all your girl is wifey, ya niggah saying you gotta change gotta get that minimal perspective.
Joynel Bonet Delgado (12 days ago)
Did not know Hannah Montana and Jon Snow were dating 0:56
p schaub (12 days ago)
I think it's a great commitment and I wish everyone would jump on the minimalist train!

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