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I Tried Minimalism For A Week

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Text Comments (5287)
Kellz Main (8 hours ago)
This isn’t how minimalist live
Corey Mondello (18 hours ago)
I found when I moved after being in the same place for over a decade, I was forced to go through all my belongings and toss or donate what I really didn’t need or didn’t want. I’ve done this twice in my adult life as I’ve stayed in only three homes in my adult life, it’s freeing being forced to downsize and declutter,
Unkown Identity (1 day ago)
No junk of course
Cracker Boxy (1 day ago)
I don't qualify for this cult. Not that there'd be anything wrong if I did.
Kranky K. (4 days ago)
The guy at 6:25 sounds like the friend everyone has who is always broke and in debt.
Plastic Bacteria (4 days ago)
It's an interesting concept. It's just that most minimalists don't see the big picture. The really really really big picture.
Ivan Webb (5 days ago)
This how mfs in the hood feel everyday 😂💯
Aero Mystic Lifestyle (5 days ago)
Homegirl's closet rod was bending a bit, I have that issue too usually 😂 I've just recently put most of my clothes folded into some drawers now, honestly most of my clothes will still be fine when I take them out to wear
Tawny C. (6 days ago)
Begins at 2:00.
lefty Tv (7 days ago)
Why do it has to be called minimalast.
david white (7 days ago)
This is inconvenient and foolish.
Torafaruga (7 days ago)
not minimalist!!
mintand sugarco (7 days ago)
she looks like shailene woodley she’s so pretty
Jarod Rodgers (9 days ago)
She just gets in some random guys can. 😂
I could never do this. My favorite style is cluttered so oof.
Sierra Alexis (12 days ago)
Her friend is funny Asf 😭 & So truthful 🤣💕
TheTripstraps (12 days ago)
i have never liked things. too much of them. it gives me stress. i have felt the need to shop for clothes for example. also i hate hurrying. do things slowly, but do them properly. often speed does not equal quality. greed and speed are our enemies. also enemies of our planet. we waste nature, other living creatures around us. slow and proper is the way to go. im so happy many more people are starting to see it. in minimalism its also about not throwing away things, its very important to recycle them. and when getting new only if its very necessary and then produced slowly and environmentally proper. why she has so many clothes? i have only one pair of jeans, one pair of sports pants. how dirty is a person that can wear clothes once? if you shower once a day you wear the same clothes for a wee and then wash them. she is not a minimalist. i have one pair of winter shoes, one pair of spring autumn shoes etc. one thing of each. ofcourse bit more shirts and panties etc. but why change clothes every day? why you dont use panty lines, no need to change panties every day. must be extremely dirty if shower and pantiliners and still dirty panties
fritz4345 (13 days ago)
The problem is that she has a minimalist brain. This is not minimalism.
vicki rasmussen (13 days ago)
Her room no kitchen is she still lived at her parents house
orsikocs (14 days ago)
Why did i even think buzzfeed was going to understand what it means. She deprived herself of things she loved. Ugh
agus supriyono (15 days ago)
DWORLD 2019 (15 days ago)
You look absolutely beautiful: that’s all that counts to me! 😍👌✅ We have too much stuff. I am contemplating my journey of letting go now. Thanks for the information inspiration. 💪🏽🖤
Shewolfen (16 days ago)
Ive been watching some of these types of videos now. minimalism is so BORING. I love all my stuff, its fun and it brings me joy. These minimalist rooms looks so empty and bleh not cozy of interesting at all. Might as well check into a hotel room or hospital
Marie Brockman (16 days ago)
Am I the only dying at the fact she supposedly got into a damn van with a stRanGER
Dima Brovtchenko (17 days ago)
Gabsta (17 days ago)
Sam is lowkey really attractive 😍😍
Stanley Tam (17 days ago)
What if your friends come over and theirs no forks ?
T S (17 days ago)
I do this...it comes when I am stressed OCD  and purging.. anyone else?
Dev Ansh Sanghavi (17 days ago)
One of the minimalist looks like triple H
Asi&Squeezy Love Diary (18 days ago)
Minimalism isnt about not wear make up. What u di is extreme way. U can wear all u use but u cant have stuff u dont enjoy if use
biju joze (19 days ago)
don't prisoner have a super minimalist Lifestyle, just a thought..
biju joze (19 days ago)
If u have a puppy or piglet as pet it's v difficult to live in minimalist life
Mish_ elle (19 days ago)
not wearing makeup isn't minimalism
Pladatookus #242 (19 days ago)
I’m begging to think that everybody at buzzfeed are all millennial with a chip on their shoulders
Bernadette Natividad (20 days ago)
ytV LM
JotTheMan (20 days ago)
All these comments are just cluttering up this comment section
Kermit in Mountain (20 days ago)
Just hire Dan and Laura Dotson of "Storage Wars", They will be glad to auctioned off your stuff.....
slippyy redd (20 days ago)
I would pass out on day 2...
atomicsnowflake (22 days ago)
You could sit naked on the ground with just a rock for company.
Ezri Meade (22 days ago)
no make up? then she has microblading and eyelash extensions?
Christye Lynn (22 days ago)
I know someone who does minimalism and they travel, do Ted Talks, wear suits, exercise... They look very wealthy but they gave away a lot of their things and save money for traveling and things they enjoy. They also don’t drive.
Christye Lynn (22 days ago)
My rule is if I haven’t used it in a year, I probably don’t need it, so if it doesn’t bring me joy, I let it go. I was able to move from Nebraska with just my Jeep. I left 4 boxes of things that were special / important (photo albums, scrapbooks, framed pictures, my favorite childhood toys, my favorite writings, my favorite drawings, and tax documents that you are supposed to keep for 7 years).
Tawny C. (6 days ago)
+Christye Lynn that explains it.
Christye Lynn (6 days ago)
My parents’. I live in student housing.
Tawny C. (6 days ago)
Where did you leave your 4 boxes of special things?
Christye Lynn (22 days ago)
Living out of a duffel bag is too extreme...
AYA Barakat (22 days ago)
idk, i kinda don't like how this si a "movement". have you ever been in a tax bracket that forces minimalism on you? its not fun when you have responsibilities, duties, and oh yeah no money no possesions..
Gwen Del Buono (23 days ago)
Living out a van wont work with a family and kids
LunarGalaxy (23 days ago)
Wut about pads if ur on it and a minimalist? Are those ‘essential’?
NEILOJ ENROCIL (23 days ago)
the guy with the long hair felt like no shampoo was also part of minimalism, damn he looks dirty.
Marta Anioł (24 days ago)
Mascara is still a make up :)
Paula Fuentes (24 days ago)
How to be a minimalist step 1: Go live to another country with a baggage allowance of 30kg. Done.
Elegantly Wasted (25 days ago)
That dude is annoying Being rich and traveling in a van is not minimalism
Doha (26 days ago)
great video, however your understanding of minimalism is a little skewed, in the sense that minimalism is not just about having the essentials to survival, rather it is about only living with what is useful/practical and adds value to your life. Many people who start out this lifestyle tend to throw away anything that "isn't essential" even though they have sentimental value.. which is counterintuitive with the idea of minimalism.
maddogmaz1576 (28 days ago)
If I cant put it in a duffel bag and leave town in 10 minutes I dont need it. Having active warrants helps me a lot being a Minimalism also
Yes Ciara Lang (28 days ago)
True my mom always said if your house is a mess your life is a mess. Meaning their is too much clutter in your mind that it’s a reflection of the inside of your room or car etc. I like how the lady said at the end you turn it into your own I think. Their is no one rule fits all. Great video I look forward to doing this !
I want to have less too it’s hard when your marry lol my hubby is so sentimental to material
justin thomas (29 days ago)
Clean up your room for a week gotcha
Corbin Cox (29 days ago)
Bet you everything went back to normal a few days after this video went up
Jordan Ziolkowski (30 days ago)
This video is so annoying.
Little Moe Perkins (1 month ago)
removing books? that's insane, not minimalism. Books are an investment, none can be decluttered. Re-buy all of them in the form of e-book and donate the physical one, that's minimalism. removing books from the personal library is a misunderstanding act. Minimalism should make you happy, but if that makes you start a pimple and complaining, you do it wrong or probably minimalism has no direct correlation with someone`s happiness.
Clutch City (1 month ago)
My stomach is growling at me cuz I've been simplify my diet
carl boudreaux (1 month ago)
Sounds like an awesome movement for poor people!
Cameron C (1 month ago)
Thank you for the video. Learning to live with less is tough but noticing the benefits already. Keep inspiring
Ewok 88 (1 month ago)
Yeah just let me get in this strangers van and let him drive away with my valuable camera
MIKI-WAWA (1 month ago)
Being minimalist is wonderful, and gives a lot of energy. The negative part is that, I always felt boring without makeup, & the little clothes I had. And it was expensive to throw away stuff, and having to buy it again, because I was so extreme with being minimalist. Hello! I'm MIKI-WAWA by the way. :-)
Laura Ellen (1 month ago)
This woman seems to be doing minimalism wrong...
esf asian (1 month ago)
It's just the magic of staying organized...👍
Sammy jo (1 month ago)
Having an empty room drives me crazy which is why minimalism is hard for me :( I'm doing good but it's hard for me
Ieuan Cole (1 month ago)
But they didnt make the documentary. Matt D'avella another minimalist youtuber did.
Becca Leigh (1 month ago)
Misrepresentation, misinterpretation.
Pink Magic Ali (1 month ago)
Only 55 books? Omg I have that many just in one room. On the flip side I have less clothing and shoes than that. I feel like she’s missed the point. The point is to get rid of it, it’s to truly use and enjoy what you own. To me my books are valuable so they stay.
WEEB McFly (1 month ago)
When you get a YouTube ad on a YouTube video
Charlene O'Neill (1 month ago)
Awesome video, I need to do this or do not buy alot of crap I don't need. Good job.. Any pointers?
V (1 month ago)
did she just get into a van with a stranger?
Chris H (1 month ago)
Just say it like it is. Minimalism is poverty.
Steph (1 month ago)
You shouldn't wear makeup...you look better without it! :) Your face shines like a Mennonite/Amish girl.
Cactus Avian (1 month ago)
Are they ashamed to say that they are broke? Nothings wrong for being broke.
Angelina Parker (1 month ago)
It's easie for single men to just have a backpack. Husband n kids.definately fan be minimalist with that family Dynamic..but most guys dreams r made of a backpack and travel lol. It's not even a sacrifice for some,it's a luxury.
Baconbrothers 050 (1 month ago)
I like girls natural beauty without all the makeup
JAYZUPP (1 month ago)
Not needing so much stuff is nice, I gave away a lot of my clothes and junk. I'll be honest though, I've got a lot of outdoor gear and tools though :p
K Toledo (1 month ago)
the minimalist doesn't mean you do not wear makeup where did you get that from
brent orne-zaluski (1 month ago)
Failed to get the point. Minimalism isn't about deprivation.
Ford Driver (1 month ago)
All very well if you don't have a mortgage, children & responsibility's.
67NewEngland (1 month ago)
No make up is hot...beware of men in vans.
67NewEngland (1 month ago)
REMEMBER ..minimalism means whatever it needs to for your life. The point is to pay attention to your need for what you pile around you. Keep self evaluating and reduce or resist when it makes sense to and brings value to your life.
Alam M (1 month ago)
Lol she got in a strangers van
KingMayuke (1 month ago)
this girl is super pretty
Minimalism isn’t about just having what’s essential. It’s about throwing away the stuff u don’t use and keeping the things u do, if u value and enjoy 55 books then keep them, if u use them keep them, just get rid of the things u don’t use or value.
Tomas D'Incau (1 month ago)
Did anyone else get bothered about the spot she has on her camera lens?
Ilyes Hammadi (1 month ago)
It's more easy to be a minimalist when you're a dude Hahaha 😎
Aman tripathi (1 month ago)
I think i am a minimalist of extreme lvl because in some free time i calculate how much minimum money is required by me to live up to 65year of my age. And i tell you i do it by keeping factor of safety value to 2. And damn its not that high.5 to 6 year of dedicated work with current lvl of salary and expense i can full fill my money and resources requirements for my whole life.
Tom Smith (1 month ago)
I think downsizing is really an evolution vs. a 'jump in both feet' journey. I have gone from a 1400 sq ft home by myself to a 650 sq ft apartment. I got rid of more than half of my stuff. What was a service for 8 is now a service for 4. Two of every pot/pan and kitchen gadget is now one of each thing I use. Mr. Coffee that is 25 yrs old and still works. One travel mug. 4 coffee mugs for me and company. Bristro table vs dining table with 4 leafs and 8 chairs. It's really more about being realistic about your life vs what you think life should be. I host one big event each year at my place. It's fun and it's crowded, but we do it and it's about the experience. Set a realistic expectation and you'll be amazed at how much stuff just falls away.
Asli (1 month ago)
damn jim
Dovii Dalla (1 month ago)
This girl mistakes deprivation for curation from the start. Young people need to go through a period where they try out new things and lifestyles but once you find value in something and recognize what you need in your life, it is fantastic to me that there is a growing population that is acknowledging that to live conscientiously and examine what is important while eliminating frivolous decisions is a key to self-worth, confidence, and happiness. I live in a four-season place though and we will always have more when our summers get boiling hot, fall is draughty, spring is wet and winter is alternatively freezing and stuffy. Also, I think it is a turn-off that the 'minimalist guys' (the so-called influencers) wear only black.
Mr Music (1 month ago)
I see a lot of self-proclaimed minimalists in the comments who are all experts in the subject and clearly know better than her how to follow this lifestyle. I have a few points for you. 1. This was a trial, something she wanted to do for a week. If you really are an expert on minimalism, you would know that it also took you some time to adjust and change your lifestyle, and that you didn't become a minimalist in a weeks time, but rather through a longer process. 2. "Minimalism is about keeping only what is essential to you and these things can constantly change" 3. From point 2 follows that there is no right or wrong way to live a minimalist lifestyle. 4. From point 2 and 3 follows that you have no right to explicitly state that she was attempting minimalism in a wrong way, but you are instead limited to providing tips and feedback, which is neither explicitly wrong or right, because how minimalism is interpreted is something to be determined by personal discretion.
Murphy Chambliss (1 month ago)
So she got in a random guys van?
nami seven (1 month ago)
ok guys cmon bro chris is going to remind you to reconsider a few words of wisdom as nobody seems to want to talk about the elephant in the discusion on minimalism ...to those that have more shall be given to those that have less even that shall be taken...wealth my friends is having alot but also taking very good care with your valuables tresures and fortunes minimalism is an escape for those with little its a sense of dignity a reminder of the value in items and no having amassed a fortune is not the same as hording wake up people this seems like an encouragement to throw away what you worked hard for irreplacable memories photos sentimental valuables remain resolute and belive in yourselves i challenge all to reconsider saying no to being a man or woman who is content with less riches in their lives say no to minimalism say yes to enriching our lives love all of you take care semper fi
soooo no one's gonna talk about how she just got into this rando guy's van? lol jk if he looked like that i would too
KpopKayla (1 month ago)
Why did she sit on that tiny couch with them omg she should have had a separate chair it’s bothering my personal bubble
Tawny C. (6 days ago)
孙伊 (1 month ago)
I totally agree that not everyone is suitable to live in a van. Some people just feel happy when they have more stuff. I tend to use very single one of the stuff that I own. However, I definitely thinking myself as a minimalist compared to my needs. Maybe through out the process, I will be letting go more stuff. But hey, no hassle, gradually becoming like that. And one more thing, all those rules about donating stuff that you have not wore some stuff for size months, you donate it. But guess what, I ran out of clothes, and I tend to buy more. So keep it at amount that fulfill your need and you feel happy at the same time. One more thing, if you have the space, you don’t like folding, why fold? Hang them, save your time!
Maddie Moskala (1 month ago)
This is not what minimalism is. It’s not about depriving yourself of things you love. Completely incorrect way to show what minimalism is. Ugh. You can have make up. Just not 50 different shades of blush. Totally misleading.

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