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Michio Kaku: What If Einstein Is Wrong?

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Don't miss new Big Think videos! Subscribe by clicking here: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 We'll have to recalibrate everything -- the age of the universe, the age of stars, the distance to the stars, the basic structure of modern electronics, the GPS, nuclear weapons -- all of that would have to be recalibrated and rethought ...
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Arthur Zettel (1 hour ago)
Lets make this simple. 1.) At or near the speed of light, time slows down to where you barley age but where you left speeds up. For example you age 1hr but back on earth peaple age say 10years. 2.) Going faster than the speed of light by a slight factor (Theoretically) you are back to normal time. 3.) After 10X beyond the the speed of light; you are now traveling faster than than time. 4.) After 100X beyond the speed of light you are circumventing time and space to the point where time and space is meaningless. 5.) After 1,000 times the speed of light is interdimensional travel where you are traveling through other dimensions of reality. Let me say that this is all (Theoretically Possible) the physics and its equations still needs to be mastered.
Robin Wilson-Sauls (11 hours ago)
Even Physicist apparently are unable to see the multidimensional, (beyond our understood 5). So; Mr. Einstein; would be very correct, within a few of these dimensions; then,... dimensions can be hidden from our site; and ears. It's stated that water is never touching the skin; simply felt-by certain laws-but never touching.
Traian Coza (14 hours ago)
What is this you are saying about neutrinos? Is it true? Did that beam actually outrace light?
Sir Nicholas D (15 hours ago)
He's not.
Fred H. (22 hours ago)
I went to grad school at Haaaaaaarvard... Ugh
canker ' (23 hours ago)
So to sum up , was the neutrinos speed faster than light ?
Abdul Samad (23 hours ago)
Oh my God i want to understand this astro physics but i dont even know the definition of gravity and velocity. 😣😣😣
Radio (1 day ago)
Electric universe, while kind of odd many years ago, has now gained massive ground along with SAFIRE plasma project
Timmy Az (1 day ago)
If time goes backward when you exceed the speed of light then you itself would go back to the point that you just exceed the speed of light and get stuck right there right at the speed of light ...hahaha
Jan-Åke Svensson (1 day ago)
Relativ är relativ som inte är säkert men relativt
Evan Ross (1 day ago)
Rofl everything is always wrong can you tell me everything your saying right now is right what about the civilization that has visited us for years are they wrong too because its not your way
Logan Braveheart (1 day ago)
Just here for the keyboard scientist
57thorns (1 day ago)
Nothing really happened. There was this one odd observation, and it was eventually shown to be due to an optical cable that was not connected as tight as it should. https://profmattstrassler.com/articles-and-posts/particle-physics-basics/neutrinos/neutrinos-faster-than-light/opera-what-went-wrong/
TheGandorX (1 day ago)
Einstein was wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCmEyK4YLdI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBorBKDnE3U
Rickey Williams (1 day ago)
This guy is nothing but HOLLYWOOD show. I don't buy into any of his BS.
Lakshey Sharma (1 day ago)
Man when he said that we could travel back in time and might Einstein was wrong ... I really was very Happy ... Thanks for building and breaking my dream
Millat Hossain (2 days ago)
Oh i like him..my man."
09399187975 Imperial (2 days ago)
fuuuuukkkk yooouuuuuu
daki .sirtaki (2 days ago)
Michio Kaku: " The problem was that this counter experiment, this rival experiment, was done OUTDOORS, and the sensors were temperature-dependent, and of course it's warmer at lunchtime and colder at midnight. Well, Professor Pound's experiment was done indoors and therefore, didn't have that kind of variation" And nobody sees the problem here?  Yes, the speed of light in OUTDOOR space is correct to measure indoor...wright xD and Kaku's the solution to the problem is: "Obviously they goofed" pam pa param. Sorry, Kaku, Einstein time is over.
LH (3 days ago)
I didn't think things with mass could travel at the same speed as light, so how did the neutrinos from tens of thousands of light years away get to Earth at the same time as light?
Mike Becket (3 days ago)
We'll what is a theory it is an argument that CANNOT BE PROVEN.... Yet these fools all knowing sooth sayers. Act as if what they tell us is gospel. Wherein inanyone can say anything and it would be just as valid or invalid. Who could say ...no-one exactly. So it's all bullshit and you are goingvtonlose you're life living in a world of pure unadultrated bullshit.??? He'll you could come up with a while new theory And it would be just as valid. As in read the initial paragraph Mike.
Gabrial (3 days ago)
"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough" Albert Einstein
Eric Ryan (3 days ago)
Of course Einstein is wrong, check out Wal Thornhill and the electric universe. Dr. Immanuel veloikovsky, plasma cosmology, dr. Anthony peratt and the thunderbolts project. Do your homework folks
Nix Nitrox (3 days ago)
Octavio Garcia (4 days ago)
muestras ke estoy ekivocado cuentame ke tanto saves..?
W N (4 days ago)
Astro-physics and cosmology is pretty FUBARed actually. There has been a lot of discoveries that has dumbfounded astrophysicists. Theories are wrong. Total dismissal of plasma physics and electromagnetism in cosmology. Big bang is bullshit. Red Shift assumption of an expanding universe is wrong. Halton Arp proved this.
Dawn Ripper (5 days ago)
Time does not go backwards if you exceed the speed of light. The Lorentz factor is determined by the formula, 1/sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2)). If v^2 is greater than c^2, then v^2/c^2 would be a number greater than 1 and so 1 minus that number, would be less than 0. The square root of a negative number is a complex number and so we can't assume what would happen if something were to exceed the speed of light which already isn't possible since hitting the speed of light would relativistically "increase the mass of any object with any pre-existing mass to infinity) meaning accelerating that object isn't possible as a=f/m where f is net force and m is mass. m=1/0 and so regardless of what the force is, a=0 and so the object can never accelerate to the speed of light and therefore, the neutrino news is a hoax.
Colonel Qaddafi (7 hours ago)
Einstein is a fraud, prolific plagiarist, serial adulterer, and overall a morally bankrupt individual. He abandoned his whiz of a wife, Einstein-Marity, leaving her to care for their schizophrenic son. The Yahoud have never produced a bona fide ingenious inventor in any field, despite their persistence for 2+ millennia operating w/in non-laborious "white-collar" type professions, often but not exclusively, of a parasitical nature. Indeed, the Yahoud have long been mocked by the goyim for this glaring indication of intellectual inferiority and a contradiction to their self-proclaimed superiority as the Chosen People of God. Where is the Yahoudi Faraday? Tesla? Heaviside? Laplace? Fourier? Joule? So Einstein appears on the scene w/ his theory of relativity, later generalized, but wholly plagiarized, in order to fill the intellectual void. I'm certain that many of you recall the ubiquitous Einstein posters from your K-12 days in public school, especially the one w/ Einstein sticking out his tongue in a mocking fashion. That ain't a Cohencidence, best believe that you gullible goyim.
Dawn Ripper (13 hours ago)
+Bluesbr0ther Stop arguing with him dumbass, you're spamming my feed. If you knew basic physics, you'd know this is extremely good satire! As much as I appreciate satire, I don't appreciate spam!
Bluesbr0ther (14 hours ago)
@Frank Moser I didn't call you any of those things. I just said that i look forward to you disproving Einsteins Theory. You were the one that called Einstein supporters misinformed sheeple and then claimed that there are plenty of old theories that are easily disproven now. But i guess Einsteins isn't one of them then.
Frank Moser (14 hours ago)
Bluebro easier to call ME the phony and FOOL lol but check it out "light" is made up of "charged particles" that were once JUST like the "un charged" particles (or dark matter) in which it travels through UNTIL it became "charged" by an energy source that completely put a 180 on it's polarization and NOW THESE "charged" particles have the exact opposite polarity of the "un charged" (dark or anti matt) particles which serves as the constant "force" that keeps light in an accelerated state ( just like when two magnets push away from each other when polarity is reversed) THIS is the maun reason light CANNOT travel at a consistent or constant SAME speed lol
Frank Moser (14 hours ago)
Bluesbrother i DO have a pretty good idea about what light is ,it's purpose,and inevitable end of it's course HOWEVER MOST people don't want to think their childhood hero was a phony and fool lol
Grapho Man UK (5 days ago)
I once had samples coming back with high sodium levels. Easy. The lab technician ate potato chips at lunchtime.
Alan Land (5 days ago)
There are mountains of evidence that have been ignored over and over again. Modern physics is taking us on a virtual reality ride based upon their ability to "create" reality in equations that may or may not agree with empirical evidence.
Geoff govender (5 days ago)
No one can prove the age of the Universe, it's just guess work by science
Starz (6 days ago)
So Michio thinks Einstein wasn’t wrong, but we just had a miscalculation which made Einstein seems wrong? Is that correct?
the anime guy (6 days ago)
What if its true and scientists don't want to tell that Einstein is wrong and already made a time machine Sounds like steins gate plot
itz-STANLEY salmond (6 days ago)
I thinks so ... I mean theres was made a possibility .. He just make a relative solution for it not the reality .. I know there was hisenberg but i think here not just relativity ..more somethings else how could if we tk earth as a moving frame example its more easy to calculate futhur as gravtional movememts or light bendong . But time dilation is a great invention... Pls gibe some responds .. Need inspiration
itz-STANLEY salmond (6 days ago)
Please sir we need responds
itz-STANLEY salmond (6 days ago)
I just want to know .. What if i ignore the einstein theory or its work regarding to the bending to the light or ecllips the gravtional new concept... Cz i think tht it can be done with another way with just time distance velocity formula we just thiknking that way yes einsteins is absolutely right and also we hv the answer if we tk our earth as a project of it.. Nd by genrally calculating the own revolving velocity we can say that for 1600km per hrs its take with the 24 hrs time period to coverd the 38400 km .. So we can get a idea whenever just we create a new machine or just creat to way exceeds the velocity of earth here distance will be the same there will be many case but thinks that we can think it with another way.. We r just stuck here in this life with just 24 hrs time period i thinks there was sure a many of the time periods .. Have high velocity nd more diameter body have less time periods...PLSSSS GUYS OR ANY ONE NEED HELP IF I W WAS WRONG OR RIGHT .. NEEDS SOME HELP.. IF THERE ANYONE .... PLS SHARE IT FIR OUR FUTURE GENERATION .. I JUST NEED SOME GOOD HAND or you can say GOOD energies
Neha Gaikwad (7 days ago)
"...and i think there's something circular about that."
Well science is all about proving something WRONG!. Even if it's ONE thing out of 100!. This is where global warming stretches the bar, you see, global warming is one of those things that are set up to prove its RIGHT even though it's been proven wrong time and time again!. But in science NOTHING is truly RIGHT!. Only accepted by most until proven WRONG!. The thing global warming has in common with religion, is the fact that it IS right and that it IS happening, according to THEIR evidence which is like saying the Bible ISN'T a storybook!. Another thing that makes global warming a religion, is the fact that they're trying to set it up to NOT question it and to NOT PROVE IT'S WRONG!. So climate change IS real because it's natural, global warming is the world's new Christianity/Religion, basically the new bullshit!. The thing that flaws global warming is the fact that they basically say CO2 reacts the exact same as the sun's radiation!. But we were taught at school, the sun acts DIFFERENTLY to Earth than CO2? Plus, they say the CO2 is ABSORBING the heat!. Well that's another flaw, because that means the CO2 is SOAKING the heat up instead of letting it get transferred via convection and or conduction!. It CAN'T be magic physics breaking one way particle!. We were ALL taught that heat is transferred convection and conduction!. NOT absorption!. Plus, a third one, stop saying we're like Venus!. The only difference between Mars and Venus atmospherically, is PRESSURE!. ANY thick atmosphere is going to rise the TEMPERATURE regardless of CO2 concentrations!. We have a pressure of 1 BAR!. So if we had 20% CO2 in our atmosphere and the pressure stays at 1 bar!. There won't be any difference in temperature at all!. The only difference is that there's more FOOD for the plants, then those die off and then they make NEW land!. Which means MORE life will start and it's just the typical Carbon Cycle!. If Mars and Venus swapped positions, do you honestly think there's going to be a big difference? No! Because the main difference between them is atmospheric pressure!. Venus is probably going to be 20°C colder, and Mars might get 30°C hotter just because if the fact theres virtually no atmosphere!. Mars: 95% CO2, 100 times LESS pressure than us Venus: 96.5% CO2, 90 times MORE pressure than us Earth: 0.04% CO2, 0 times pressure than us See the difference?!? This ALONE blows global warming out of the water, they are WRONG lol, no papers, nothing but BRAIN!. Global warming CAN'T be proven right but it CAN be proven wrong!. I CAN'T be proven right but I CAN be proven wrong!. I probably already have lol, but think about it!.
+Bluesbr0ther Then why do we have natural Carbon SINKS for? Plus how do we get limestone? Plus why do you think we have GRASS and WATER? We don't get sedimentary rock and Carbonated water from nothing!. Plus you say we wouldn't be able to breathe? Bullshit mate!. Indoors, CO2 concentrations can get as high as 6,000 ppm and we're still alive!. Plus, other than being a confined space, there's not much difference temperature wise compared to outside either, unless you have a heater? That again probes global warming is a lie!. Ever since the Earth has formed, it's been slowly losing all its CO2, so without CO2, were not going to have any land left cos where do you think land comes from? We should be putting in MORE CO2 than taking out!. All the fossil records of ALL types of ancient lifeforms have proven time and time again, life has flourished shitloads more than in this period!. Since the CO2 sinks to the ground, and doesn't absorb or trap heat, it acts as a surface cooler!. All this global warming bullshit, is showing temperature is rising and doesn't correlate with CO2 at all!. But the bottom line, CO2 is a CARBON product!. https://www.google.com/amp/s/edberry.com/blog/climate-physics/agw-hypothesis/a-physics-view-of-climate-change/amp/
Bluesbr0ther (5 hours ago)
If CO2 sinks to the ground and stays there , all animal/human life would have been extinct a long time ago. We wouldn't be able to breathe.
+Bluesbr0ther One other thing, how can CO2 cause heating AND rise in the atmosphere when it's 1.5x heavier than air? So I guess that's why you light a match and it quickly goes out? Regardless if you're outside or not? On top of that, CO2 doesn't even mix well in the atmosphere at all and it's classed as a heavy gas, so it just sinks to the ground!. https://principia-scientific.org/climate-fraud-exposed-co2-doesnt-rise-trap-retain-heat/ And to top it all off, it acts as a surface coolant!. Total opposite of what THEY are trying to push!.
Rodary Windsor Cleveland (12 hours ago)
+Bluesbr0ther Not because of CO2!. CO2 has nothing to do with temperature!. The thing is with these climate predictions, they're measuring CO2 to be the same as the sun's rays!. Now how can they say CO2 ALONE will heat the Earth up without considering the fact that Water Vapour strengthens the transfer of heat and that means CO2 does NOT absorb the heat!. The thing is though, when there's more CO2, there's more Water Vapour too!. So that alone had already collapsed this global warming bullshit!. The fact we have WIND says that this global warming is all rubbish!. The only thing that affects the temperature is the sun's activity, and where we are in the galaxy!. Since we're in the Orion belt in the Milky Way, we're in what is classed as an ice age climate from the fact the dust particles are blocking the full radiation from Sagittarius A and all other stars!. When we eventually move out of the belt and into the open part of the galaxy, you'd be lucky if Earth stays below 10 - 15°C on average!. THAT'S what truly wiped out the dinosaurs!. It takes how long to or it the galaxy? 200 million years years, and the belts account for between 50 - 70 million years of the total cycle depending on how wide the belt is!.
Bluesbr0ther (14 hours ago)
We have been monitoring global temperature for about 140 years now. in 2014 we broke the record for the highest average yearly temperature recorded worldwide , in 2015 we broke the record again and in 2016 we broke it yet again. While that may still be a coincidence , having 3 broken records in 3 years shows a pattern. And your info about co2 is a bit wrong, the problem with co2 is that it forms a protective layer in the atmosphere near outer space and it prevents heat from being reflected back into space which results in increased temperatures on Earth.
MrMatthewliver (7 days ago)
Time NEVER goes backwards, because what we call "time" is just distance divided by speed (of a process).For time to go backwards, you would need a NEGATIVE distance or a NEGATIVE speed, which is impossible, because negative numbers are not natural numbers, but purely abstractive notions, introduced just to make some calculations feasible.
GoOdTransForMatiOn (7 days ago)
So what was the reason that my Mom hate my dog?
Philip Kaye (7 days ago)
Time does not slow down at any speed of light and can certainly not go backwards. The past does not exist.
Rodney Lusk (7 days ago)
The imagination has no limit
Steve Mallard (7 days ago)
Sorry man they can speed up or completely bring light to a dead stop lets be thankful gods in control
TRIMURTHY A (7 days ago)
Is time travel possible?
Fickle Styx (7 days ago)
Your all wrong that’s why there called theory not fact your amazing the way you twist your words huh
courrierdebois (8 days ago)
This comment is at 1:06 of the video. Anyone that talks about time as other than a measurement, doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about. Just because the instrument that measures is affected by speed, doesn't mean that what is measures is affected. Time travel, other than remembering, doesn't exist because the past is memory and the future is a projection of memory. There is only this moment.
Javier Ferrer (8 days ago)
Excellent video thank you!
Chriz R (8 days ago)
wow hahhaa never blame einstein or michu will find and destroy you great video
Nobody Is perfect. Even the most brilliant of minds can be proven wrong.
Keep It Real (9 days ago)
Until we can explain and observe “dark matter” and “dark energy”, two variables that were constructed to fit our current theories, then we need to explore every possibility that our current understanding of physics is wrong.
Sheikh Azaz (9 days ago)
Big fan of you kaku sir.
patryn36 (9 days ago)
there is an alternative error possible in your last example: how certain are the neutrinos come from the supernova? aside from direction and timing, is there anything that directly ties them to that particular supernova? based on my current limited understanding of neutrinos, there is not alot that can be used to directly tie them to any source beyond our planet, just a decent amount of assumptions on areas we do not fully know. it is possible that photons have a mass value that we can not currently detect. the results of how sub atomic particles smaller than protons decaying into photons, an experiment involving rhubidium atoms close to absolute zero having a laser fired into it producing entangled pairs and triples of photons that move slower and seemed to have mass, and a few other things i have heard/read about suggests to me that possibly that photons are not as understood as many claim, that they have properties we have yet to learn.
The Brothers Pong (9 days ago)
Thank you Dr. Kaku for sharing your knowledge as always and Big Think for providing the platform.
I really wanted time travell to be a possibility
Daniel Vickery (10 days ago)
You're all wrong... prove me wrong.
FERMIN B F (10 days ago)
I’d say why not? No one is perfect. Everybody can make mistakes, even Albert Einstein. Maybe Stephen Hawking has committed some mistakes too….
steewee21 (10 days ago)
Dr. Michio says the end of the world will come from Nibiru..in 2012....so yes..i belive
Yska Arvihide (11 days ago)
Mr1SaS (11 days ago)
If you measure both with the same measuring system it is correct because you determine the difference
BrandonFlorida (11 days ago)
It was just a bad measurement.
BornToRunBarefoot (11 days ago)
Causing the Earth to rotate in the opposite direction would not cause time to go backwards. It would just make the sun appear to rise in the west and set in the east. You fucking dumbass.
He just spoiled superman
the therorist (12 days ago)
he is wrong
devanand devarajan (12 days ago)
Now we know how the modern day scientists perform experiments. Never use an instrument without calibration without taking into account of errors
Fiaz Fiaz (12 days ago)
Relativity has its application and if the theory was proven to be wrong, it has served its purpose.
Balkeet007 (12 days ago)
So nicely explained
No One (12 days ago)
Sweet and simple
Super Saiyan 4 (12 days ago)
I think the speed of light have nothing to do with time travel. The time travel it's level of energy. Because everything exist in the same place and time
hunkyvampire (12 days ago)
Think about this, who decided what the speed of light is...? God! Boom! He was like let these humans try and beat 299 792 458 m / s hahahahaha those were his exact words.
Duggy Dugg (13 days ago)
kookoo defends the moon hoax Neil strongarmed to silence and buzz lightyear never saw stars ! bullspeak ................
fadly A. Rahman (13 days ago)
Have they tried time travel the neutrino? I mean, fire a faster than light neutrino at a sensor and then see if the sensor recorded a prior neutrino hit.
Purple Eyes Everywhere (13 days ago)
einstein was a lying piece of fraudulent shit who got caught out just like you michio cucku or is it cookoo?
Mrk Mgrk (13 days ago)
What if our understanding of Einstein's theory could be amended to state that nothing macro-atomic moves faster than the speed of light? Then, subatomic neutrinos could go as fast as they like without getting a ticket for breaking the laws of physics. Just sayin'....
69honor (13 days ago)
arent neutrinos going at the absolute speed of light while light it self only goes at the speed of light in a vaccuum? and is slowed down if it comes into contact with.... matter or what ever
Urban Hesse (13 days ago)
Micheo> your trying to make a stink 😈 Albert Einstein is God in the physics community and you know it!! so you shut your mouth. Boy !!!👦 bitten your lip . facts and truth. True facts of sciencetest ~ to often clame there is no such thing as real truth.. What is that some Looper hole that is costumed into the religion of the scientific county as back up for being wrong and stupid enough to keep going in the wrong direction and being tax funded for doing it. So real truth .. ?.. Seek it .. I will say my opinion ... You are not any more right than Albert Einstein is or was . because the things you ate beleving as fact will be reprocessed and hammered into another scientific fact that will end up with no truth to it. you may be this great genius I know I'm a stupid idiot but I would Bank on truth
mich sles (13 days ago)
alot of things dont make sense and not all of it can really be explained. im positive its not logical to treat einsteins work as gods word. its always amused me that we used to think the earth was flat, now we believe the universe is also flat.
Mateo Matt (14 days ago)
The best job in the world : Just stay and speak about theories and ideas no one can actualy prove wrong.
alan mac (14 days ago)
All the people from Hiroshima and Nagasaki will come back to life?
Me Bonez (14 days ago)
How they know time slows down approaching light speed? Sounds nuts
69honor (13 days ago)
you can look at it both ways either time slowed down or you sped up
Kaveh Kooroshnia (14 days ago)
I am GOD and all the things are specialy relative to me in a different particular way, different to things to others
shmoejoe man (14 days ago)
Telsa did call Einstein a Moron so...theres that
Zak Wixson (15 days ago)
Quantum Entanglement?.....
Ricardo Rivera Jr (15 days ago)
Yup the earth is flat
Chu Feng (15 days ago)
What if predicament about quantum physics is wrong? What is we can find the exact location of the particle? I like how people question Einstein but not others. Always with silly stories never backed with evidence. How about we start prooving things. Experiment without theory is just a coincidence....theory without experiment is just fiction. Quantum theory being the former and multiverse theopries/darm matter/ dark energy being the latter. The latter is so siclky comical....like Aristotel who claimed that frogs are made from rain.... No proof in the lab? Sorry, its just a good story and thats all its ever going to be, its not of worth to a scientist. Einstein predicted the shifted positions of those stars perfectly withing the error margin. HIS THEORY WAS PROVEN IN NATURE AND MATHS. How about following his example? He finished 99 out of 100 pages in his life, all of you combined cant finish the last one, can only make up stories about some mythical dfark matter, like the guy who "discovered" eter that was prooven to not exist later on but people believed its existance to be fact and even now argue about it. Simple. If you have a theory proove it, only then will it be worth. If you have an experiemnt, then expalin it properly. In case of quantum physics, if you say "it cant be explained" then you didnt really explain it, you just used some maths to vaguely describe it by making everything a chance while literaly anything is possible.
Simone Scarpa (15 days ago)
No matter what new evidence we find. Relativity can be improved for sure. But I don't think there is anything to be proven wrong since it has given us an incredible opportunity to understand how our universe works based on our current understanding of physics.
Mykes Sports Picks (15 days ago)
yeah but, yeah but, yeah but...Michelson, Aireys and Sagnac proved the earth wasnt moving by proving there was an ether. Soooo....Einstein has been wrong since the inception of the theory of relativity.
Devendra Singh (16 days ago)
What about tachyons?
VV Dedovic (16 days ago)
Well, as great Tesla once said: The Theory of Relativity is a “beggar wrapped in purple whom ignorant people take for a king.” And most probably Einstein WAS wrong. Einstein's theory of gravity cannot account for everything in our universe, as Professor Erik Verlinde from the University of Amsterdam claims dark matter does not exist. He presents a new theory, known as 'Verlinde's hypothesis of gravity'. If you consider that a 23-year-old physics student has discovered an error in Sir Isaac Newton's ''Principia'' that had gone undetected since the work laid out the laws of motion and gravity 300 years ago, then you can safely conclude that errors are usual (even coming from so-called Greatest minds''. All in all, we The Humans, as a species, do not know or understand way more than we think we do. By the way, a great deal of Einstein's proven scientific work was most probably done by his wife Mileva Maric (also Serbian, just as Nikola Tesla).
Deep-ly Redstone (16 days ago)
1 Solution 0=infinityLol
BoB JoNeZ (16 days ago)
Science isn’t about proving something is right. It’s about making an educated hypothesis and attempting to prove that hypothesis wrong.
Idontknow WhoIam (16 days ago)
I'm surprised people are surprised Einstein could be wrong. Einstein first believed that the universe was static and existed forever, while it was already proven that it is expanding and had a beginning. Einstein after many years, changed his opinion, but let's say this : if Einstein had died before changing his opinion, he'd have died wrong. Hubble, the almighty (but not so, since in science such things doesn't exist) Hubble, proved him wrong. This wasn't Einstein's first mistake (although he did change the first one). Let's not forget he was a human being, and science doesn't have authorities.
Idontknow WhoIam (16 days ago)
You poor guy, your words have been used in a Greek video to "prove" god exists and big bang is a lie.
ShootingStar (16 days ago)
What if only special relativity is wrong and general relativity is correct? Would it make that much of a trouble?
Dawn Ripper (5 days ago)
Special relativity is 100% correct and has been tested extensively! It even works with quantum mechanics after Paul Dirac formed relativistic quantum mechanics!
A SKill (8 days ago)
They are related... It's not possible
Woke Af (17 days ago)
This guy is amazing
Krishna Iyer (17 days ago)
If theory of relativity is proved wrong then let's just close our school physics textbook and wait until the new fundamental physics is made..(Note no aggression here)
Don Jobin (17 days ago)
Sorry but Einstein's relativity is wrong, at about 1:00 when Michio is talking about the speed of light, any thing that went as fast or faster the light would not have any time dilation at all. GPS, electronics and all that, does not have to be recalibrated, but your understanding would. The speed of light is the same in all frames of reference, is like, if you are in a car going 50 mph and a car passes you at 10 mph (60 mph) the speed limit 55 mph is the same in both frames of reference. If you are traveling at half the speed of light light and shot photons from the back to the front it(photons) will be seen as going half the speed of light to you in that ship, your 50% it's 50% = the speed of light, the speed of light is constant. Remember that the ship is an inertial frame of reference thare for should never be considered at rest (that's the hole point of the turm "inertial frame of reference"), all laws of motion must apply. We do push particles faster the the speed of light in the excelerators all the time. The excelerator in the ground is a inertial frame of reference.
r io (17 days ago)
Einstein based his relativity theory on the Lorentz transform... Lorentz transform was applied to answer the Michelson apparatus which presented that the earth is not moving against an ether... that the earth is not moving. This waves in the face of the Copernican theory, but here's the rub... if the Michelson-Morley experiment was right, because Lorentz cannot be proven, just accepted as correction... then Einstein based his calculations on wrong information... take a look and tell what you think.
Leo Verran (17 days ago)
This guy finally said something I almost understood!
muhammad yaseen (17 days ago)
Can anyone explain why he said everything has to be recaliberated if a particle can move faster than light..? And if this were true, if say, eistein was wrong, does it mean that the current progress is built upon laws that are not true? Last question, how could this mind boggling technology work if the underlying principles are not true? Sorry i am bad at physics.. a reply would be appreciated..
Perry Robles (18 days ago)
Wrong? Einstein? Noooooooooooo!
Peter Kiss (18 days ago)
Sorry i now what you mean with your idea about time traveling but your mean is not righ. That is slow time and on your vision you have buffer for smal time period and you can send elemental particles OR wave of signal ( maybe - small thing) message to slowest time interval. You cant send me back to 90s by u need turn all the universe. And sending live creature back to 90 is fight with protection of the nature and lives. Your vision is for a looong time maybe never exist. I like your idea about future but trust me not everithing is about time traveling for what here on this reality you is big Michio Kaku on another you have another future you mean you is ready for that risk ? How much people died on world war 2 ? When you turn that racist and naczi can be back AND how is now turned people mining about WAR ! SOME THING MUST STAY THE SAME. Einstein speaking about shorting 10 LY to 1 LY for what ? space travel. You now on this video is bro with Stephen hawking. Thats man have truly sad fate but is not one on this universe who have bad fate. After you turn time some people who is now needed for this existence on another no exist or is dead. Trust me time traveling is only for book or science not for people.
Peter Kiss (17 days ago)
what i see with short cut ? easy way to Mars and colonize them. More work to people and fluctuance of money and less loss. On 21s is some enginering without work that people find work and 2 planet for store is better than 1. First grade - engineuring and machine. 2- relive them 3 - popolate and make money. Planet what is a long away have copper and other what is for you.
Peter Kiss (18 days ago)
Turning small things is unnecessary turning big thing destroy YOU ! This existence needs only inteligent people and good leaders. peaople need works and eat ( money). On point 1- healthly Life, 2- good work ( money), free time for friends and family.

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