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James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Following in the bold footsteps of Key & Peele and Banks & Steelz, James Franco and Bryan Cranston close out Season 2 of Hot Ones by becoming the third twosome to take on the wings of death. The co-stars of "Why Him?" break down their facial-hair history and share crazy pre-fame experiences while tackling some of the hottest sauces on the planet. Click here to purchase Hot Ones hot sauces: http://bit.ly/2ja8sx2 Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: http://goo.gl/UxFzhK Check out more of First We Feast here: http://firstwefeast.com/ https://twitter.com/firstwefeast https://www.facebook.com/FirstWeFeast http://instagram.com/firstwefeast https://www.reddit.com/r/hotones/ First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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Text Comments (6908)
J BAIN (1 hour ago)
I don't get all this talk about James Franco being a bad guest, he seems alright, just mellowed out.
acil_ 96 (16 hours ago)
James Franco is so damn handsome.
Ridogmusic (2 days ago)
Damn if that’s not photoshopped, then James is actually hella thicc
D.B. Cooper (2 days ago)
“So her beard is blonde” haha
Mr. CARMINE (3 days ago)
It should be Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul instead. 🙌🏼
Isabel Phill (3 days ago)
i dont speak english, but did james say they are with seth a cuple?
Alice K (4 days ago)
Omg I would LOVE more Dave Skylark! I cried watching The Interview
Miguel Dasilva (5 days ago)
I brought my girlfriends dad some special hot sauce and he’s loved me since
maxx T (5 days ago)
Bryan just murdered James last wing 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️
Toadspring (5 days ago)
A lot of people bashing James Franco on here, I didn’t think he was bad. I mean he’s there with Bryan Cranston, Brian’s older, more experienced, seems a lot more outgoing, so of course James took the backseat during the interview. He seems more comfortable with that role. I don’t think it was bad at all, those two seem to have good chemistry too
Chris Lopez (5 days ago)
Tom holland would spill all the beans
Ilendir (5 days ago)
Bring back the Fiery Chipotle sauce!
52D US ARMY (6 days ago)
tiluriso (6 days ago)
They didn't go for the top one, the 2.000.000+ Scoville rated one.
Joy Oparinde (6 days ago)
Bryna Craston James Franco
Joy Oparinde (6 days ago)
Stoey for Bryna Cranstson James franco
Joy Oparinde (6 days ago)
Bryna Caston James franco
Joy Oparinde (6 days ago)
James Franco and Bryna Carson
basically me (6 days ago)
Lol nice cover story there Bryan ...
Eli George (6 days ago)
doesn't even look like there is sauce on those wings... hmmm
Chris Hughes (7 days ago)
Can you guys only afford like 20 wings? Is 30 too expensive? Or do these people just not want to climb the ladder!?
Chris Hughes (7 days ago)
Btw, Reduxx was really good! :) Keep crankin' the sauce! I wanna see the first fatality soon :)
Amal Ajay (7 days ago)
you should have Aaron Paul in
ray richards (7 days ago)
Bloody presenters hand gestures. Terrible
Elizabeth bailey (8 days ago)
Only two minutes into the video but on impressing parents, don't try to hard to win their approval. With Dads, don't look for confrontations but don't back down. State your opinions and why you logically came to those conclusions. This might only work with academics, heads of pharmaceuticals, and engineers. From experience. If you can't show it, you can't know it. With academics immediately disqualify yourself on topics you are not fluent in. That is not my specialty. Dad's are heavily influenced by how safe their daughters feel when they are around you. Do you make his daughter feel safe, secure, and happy, are you supportive of his daughters goals. The goal of a parent seems to be is my daughter going to be better off with so and so. One of girlfriends from years ago asked me if I thought such and such an outfit made her look good. I said as good as you can with your clothes are on. She went to her mom and repeated the story and asked what she should do. Her mom said marry me. Parents care more about their kids then about you.
Frank Grimes (8 days ago)
Jesse Pinkman and Heisenberg reunited... with skinny Pete in the background.
Med Otaku (10 days ago)
Franco's too stoned for this shit.
J K (10 days ago)
only 5 hot sauces?
TheUnyielding (10 days ago)
hate the unncessary sound effects
Woah. Evans and cranston look very much alike.
Luke Appleby (11 days ago)
James did not want to be there one bit!
Robert Phend (11 days ago)
I feel some tension between these two.
Robert Phend (11 days ago)
I feel some tention between these two
Alejandro Worldpeace (11 days ago)
This was the worst one I've seen.
shoelesblondlady (11 days ago)
Here's a way to win the dad over.. find an easy fix on his car... then break it and be there when he needs it fixed and say don't get aa, I got it n fix it and have a beer with him
jCurrran (13 days ago)
2 best actors what a time to be alive
Gabriella Walker (13 days ago)
James franco is soo hot!!! That third picture omgggg
Wyatt Shook (14 days ago)
Do the impractical jokers!
Wyatt Shook (14 days ago)
Literally every fucking video i see of yours theres a comment saying “finally someone who bites more than once”its ridiculous
K Comm (15 days ago)
@ 14:50.......The Masterpiece was changed to "The Disaster Artist" for some crazy reason....oh....IT IS BBBBRRRRRILLIANT!
Lex (16 days ago)
New Mexican over here, represent!
Quocalimar Anon (17 days ago)
The host is the real MVP. 42 times as of now!
Tylor Schinzel (17 days ago)
Great stories from Cranston.
Porsche Neale (17 days ago)
Brian Cranston needs his own episode
Lola Camde (18 days ago)
Damn somebodys a killer
James B (18 days ago)
The only time I've ever seen Franco happy to do anything related to the press is when he would go on Colbert and geek out about Toikien nerd shit lmao but he's here and being a sport, shout out to his agent and Bryan Cranston for carrying this interview
letsgomets07 (20 days ago)
That Wong story blew my mind
Flex Piper (20 days ago)
More people saw this than the movie "Why Him"
Nesto Flores (21 days ago)
Get Ryan Renalds
J G (22 days ago)
Watching this after the movie was called the disaster artist
William Jean (22 days ago)
James Franco might have the dullest personality
Bianca Lopez (22 days ago)
Marbella (23 days ago)
The idea of James Franco is better than James Franco himself
Shaun Johnson (24 days ago)
Just know Ford. I’m not going to buy your product no matter how many annoying cut to commercials.
musik lovers (24 days ago)
They pose the important questions lol. Beard and dad advice.
treyevan (24 days ago)
this is great
Roger Barraud (26 days ago)
Heya - is there a Steve Buscemi Hot Ones yet?
Mark Mazz (26 days ago)
Mother fuckin Walter White! Bryan Cranston is friggin awesome. James Franco is also hilarious
Emmanuel Ortega (26 days ago)
IM from NM and I say chiles (chill-ees) just like you did dick... Love you guys
sherry kao (27 days ago)
Brian's hatred for Peter Wong seemed to blow out of proportion and racially charged.
Bryan Cranston should be Max Payne
Yogg (27 days ago)
How did you guys bring Harry Osborne back to life??
chiefcass740 GOTL (28 days ago)
Will Smith
Annie Dotson (28 days ago)
Only in Daytona would a hooker lure an asian restaurant owner to his death and a dog racing track...I know where hes talking about that is crazy....
CALMGAMESHOW (28 days ago)
James is not much of a talker in person, I thought he’d have like a really good sense of humor
Chasity Thomas (29 days ago)
Was James Dean reincarnated into James Franco? 🤔
Dementat (29 days ago)
40+ episodes will Sean ever take a normal dump ever again? I can only imagine in eventually time travels to inspire Johnny Cash
1ZR1BZ1 (29 days ago)
james franco sucks
Lucas Jacobson (30 days ago)
I want to see Jordan B Peterson come on this show.
Scott (30 days ago)
Get that beautiful girl on the show
Rafa Lopez (1 month ago)
This would have been perfect with Aaron Paul/Jesse
Threedog1963 (1 month ago)
Boy, that Tim Whatley sure seems to like them hot wings.
bati baatii (1 month ago)
I wanna see Mike Tyson
bati baatii (1 month ago)
Why all the white people handling it well. Like Yeah it was hot. And black people are going crazy? Because of gen? White are scary tho... No offense...
ztm454 (1 month ago)
Sould of had riff raff show up in the end and been like whats up james Franco lmao
hondas suck (1 month ago)
Get mike tyson on here
Mickey Dangerez (1 month ago)
Nobody wants The Interview 2 because it was political at a politically unstable time. Pineapple Express 2 can do.
swirlingabyss (1 month ago)
Did they not do a full ten wings?
jojo granado (1 month ago)
Heisenberg mann😂😂😂💯
Xinzic Chen (1 month ago)
Poor Franco why are they doing this to him? he literally just drank two glasses of milk and water straight after taking one single bite
Manish (1 month ago)
I’m the one who knocks!
N0bLy_Hades (1 month ago)
Lmao, their like shitting on James
Carlo Caballero (1 month ago)
get conan o brien for the shoW!!!!!!
Jimothy McGiggles (1 month ago)
ahhh damn wanted to see Franco eat DA Bomb sauce
Jaxz Lawyer (1 month ago)
Sean Evans sexuality really comes out in this episode with that sweater choice
SNEAK exe (1 month ago)
Apparently 'The Disaster Artist' was supposed to be called 'The Masterpiece' according to James Franco at the end, neet
Joe M. (1 month ago)
Which aged worse: the joke about Jim Franco grabbing them by the five-star, or Sean’s sweater?
Hayley Puzo (1 month ago)
Damn James Franco comes off a little pretentious “my Emmy nominated show”. Bryan is so chill and doesn’t even have to try
D Alani (1 month ago)
OK I watched this when I was high and noticed that the editing, camera angle, even the images/videos used look so different and now I am watching this again sober and now realized that this is sponsored.... Get Your Coin... Secure The Bag
D Alani (1 month ago)
did anyone else notice tho
Robyn Marie (1 month ago)
Anyone else been binging on this show for days and days smothering every piece of food you eat with savory hot sauce?! Or is it just me?
Robyn Marie (1 month ago)
11:54 😂😂 James Franco's classic look! That one is my favorite!
FishinWithaMission (1 month ago)
Bryan Cranston low-key set that murder up. You don't fuck with the Heisenberg.
dellenger80 (1 month ago)
Franco is always high lol
Star vibe (1 month ago)
Fuck Jeff Goldblum man.. And Malcolm in the middle was dope af...
Chester Puffington (1 month ago)
The murder story was complete bullshittttttttttttttt.. I swear actors are so full of shit.
Jeff Glenellen (1 month ago)
No disrespect to Franco, but Aaron Paul would have been the better choice with Walt, just saying
Tonja Milan (1 month ago)
James Franco stoned at usual.
Molly Roth (1 month ago)
Is Franco texting during the video interview? WTF
C C (1 month ago)
Franco is such a bitch. xD
Eric Wadge (1 month ago)
Get Brian Shaw on

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