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Law School Horror Stories

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Text Comments (2811)
Chris And (47 minutes ago)
Was going so well up until the forced social justice moment.
Valerie Carre (20 hours ago)
Nursing student cry and study and live in the library... ps i failed and cried some more but hope to go back and cry some more
Daniel Jung (2 days ago)
LOL! What happened in Palsgraf. "Well......what had happened was........there was this explosion within the zone of danger....and uhm...uhm..."
Leo Granato (3 days ago)
its buzzfeed, off course there is libtard agenda involved
Crazy Ex-RE Spr (3 days ago)
Man, I need this cold-calling big time! Go ahead proff, shame my day. I want law school so bad.
Madison Cumby (4 days ago)
I’m in my first year of law school and it’s exactly like that. Some professors will see that you don’t know and move on, but there are some that will ridicule you in front of the entire class if you don’t have the answer. And yes, people do cry during finals. I wish they had talked about the process you go through to try to get a summer internship. It’s cut throat. I would not recommend law school to anyone who doesn’t have a super thick skin.
Natalia Dunyak (4 days ago)
Can they please do a video on engineering and business school? :3 It is the exact same feelings.
Austin#2 (6 days ago)
This is a true story: Im watching the video right the girl on the right brings up discrimination against women in the court of law and I say to myself this is a BuzzFeed video isn't it boom I look down and it is....
Dennis Horton (7 days ago)
Airheads should not go to law school.
mikey flwrs (1 day ago)
How are they airheads? Ngl they're both clearly alot smarter than most people
L.D.M (6 days ago)
They aren't.
Emily And Unicorn (7 days ago)
I wanted to be a lawyer...well not anymore
Riyanca Maumdar (7 days ago)
I’m going to be a lawyer...
Tunrayo O (7 days ago)
I'm smiling while reading the comments and thinking of what my future would be like has a law student...
Alberon Ademi (8 days ago)
Chemistry sudents, where yall at?
KCHILL (9 days ago)
Legally blond inspired me to study Law
Andrew Cruz (7 days ago)
Goodluck out there !👏
i wanna go to law school but i'm terrified lmao
Fer Pimienta (9 days ago)
they should do Medical School Horror Stories
Andrew Cruz (7 days ago)
Emily Evans (9 days ago)
Good job Texas U fucked up again ! Ugh I feel ashamed 🤦🏼‍♀️😭 btw most ppl or some ppl are not like that !
Miranda Pillsburry (9 days ago)
I'm doing a general bachelors degree and you can find me crying in the bathroom / library on most days lol so I can only imagine what law and med students go through.
netizen payt (9 days ago)
i'm lifting the texas ban on u queenie
Reya Merchant (9 days ago)
i love this
Cheat the system like Annalise Keating
ACLlama (9 days ago)
English language student laughing in the background from pure luck
agizzy23 (9 days ago)
This is actually more similar to a conservatory than I was expecting. In my school, you’re with the same group of people for your first two semesters, then switch every new semester. Teachers would expect you to read the assigned things (scripts usually) even if it was in one night. And you’d have to be ready to answer EVERY POSSIBLE question about your character. Their job, why they do everything they do, every time they breathe, how they blink. You had a maximum of 5/3 absences per class (depending on the subject) before failing. If you missed one you’d have to take a review class. This is because our classes are more about performing and attending than written grades (although those happen, too, more or less depending on the class). Sometimes there are exceptions, such as if you have a doctors note about something like the flu or a mild concussion. If you were late and didn’t have a note, you weren’t allowed in the room. Certain rules varied teacher by teacher. I had one teacher who said unless it was an absolute emergency, you weren’t allowed to use the bathroom on any class less than two and a half hours. If you left, wait by the door and they may or may not let you back in. On top of this, you’d have to change at least once per day almost every day because of costumes, dance wear, and then some teachers who just had rules such as “nothing too busy,” because it would “distract” from your performance, or teachers who thought you should dress professionally (which is in no way mean spirited, but with only ten minutes between classes and having limited bathroom space and having to carry bags of props, costumes, and books up and down stairs and then city blocks because you weren’t allowed to use the elevator unless you were working, injured, or an alumni, it gets tiresome.) Despite all the 8AMs, 11Pms, stress, and tears, if you really love it, it’s worth it.
Tina Monälle (9 days ago)
I want one of these but with doctors / about med school
Anika Nicole (10 days ago)
They both fine af especially the girl in red
v pal (10 days ago)
I’m not even majoring in anything to do with Law but them just talking about this gives me so much anxiety
Jager Hpie (10 days ago)
just one question......... is the money worth it ? xD
Gemma Gemma (10 days ago)
I can't relate to any of this. I enjoyed law school. No crying, no panic attacks.
choad mode (10 days ago)
who’s the girl in whites ig acc
Luna Malfoy (11 days ago)
Omg tina did law school in San Francisco the mission and tenderloin districts are in sf i live there
Ana Fdez (11 days ago)
Law students operate on constant fear of failure and humiliation
mahnoor lodhi (11 days ago)
Med school horror stories pllllease
Smart Guinea Pig (12 days ago)
ifrnks (12 days ago)
We had a whole rule of law day at my school and we had a mock trial and the mock trial was interesting but other then that it was kinda boring
Monroe Robbins (12 days ago)
A lot of my family are actually either restaurant workers or lawyers, so I’ve heard hundreds of horror stories about terrible clients, customers from hell, it’s crazy. Hence why I wanna be a librarian, one of the safer jobs.
Sohaila Ihab (12 days ago)
Engineering students ....we need justice!!
Sama (13 days ago)
Literally just cried all evening yesterday because I was struggling with criminal law 😂
Goddhoward (13 days ago)
nothing can get in my way, I will go to law school. I'll come back 4 years later, and I swear I'll be in law school.
HelloBombshell21 (13 days ago)
What’s harder? Finance degree or Law degree?
Fatima Majid (13 days ago)
and I want to become an attorney...
Isabella (13 days ago)
I have so much to look forward to
SandraG (14 days ago)
This is bringing back the horrors of nursing school. 😔✊🏼
AmarNathan (15 days ago)
I had a business law class in college and man that was tough, the cases and how to answer and analyse them. Can't imagine studying law.
Tiffany Hill (15 days ago)
As a young woman from Texas, you CANNOT let those snarky comments shake you. You literally gave them what they wanted.
William Sanchez (15 days ago)
They Are Both Hot , but the one with the glasses 👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
optimisticgrl (15 days ago)
I missed more class than I attended in law school but can confirm that cold calling is the worst.
optimisticgrl (11 days ago)
The materials are not hard, but the workload is hefty. If you spend every day reading and studying, law school can be pretty miserable. But if you do minimal work, law school is pretty chill. The latter is only recommended if you can get away (aka do well) while doing less work.
torreskid3 (11 days ago)
optimisticgrl how hard is las school?
chaeli violet (15 days ago)
My sister is going to law school *oh no*
u thought (15 days ago)
Did she say “woman of color” I must be colorblind.
Berenice E. Benitez (17 days ago)
6:31 MOOD
Xy Palarca (17 days ago)
"you can't handle the truth" 😎
alex be crazy (17 days ago)
The girl on the left lowkey looks a little like eva from my life as eva
Shamita Sharon (18 days ago)
I had really poor attendance in law school, yet got better grades than people with full attendance. I really do wish I attended those classes. Every lecture is important in law school.
can you do one for accounting students
B Sarangi (19 days ago)
I have this uncle who is a Lawyer. He's the kinda guy to get drunk at a party and somehow, he always ends up crying and going "Life Isn't great, but at least I never again have to live through Law School"
halfrightface (20 days ago)
Texas staying classy right into the 21st century
Elumio Merk (20 days ago)
anybody out there who knows how said law school compares to science, engineering and medical schools?
Seera Soha (20 days ago)
Legally Blonde who?
Strawbaby (21 days ago)
i wanna be a prosecutor now i’m scared to go to law school
ryan vill (21 days ago)
You probably went to the yeeha part of Texas
Brianna Melina (21 days ago)
Give us more of these!
Maiura (22 days ago)
You should do med school horror stories
May you do one for nurse/medical students?
SilverSamurai 20 (23 days ago)
Nursing school was similar to this lol At least for me, and the whole "you could swim in my tears" issue. It was a terrible experience lol
papaya1551 (24 days ago)
Jesus, is this law school or basic training?
Unicorn2006 (24 days ago)
I wanted to go law skl
Yellow. (24 days ago)
I'm an artstudent why am I even watching this?😂
Hulia Bulia (24 days ago)
The girl in the white shirt reminds me of Kim k
Celestial Bunny (24 days ago)
I find it a bit irritating that the color on the sweather of the girl to the right changes from purple to red whenever they swich cameras...It unnecessarily takes your attention away
(25 days ago)
Who else thought Tina was Bethany Mota?
AizaJustmint (28 days ago)
I thought that was Bethany Mota
Nicholas Wynn (28 days ago)
Musicians episode or music major episode would be really cool. Also I'm a music major so I'm biased.
DK im (29 days ago)
oh wow this is one of the only videos on youtube I can REALLY relate to
najmo osman (30 days ago)
great. now i feel discouraged to take law
Lidya Corry (30 days ago)
I remember cried at 2 am because i have 2 paper assignments that should be submitted and an exam in the morning. So traumatizing lol
G (1 month ago)
going to law school is something to contemplate if you gonna go there for fun without knowing the basics of the job. but if you truly like the subject.. you're gonna like it 100% cause practical sessions and moot courts, file preparations etc are actually fun
Jessica Ngo (1 month ago)
Can you do one for med school?
Jeremy Mettler (1 month ago)
Or cops shooting tapping gov Robbing lie excepting normal or American not even close talking to any Americans can fix two years none change name great unamerican idiots
Morsal Hamidi (1 month ago)
Is it me or are they like exaggerating everything like chill
What's Trending (1 month ago)
Women of color ??? What girl are you blind your not colored
Kurisutīna Rōzu (1 month ago)
Not everyone in Texas is sexist and racist.
Victor Vasquez (1 month ago)
Bruh this Tina chick is my everything
Mariana Gutierrez (1 month ago)
im taking law next year i think ima regret it lmao
Leahnna Boling (1 month ago)
Bye bye law school dream👋🏽
GenesisTails (1 month ago)
Both said: you never miss class Both have missed class
A La (1 month ago)
They went to UC-Hastings...I can tell because she said she "ran through tenderloin" (district in SF)
Tina Siuagan (1 month ago)
I hope you can make a Philippine version for this and I swear to God, I'll volunteer to share mine. Hahaha!
ade (1 month ago)
Unrelated but both women are really pretty
yunJ (1 month ago)
If Jimmy McGill can do it, so can you
Blue Monday (1 month ago)
5:03 lmfao you're considered a woman of colour in America, seriously the fk is wrong with America.
Malia Shoupe (1 month ago)
Nursing school, please!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
lily12266 (1 month ago)
You should do Nursing school horror stories or ask older nurses about the old "nurses eat their young" stories.
Elize Lin (1 month ago)
Omfg can you do one for med students ahaha
Zara x (1 month ago)
This made me feel so much better tbh, made me realise people are going through the same bs as me
JIASHENG FAN (1 month ago)
Rich students go to law school
Steven Cav (1 month ago)
OMG - "woman of color" & discrimination .... yea, right. Things that never happened for $1000.
Steven Cav (1 month ago)
+Nayda Benitez And just because it happens to PoC doesn't mean it doesn't happen to whites all the time too. According to SJW's "we can't be racist / sexist" - now imagine any group being told they can act in any sexist / racist way they want and never be held accountable. So - yea - No, I don't believe that someone just randomly walked up - at a PROFESSIONAL conference - and, willing to RUIN their own reputation and that of their firms' .... and made a racist comment. Next time you stick up for someone - walk through the story and try to imagine the players. Most lawyers and people in the higher professional class - in public especially representing their firm - are not going to go and do this. Does racism exist? Of course - from all races. Does sexism exist? Of course - from both (all) genders. We combat that by addressing it and not demonizing one group while ignoring it from others. This isn't college - welcome to the adult world. Leave your PC SJW ideas in your undergrad memories.
Nayda Benitez (1 month ago)
just because this may never have happened to you doesn’t mean this doesn’t happen
Aleeyah Santos (1 month ago)
Is the girl in the red shirt from San Francisco, CA?
Kylie Avenue (1 month ago)
I’ve been looking forward to attending law school since middle school...not so much anymore
Dalia Emad (1 month ago)
After watching this,I feel like media engineering is a walk in the park (but it’s a nightmare during project evaluations)
Aysha Kamal (1 month ago)
Flight attendants pls
lana cooper (1 month ago)
danm. that sounds so abuseive. ☹️

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