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Law School Horror Stories

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Text Comments (2596)
Free_ Iran99 (1 hour ago)
Law is a beautiful topic if you understand it, i don't know why people over complicate it
Summer Baby (8 hours ago)
These women are so pretty!!! 😍😍😍
Aliah Hernandez (17 hours ago)
"especially being a women of color." Um what?
Aquarius (1 day ago)
This video actually made law school sound fun
Shanice Galore (1 day ago)
They need a video like this for medical school
Jane Lorens (1 day ago)
Watching this a day before exam to make me feel better about myself lol *wishmeluck!
adoomy gamg (2 days ago)
heidieididu h (4 days ago)
benddd and snap!
dancer gymnast (4 days ago)
Do a flight attendant training stories
Nadine Mascarenhas (4 days ago)
People don’t miss class in law school?? Law students miss class to go study
Elisa Ann (4 days ago)
The girl in the red is so beautiful😍
HappyBirthday Nara (5 days ago)
Please do business students video too!
Emily H (5 days ago)
Nursing students understand. You have questions that have multiple right answers but one is the “most” right it’s bs
Daniela Bravo (5 days ago)
I’m trying to get to law school.... and oh boy am I in for in 😂😭
King Rasheed (5 days ago)
not even going to watch this video after the first ten seconds😭
Maisie Dowling (7 days ago)
Why isn’t dan in this vid lmao
shreyaas patil (7 days ago)
first world problems.....smh
athena b (7 days ago)
Make one for medical school
Lorena Vrančić (7 days ago)
Have a nice day if you are reading this. Everyone have the same, bigger or smaller worries than you, and they deal with it. You can do it. I'm a student in medical school so maybe someone here has the same experience with worries as me. :)
Emma Eksteen (8 days ago)
I liked the video until it went all political
Natasha Natalia (8 days ago)
Lol you should do the medical school also 😂😂😂 It's full of horror stories behind our struggles for years hahaha
emma o (9 days ago)
do med school horror stories!
Ibidun (9 days ago)
That seems valuable.
Ingvild Kvakestad (10 days ago)
I threw up for no reason too in school it sucked but I finished my test and Got a C
Denise Cabral (11 days ago)
This is great! Can you also do one about nursing school?
Janvi Gounder (11 days ago)
Wow im rethinking my decision to eventually be a lawyer lol
Georgia wilson (12 days ago)
I'm still in middle school but I know that will be me later on in my life
Eesha Ahmed (12 days ago)
Got a question what is a Law school? I know its a bum question BUT I DON'T KNOW
Patricia Reyes (12 days ago)
Anaiis Grabeel (12 days ago)
“We don’t get to yell out ‘You can’t handle the truth’” Lmao then nvm. Law school is cancelled.
Shannon McCarthy (14 days ago)
My dad says that he actually enjoyed law school, but literally everyone else seems to hate it.
Christian Guerrero (14 days ago)
Law school in San Francisco and living in the Mission? Must be nice...
Ardrea Tan (15 days ago)
med school stories !!!
Morgan Collins (16 days ago)
Now I’m scared for law school, I start in 9 months.
Azrael Celaya (17 days ago)
Woman of color??
Ri Imagined (18 days ago)
I'm from Texas and I would like to apologise on behalf of all Texans. We're not all like that, I promise. In fact, sometimes we do live up to our stereotype of good ol southern hospitality. Also I'm a girl and I'm planning on going to law school. So I'm not just defending the jerk.
SheClutches (18 days ago)
Get used to the discrimination, it’s not just in law school tho... I’m not a law student but I still deal with discrimination in my line of work. I’m a chef & legit my first day of culinary school my instructor says this is a man’s world, either deal with it or get out. He wasn’t kidding tho, men get hired over me all the time even tho I’m better than them!
Muskaan Bansal (20 days ago)
Love this "series"
Erin Symone (21 days ago)
Not relevant but they are both so beautiful! And I love their dark wavy hair!
DV (22 days ago)
Legally blonde portrayed it better omg
Belle (23 days ago)
1.48 My parents are lawyers and my dad skipped class EVERY. DAY. Literally. When he was on the dean's list at the end of his exams, the dean and the teachers were so shocked when his name was called because they'd forgotten this student ever existed.
kwanita K (26 days ago)
Vet school! 😩
Rich 91 (27 days ago)
I though cold calling was ur professor randomly calling u outside of sckool lmao
Whitneyy (29 days ago)
Umm... Yeah, you best not trash Texas, because you're grouping the whole state into a category, because of an experience with one person. Thank you!
thriversoffset (29 days ago)
lazy bitches' banter
Giselle Morales (29 days ago)
Engineering Students where are we???
W Radford (1 month ago)
Aaaaannnddd, like most professions, you may use 15% of what you actually were forced to learn in school in the real world. I'm glad I got my college education but it's mostly a waste of time in reality. I've seen too many times how the smartest person in the class ended up the worst in reality and the worst person who barely graduated does the best in the real world (me). Note to others: Don't worry about your performance compared to others. As long as you graduate there will be another day. Bump into the right person in a bar and you'll catapult far higher than the smartest, best student will ever get to. From my experience, success in the real world comes down to: (1) How do you carry yourself? (2) Can you play the "educated" role and "wreckless/wild" role comfortably? (3) Do you have your own genuine personality and are open to new things? Most cases the "smartest" person has no genuine character or genuine personality and needs to be led and told what to do. This is especially worse for men in the real world. College is just a big "stress test" for individuals. The real world is limiteless and endless. Once you break out of the "worker" mentality, the real world is kindergarten. I think the biggest issue is many never break out of it.
Ian Fickes Wagaw (1 month ago)
this is a joke, right? Someone that went to l a w s c h o o l ended up at Buzzfeed? I refuse to believe it
Winters (1 month ago)
P.s for kids who arent in college yet- no matter your major or school, you will cry at one point or another. I have a faint break down atleast once every semester.
Jessica Driver (1 month ago)
You should so med school and nursing school horror stories
Markoosh (1 month ago)
Well this is discouraging...
Estella Tsivikou (1 month ago)
7:02 Directioners where you at?!
Kayleigh Sauyet (1 month ago)
Oh god... I can't stop watching her shirt change colors every time the camera angle changes.
Blue Bandit (1 month ago)
I feel this way about my bachelors. Mom and dad wanted me to go to law school. Probably should have done that over engineering
I’m from Texas and I’m so sorry there isn’t a lot of discrimination down here
lina elkishawi (1 month ago)
They should do an engineering school horror story as well
Hasan Foyejul (1 month ago)
is there anybody who understand girls & law?
Woods water (1 month ago)
Christina can take my case anyday
Spike Hyzer (1 month ago)
You’re not s women of color. You’re whiter than my ginger friends.
Nick The Man (1 month ago)
Low key out of all the bachelors degrees I think Business Students have the worst horror stories. I’ve heard so many over the years and I have plenty as well.....
Nick The Man (1 month ago)
“I’m a woman of color” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 dude you’re whiter than me. If you’re “of color” I’m black
Bita Menkir (1 month ago)
If a guy said that to me I would get my shoe and say “WHAT U SAY...” (guy sits down in fear) “yea that’s what I thought”
Jo (1 month ago)
Woman of color where??!!
Naya Amore (1 month ago)
Chick in white looks like Vanessa Hudgens
Nightmarez Gaming (1 month ago)
I hope law school in our country is not as critical like this.
Deokee Sookram (1 month ago)
Most relatable video on YouTube for me. Uhhh law school.
No thanks B (1 month ago)
I feel like I’m How to Get Away with Murder is much more intense then these stories of law school lol
TJ Jackson (1 month ago)
These airheads were the best that you could get?
Unoriginal_Name (1 month ago)
+TJ Jackson blah blah I'm 12 and I watch game theory
TJ Jackson (1 month ago)
Unoriginal_Name If your parties consist of glorifying idiots, then no. No I'm not.
Unoriginal_Name (1 month ago)
+TJ Jackson you must be fun at parties
TJ Jackson (1 month ago)
Unoriginal_Name Yes, airheads. I don't know a single graduate from a top 10 law school that speaks like a valley girl and brags about how much they cried or how difficult it was for them. I wouldn't trust these two airheads with a case in housing court.
Unoriginal_Name (1 month ago)
Airheads? Okay dude
cmcdermott85 (1 month ago)
Sup Tina
Ryan Grant (1 month ago)
also, weird they mentioned women in law. to me lawyers are female. prolly bc all of the successful lawyers in my town are female and i've always grown up with the idea that women always argue and you cant win...
Ryan Grant (1 month ago)
law school folks, is this accurate lol?
Kermina Arts (1 month ago)
Why couldn’t they go to any other school like if it’s that bad
r4nd0mi1 (1 month ago)
In Finland there is no compulsory attendance in class at law school.
Manayz (1 month ago)
damn tina wassup 😍
Awais Arshad (1 month ago)
Sabrina Li (1 month ago)
This is still my favorite buzzfeed video
MrJohnisthename (1 month ago)
She don't know it but she always has the option of banging her professor to get that grade.
Zoi Andersen (1 month ago)
All the knowledge of law school I have is from Legally Blonde
DP6403YAY (1 month ago)
My Mom took like 5 years to pass the bar and now she is finally a lawyer!
NUggET ShiStAr (1 month ago)
4:32 *T R I G G E R E D*
Zachary Herbst (1 month ago)
woman of color?
Miriam Torres (12 days ago)
She's probably Hispanic
i love eunhyuk (1 month ago)
Why is this on my recommendation I just quit law school
The Modern Man (1 month ago)
What’s up with the “women are oppressed” undertone of this video? I just want to know about law school, I don’t need the SJW brainwashing.
Unoriginal_Name (1 month ago)
It was like one comment about an inncident she had in Texas + that certain areas can be kind of prejudice, no need to be so offended I'm sure no one is getting brainwashed. Also this is a buzzfeed video which is known for being pretty SJW-ish and not very informative so it's prolly not the best place to learn about law school.
marioboy90 (1 month ago)
What school did you girls go to?
Sara Radley (1 month ago)
Should be illegal to call on Students like that
Caroline.s (1 month ago)
Petition to get Daniel Howell to be in a part 2 of this video
Nolan Phillips (1 month ago)
Ahhh don’t make Texas out to be such a sexist place. That was just an old man whom probably though he was being funny (there are too many of those in the south). Texas is a great place
Brian Do (2 months ago)
Can I hired them? Lol
Eric Toribio (2 months ago)
I love how they say "you don't miss class in law school" and then proceed to tell two stories where they missed class. 😂
iluvpinkandgold (2 months ago)
Sounds like nursing school.
Lucja Swietoslawska (2 months ago)
You go to school nothing happens/ You miss *1 Day* and Beyonce visits , there are fun lessons , and its legit the best day ever
Lucja Swietoslawska (2 months ago)
Why is it traumatizing amd scary
PraiseDa Memes (2 months ago)
My fellow business students, lets say demand for skins in League Of Legends increase. What will Riot do to the prices?
Adrianna Underwater (2 months ago)
Jus trying to feel better by thinking someone might have it worse but this is not helping #MedSchoolTrauma
sarowie (2 months ago)
America in general and Texas in particular seems strange. I am swiss and when I look at the woman on the right side of the video, I see and hear a beautiful intelligent woman. Starting to look closer, off-course there is Hispanic origin (which is to me as European as my ginger hair), so I really have to bend my brain to understand why anyone could consider her "a woman of color" and could see an issue with that. I mean: Maybe it is part of how as swiss people we more identify with our language/dialects then with other attributes (a white man speaking perfect high German is consider to be more of a foreigner than a black guy speaking any dialect of swiss German fluently) but it sounds strange non the less. Thinking just a step harder about it: How can a lawyer even be racist at a law school? This is a very dim light for the American justice system, when even lawyers can not look at people as people. Even with ideal lawyers and judges there would be a racial bias due to the jury system and socioeconomic effects, but dam: If a lawyer from taxes can not prevent him self from making sexist remarks in an academic context (where merits are supposed to be the only separator), than good night justice.
MAESI ALDC (2 months ago)
If Veronica Hastings can do I can to
Nαƚαʅყ Dιαȥ D (2 months ago)
What is law school for??
cat lady (2 months ago)
Pfffft I didn't want to be a lawyer before and after watching this nothing has changed
Kranky K. (2 months ago)
In every class there are gunners like me ready to crush those who cant answer any questions.

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