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This Japanese Method Will Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat

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Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke recently discovered an interesting method that helped him to lose 13 kg (28.7 lb) and 12 cm (4.7″) from the waist in just a few weeks. The exercise takes only 2 minutes a day! Let’s give it a shot to understand how it might help you. There is a little bonus at the end of the video – don’t miss it! TIMESTAMPS How the Japanese method works 0:40 What you should do 1:14 BONUS 1:45 SUMMARY Ryosuke called it a long-breath diet. The technique consists of assuming a certain position, taking a three-second breath, and then a strong seven-second exhalation. Most European doctors support the use of breathing exercises for weight loss and explain their effectiveness as follows: fat consists of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. When the oxygen you breathe in reaches the fat cells, it splits them into carbon and water. THE INSTRUCTION: • First, stand up, and push one leg forward and the other back. • Now strain your buttocks and transfer your weight to your back foot. Yes, just like this. • Slowly start inhaling for 3 seconds, lifting your arms above your head. • Then exhale forcefully for 7 seconds, straining all your body muscles. Perform this exercise every day for 2 to10 minutes. If you’ve already tried this exercise, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (23 hours ago)
Guys, what do you do to keep fit?
CrystalXUniverse (17 hours ago)
first reply and like
BRIGHT SIDE (23 hours ago)
TIMESTAMPS How the Japanese method works 0:40 What you should do 1:14 BONUS 1:45
Nick B (1 day ago)
People are having success losing belly fat with this https://bit.ly/2T6YsF6
George Snell (3 days ago)
So do you switch your foot position or stay in a single stance through out?
Chels Dawn (5 days ago)
eh ill do it later....
Short William (7 days ago)
Hi my name is William. I unfortunately had a OCD stricken childhood and food was my go to thing to make me feel better. Currently im: Recently 12 years of age 160 pounds 5ft 6in And a bmi I dont know what but a large won. Every like I get from this video will inspire me to keep working harder. Thanks u for taking ur time to read this and wish me luck. I will give constant updates to see my progress, again thank u for taking ur time to read this and have a good day.
Mike Laplante (7 days ago)
aka dynamic tension...
JAMAL AFRO (8 days ago)
Dat boi phi
Iman Yassin (10 days ago)
Who else tried this but decided to have a very heavy meal and then give up 🙇🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️😂
Oluchi Lloyd (10 days ago)
l'm gonna give a try! thanks Bright side!
joey dubal (13 days ago)
omg it works
ngnd fxfb (14 days ago)
what is difference between kg ang lbs
kris krishna (15 days ago)
Omg that really work I do this for 2 weeks and I finally seen my 6 park form in my body OMG that cool
Fade9 Shadow Hartman (16 days ago)
i’ve been doing this for a year now!! I was 143 pounds i am now 91 pounds I am only 13 years old!! It really worrks😅
jfp05 (17 days ago)
Basically it’s a yoga excercise
isabella beaver (18 days ago)
I hope I'm not the only kid give this a like if you are a kid
Tanaka Chiware (20 days ago)
Oml I'm gonna try it RN
Desmond alando (24 days ago)
Does it really work 😕....????
Weeraya Leung (24 days ago)
Help me please do u breath in the mouth or in the nose thnx tohoever beautiful erson who has agreed to hep me
PolyAngle (24 days ago)
Hi my name is kassendra hamilton
Annu Tiwari (26 days ago)
' io0 kzQ
Samia Arif (28 days ago)
This does nothing guys I have tried it a million times
Pink Pebbles (30 days ago)
I-I don't feel well I collapsed in the beginning
Controlling boss Lady (30 days ago)
I lost my breath
Kayli Holland (1 month ago)
You lost me when u said stand up😂😂
Nido Carlos (1 month ago)
I dont believe in this. I do believe in sweating like a mindless pig in the gym.
Chinmay Nanda (1 month ago)
Japanese methods are really very good
Charis H (1 month ago)
What craziness huh
The Players Wolf 85-05 (1 month ago)
October 6, 2018, started.
M 3 (1 month ago)
Can somebody help? I’ve been doing this for about a week and haven’t seen any results. I have asthma but I take my inhaler every time before I do it.
Lets Play (1 month ago)
Sup guys, i will start this tommorow on fifth of october, here is some info Weight:107kg Age: nearly 15 178 cm tall I will update in 3 weeks 10min times 3 daily
prashant sagar (1 month ago)
Whenever someone offers you food, move your head left and then right for three times. Repeat this this technique during breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you will have your flat tummy in a week
Trioxa Shazly (1 month ago)
PH-Aziz YE (1 month ago)
27/09/2018 I am going to do it .now am 82.5 kg let’s see how much will lose. So excited 💪💪💪
loretta’s makeup (1 month ago)
ima do this everyday and see if I can see a difference, I will keep y’all updated since I have to watch the video everyday to remember 💀
loretta’s makeup (1 month ago)
Day 2: I don’t really see a difference but that’s cause I started yesterday so I’ll update tmr !
loretta’s makeup (1 month ago)
Day 1: It didn’t really hurt or burn & I felt kinda light headed but it went away
A question. WHAT IF YOU HAVE ASTHMA!!?!??!?
Life tips (1 month ago)
i subbed your channel please subb my channel
lol Kaad (1 month ago)
guys I will try this because most of the comments and updates show that it will work so wish me luck and I will update you guys I promise I promise.
Achu Ze (1 month ago)
Fizzinus Fizz (1 month ago)
It sounds like it works but it is really hard
TheLatta Sisters (1 month ago)
Hm they had me do this in taekwondo yesterday
Dokdapeanut (1 month ago)
Once a day correct?
prince antony (1 month ago)
I'll have to try it
Meggie Young (1 month ago)
There has been a video out in europe and the states for years and years on how to do the deep breathing fitness and weight loss, he is nothing new.
OliAliNes3723 (1 month ago)
0:21 -13.01kgs -11.938cm
Julia Isaksson (1 month ago)
this website is perfect. Maybe you don't want to buy anything. but here you can buy recipe books and then you also have access to a coach to help you with this. I highly recommend this http://loseweight.space/video
PlayWithMonsters (2 months ago)
I'm overweight; let's see if this will work for me too. Not just skinny people. Start; female, 26 years old, height 5'5", weight 226lbs Diet; non in particular, I just try to eat healthy and treat myself once in a while. I walk about an hour a day for exercise, sometimes do yoga or dancing for cardio.
Free Life Influencer (2 months ago)
Really great video! I love it! I see that those who want to start with affiliate marketing have a lot of doubts. I understand it perfectly, I started it myself and I know how much it costs me. If you want to learn more, visit my channel and you will learn a lot about how to get started.
Chloe Potter (2 months ago)
Okay so I’m ganna try and do this day and night for 2 weeks straight and I’ll let you guys know the end result!!! I’ll help all you guys out there that need a bit of convincing Brb!
Natalie Olmeda (2 months ago)
Starting today then I will see if it works 🤞
Snow Wifeu (2 months ago)
haha I'll do it later. 💨
Adii (2 months ago)
Cab you switch between legs durinh exerciss
Your local Art hoe (2 months ago)
Read more . Bruh Why u click read more? U must PAY!! . I DIDNT KNOW U WOULD STILL BE HERE 😁
Lawrence Bachoo (2 months ago)
I wonder if this same method can help to quite smoking?
Alteasea (2 months ago)
I tried did nothing for me.
grotesque cherryyu (2 months ago)
Idk how I got here but Boi can't you just do like 1 hour of this lolol
TeCh TwIns (2 months ago)
Did t work? Tbh I’m too lazy to do it myself so I’ll do it when somebody tells me it works.
SHILPA BHOWMIK (2 months ago)
Lumine Fan girl try this. I am gonna do it too! Good luck!
Natalie Mahoney (2 months ago)
I’m 12, and weigh 121.5 pounds. (Girl 5 2”) and my goal is to be 110 by December!
JAY JDUBZ (2 months ago)
This female or male said, "Guys I've been doing this for 5 min each day and was 110 pounds now I'm 98 pounds in one and a half week.
Nerd Mysteria (2 months ago)
F s (2 months ago)
Sooooo, I just completed my 2 minutes and surprisingly broke out into a sweat!
drama drama (2 months ago)
I’m 11 years old and I weigh 170 pounds
jofwyene (2 months ago)
I'm 12 and I weight 134 🤧🤧
Elizabeth UnicornMom (2 months ago)
Lol some of the comments on here made me laugh so hard. You guys are all seriously funny ❤
Nancy Nahni Goh (2 months ago)
Thank you very much , I will try it again to strengthen my vegan and raw vegan diets, I am 58 years old woman already feel confident with my raw vegan and vegan style of life now will brighten my fully live a life that I wanted till may my age 100 years old , thank you live a life we really needed and happy and healthy all the times thank you
Unique Guy (2 months ago)
It's a little tough for being at the same position even for a minute
Nataly (2 months ago)
Most of these comments have me dead💀 Me at 2:40am: *WHEEZING*
Obsessed With netflix (2 months ago)
When u exhale, do u take the pressure of ur back leg
Jose Deleonmercado (2 months ago)
Lol, omg,u made me laugh,so hard. Thank you for this.
Hminga Pachuau (2 months ago)
if i could lose weight just by wathing a vedio.
StephenO (2 months ago)
1:15 - 1:45
Sealiza Brown (2 months ago)
I just want to loose weight in my midsection, but in skinny already, and I don’t want to lose more weight
eli172 amn (2 months ago)
Do we have to expire this loud ?
David Manqez (2 months ago)
Really like your videos Bright Side, but this one is harder than it looks like. I have had also big problem losing weight and this blog post helped me a lot and its pretty simple to follow. hope it will help other also. Link in reply.
David Manqez (2 months ago)
dnatskfy (2 months ago)
it really works
Алина Ким (2 months ago)
omg it works😮
P4norqma (2 months ago)
I started working out 2 weeks ago. I started off by doing exercises that hurts you abdomen but I realised that it wasnt effective for weight loss. But then for a week and a half I did 4 minutes of jumping, 2 minutes of kicking your legs up repeatedly and then did this breathing exercise for 4 minutes. I also became more active in school. Didn't change what I ate but I ate less. I lost 2 kgs in 2 weeks. Usually working out takes more than 30 mins to be effective but I think the breathing exercise helped. As of now: 14 Aug 2018 -> 64kg or about 141 pounds
My Perspective (3 months ago)
I was doing this for 2 min str8, I'll tell you what my results are tomorrow.
xxMoonlightxx (3 months ago)
It hurts but works😃😃😃😃
Madi cheer girl (3 months ago)
Ima try it and yhen EAT A LOLIPOP
RB Koha (3 months ago)
Well I'll try it... If it doesn't work and I've wasted my time, it's not much work anyways, plus i got alot of spare time
RB Koha (3 months ago)
The feel when you don't have a weighing scale to share in the comments and see if it works or not.
Hi I'll try to do it cough (because i have trust issues and i feel like every account saying it works is a just a bot tricking us) cough Info: weight: 140 and that's all you need to know I'll probably do this once or twice a day for 5 minutes and will update y'all after i see a change also i don't have a diet but plan on drinking only water and a lot of it bye bye~ Edit: alright update i didn't do it i got lazy lol sorry bye
P4norqma (2 months ago)
If you actually want to do it, try attaching a note to your mirror which says "ew". It actually worked for me.
Kim Taehyung fan page (3 months ago)
My mom entered my room and saw me doing this and she was silent then left 😂
TheDeviousArmy (3 months ago)
Can you check out my recent upload?
I feel lightheaded
YourBoi6ix (3 months ago)
I lost a couple inches from my waist in 5 days I don’t even know if I did it right
Banana Head (3 months ago)
How fast should I start to c results?
P4norqma (2 months ago)
Weeks. Dont expect it too fast.
rootrac3 (3 months ago)
siiip baguuus keren,..salam kompak selalu like dan klik balik subscribe ya ya
SØuI (3 months ago)
Bunch of lazy jokes go run lift and eat healthy that's how I did it, 4 months ago - 190lb, stocky, kind of chubby. Wake up 7:00am run 2 miles empty stomach, eat eggs protein like chicken drink lots of water don't eat because you are bored. Push ups and sit up after Do this everyday for 2 months and see the results trust me I'm 15 and I do this everyday don't stop just because you've seen improvement or you'll get lazy. Your welcome ! Dm me if you have questions
P4norqma (2 months ago)
Push ups and sit ups are mostly effective for strengthening your muscles. And don't try to change too much things at once or you're most likely going to fail. And yes, running is effective for burning calories but start small and try to increase it after you get more comfortable. Hope this helped :)
Hania Rocha (3 months ago)
Omg Roa love me!!! lol 😂
Neelam Yadav (3 months ago)
From tomorrow m gonna give it a shot. . After 1 week I'll check the result
melanie - (3 months ago)
*watches this while eating a donut*
Bangtan Sasswars (3 months ago)
Who here only exhaled
Pixelated Galaxy (3 months ago)
Is this gonna make you underweight if your 12
P4norqma (2 months ago)
Depends on the diet and activity mostly
Aya Jab (3 months ago)
I burped two times doing the exhale part
Galang Syah (3 months ago)
it's cool, and it's work! how wonderful is it!
Ama ze (3 months ago)
Me: I'll do this later (2 hours later) I'll do it later (Watches Bright Side) Me: I did it! 😊
GiveMeTea (3 months ago)
07/28/18 : I'm going to start this, so see y'all later. Update : ( A Few Weeks)
I found out that this isn’t clickbait
Sami Shikh Debes (3 months ago)
i was one of the first 100 k people who watched this video, was soo freackin excited to try it. First week went pretty much with slight changes, second week i was in the hospital..... i had Appendicitis. now listen it might be a Coincidence idk! but i also believe that this exercise had something to do with it. Since then i stopped and now im curious to see how the others r doin.

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