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Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week • Ladylike

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Text Comments (18630)
Lexy La Stray (5 hours ago)
Jen is so freaking adorable in overalls its overwhelming!!!!!!❤💛💚💙💜
Shelsea Moen (9 hours ago)
1:13 " hey booty" LOL XD
Olivia Coker (1 day ago)
Kristen be like ,"how do you guys wear pants" i laughed my butt off. 😂😂
Mariah Macarthur (1 day ago)
I think Christian looks nice in the pants
Chantel had awesome boobs, ide wear tighter clothes.. you don't have to wear low-cut to show them off
Jen in the ModCloth Jean overall was the cutest, Saf has a bangin body in the black bodycon dresses! Kristen looked awesome in the pants and outfits.. Freddie looked great but she should have worn thongs, or smaller panties within the low rise
Kraft the Bat (2 days ago)
“My boobs are kinda big” girl they average you don’t know pain -_-
wolf fam (2 days ago)
4:34 did you look in the background
Fawn Queeen (2 days ago)
my fashion fear is skirts because my legs are *h a i r y*
dale wien (2 days ago)
her boobs aren't even that big so why is she worry about them😂😂
dale wien (2 days ago)
her boobs are small so why is she worry about them😂😂
Lexy Tanner (2 days ago)
Can someone make a compilation of Jen being clumsy
Happy Days (2 days ago)
Oh no,the two nuns came when the music came on 4:34 Lol
Aissu Stitchyheart (3 days ago)
Low rise jeans are the worst, especially if you have some extra weight so it’s like ”HELLO MUFFINTOP, HELLO LOVE HANDLES”.
JessTheIrishChick (3 days ago)
Andi McEvoy (3 days ago)
I think Kristen looks fabulous
Paxson Abney (3 days ago)
I wear shorts, I’ve NEVER EVER Worn pants they are weird, and skirts and and dresses are not me
Julia Alcaraz (4 days ago)
Kristin looks good in pants ☺️
Madison De Leon (4 days ago)
I call my boobs Olivia and Kate Lmao
Jackie McCartney (4 days ago)
Damn Jen your rocking all of them you should wear overalls more often
Alice G. Saldeborn (4 days ago)
My fashion fears are tight pants because I’m really skinny and I don’t want to be so I don’t like when you see my chikenlegs
''You haven't been staring at my butt?'' ''Well, i always stare at your butt'' Lol
I LOVE that intro! 2 years late, oops
Emily Jansen (5 days ago)
At like 4:35 these people walk past then a car come and then they’re gone!!!!!!!!!!
Low rise jeans just squeeze my waist and then everything hurts.
John Raber (5 days ago)
I 💖 Tyler
Gloria Ptach (6 days ago)
I think kristin looked great in pants.
Especially the first ones
OMG. Kristen looks amazballs in her pants and shirt
I Dont Even Know (6 days ago)
Eve Kempster (6 days ago)
Omggg Kristin looks great in that outfit!
Alexis Clements (6 days ago)
This was great! I really didn't like the cleavage though . I could totally relate.
Lovesick Pumpkin (7 days ago)
My fashion fear is tank tops because I have a big belly so it just kinda pokes out
Meghan Lamar (7 days ago)
Jen was already my girl crush, but it really escalated in those overalls!!!
omg this was still when Safia was still in BuzzFeed
Marcia 102 (7 days ago)
My name is marcia
Potato Head (8 days ago)
“Hey booty ;)”
Why_even _bother (8 days ago)
4:35 look at the people in the background...
Lwicko 123 (8 days ago)
They all look amazing. Especially Kristen
Kaitlyn Rivera (8 days ago)
Was that hickeys on Jen's necks 😱😱
David Gillstone (8 days ago)
You all look beautiful.
zorochi 36 (8 days ago)
Jen is a soft child she needs to be protected
Don't Judge Me! (8 days ago)
I love all their outfits, they all look great really xx
Clara schindler (8 days ago)
Ugh I hat low rise jeans
yalocalwhiteegirl (8 days ago)
I thought that LadyLike was buzzfeed not some As/Is thing
Erika Caughey (8 days ago)
But they all look so good in their feared outfits. It's definitely all self doubt and fear because they all look amazing. 🙌
Erika Caughey (8 days ago)
But they all look so good in their feared outfits. It's definitely all self doubt and fear because they all look amazing. 🙌
Jordan Taylor (9 days ago)
"You haven't been staring at my butt" and then he's like "well I always do that" 😂😂😂
Just Jolie (9 days ago)
Turtle necks and pastel sweaters ( aka anything not dark red or dark green😰😰)
Kiki Sotelo (9 days ago)
6:05 “You haven’t been staring at my butt?” “Well, I always do that.”
SlimeQueen101 (9 days ago)
I can also relate to Chantel
SlimeQueen101 (9 days ago)
I can relate to Kristen to much ILY Kristen and I can also relate t saf.
SlimeQueen101 (9 days ago)
Kristen is SO MUCH LIKE ME.We both love goldfish and we both HATE pants!
Zofia Cieraszewska (9 days ago)
1:12 me when my crush walks by
A random Ravenclaw (9 days ago)
I would think safs fear would be coloured clothes
Annette Maria (9 days ago)
R u kidding Saf looks so good in a bodycon dtrss
Nik (9 days ago)
idk if im the only one but I get insanely uncomfortable wearing shirts that aren't turtlenecks
Angie Urbain (10 days ago)
I'm a fat pants hater. Hot, wedgies, tight and cut me off too low. Skirts for this girl's.
Trini Evans (10 days ago)
Who else misses saf being on ladylike :/
Emily Murphy (10 days ago)
My fashion fear No.crop.tops.
Tuti Álvarez (10 days ago)
Chantel... you don't even have big boobs... chill
Mary nekowanza (11 days ago)
Women fit clothes and crop tops are not my friends
Lana Reeves (11 days ago)
Shadana Williams (11 days ago)
love your videos
“ *SLAP SLAP* we’re here” “I look like a sausage” “You haven’t been staring at my butt??” “We did eat a lot of curly fries” “This is the legally brunette dress” “Bend....AND SNAP!” “RrrrRrrrRRRRR” Omg Safia-
Bangtan StoryMaker (12 days ago)
4:34 the nuns in the background just *disappeared*
Hoseok's Spilled Tae (12 days ago)
Kristin was like "How do people wear pants all the time?!" meanwhile me: I haven't worn a dress or skirt for 3 months...
Rachelle Ravenclaw (12 days ago)
My fashion fear is jeans in general and showing any cleavage
kitten yoongi (13 days ago)
lmaaoo Jen's fear is so cute
Adrienne Williams (13 days ago)
i love how clumsy jen is 😂 when she knocked the hangers off the rack i died SHE IS SO DAMN CUTE
Alexandra Ruiz (13 days ago)
Kristin looks so good
CHLOE JACKSON (13 days ago)
Honestly shorts
Giovanna Labela (13 days ago)
Freddie Mercury (13 days ago)
Kristen looks amazing on day one
Amelia HULL (14 days ago)
omg watching this in 2018 and saw Devin's log hair!!!!!!!!!
Hiryna Nasarian (14 days ago)
That first Overrall Moment was "YESSSSSS" She looks so good.... Freddie poor thing, low rise jeans are a NOOOOOOOO... and Chantel is just stupid about her fear
Sara Hirsoveanu (14 days ago)
Jen is the only one who almost died this week! how unfair
MiuNya (14 days ago)
My whole body is a fashion fear... I never show my boobs. My arms. My butt. My legs... I wear tight leggings and hoodies and t shirts with cardigans to cover my arms. Oof... I have pcos too and tummy flab, hirsutism and all that.. 😥
Fatima Mirza (14 days ago)
6:05 till 6:09 he is so cute
Colt iGuess (15 days ago)
Someone should tell Kristen pants flatter her body type more than pants.
Abby Lavoie (15 days ago)
New favorite YouTube channel
민수미 (16 days ago)
Low key miss saf 😔😔
impossible (16 days ago)
Shes doesn't even have big boobs she's trippin
Sister Shook (16 days ago)
1:38-1:43 Jen I cant even
Sarah Kastak-Carrillo (16 days ago)
My fear is wearing a lot of 'pink'.
Alyssa Watson (16 days ago)
Saf looks really nice in bodycon stuff, Kristen looks nice in pants, but I think dresses suit her better (prob because she feels better in them), Fred looked fine, but low jeans are just a hazard since you constantly have to worry about underwear showing or crack. Mid rise are just better since less riding down and they lock in fat. Jen looked nice in he overalls, but I don't like any kind of onesie, not because of fear of peeing myself, because they're just so damn cumbersome in the bathroom. Chantel's fear of boob attention just sucks. I'm sure even in her high neck tops men look so makes sense to try to not expose the marthas :( Men please stop ogling.
Angelene Bates (16 days ago)
my mood is Jen's neck at 4:26
louise Reyes (16 days ago)
I think Jen actually look cute 😊
Jacquie Kudolo (17 days ago)
Big boobs? when your boobs are truly big people stare no matter what, men and women. Hate low riders , don't like butt crack out . Understand the body con dress belly situation, I won't eat the whole day wearing one. Pants and overalls just cute when done right, but overalls not on monthly.
Monkey Gurl (17 days ago)
Isn’t really a fashion fear, but I had wearing two different shades of blue idk
Kaylee Oliver (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who seen the car and the people crossing the street behind Kristin disappear but the video didn’t cut
unicornasaurus Rex (17 days ago)
They all think they look thick, with or without the outfit but tbh they're all flat.
samm sssja (17 days ago)
Like a happy farmer)
M U L T I T R A S H (17 days ago)
Ok I Am VERY LATE but my fashion fears -loose pants -low rise anything -too much dark colors(bad memories) - "Country" Clothes
Iliana Blazevic (17 days ago)
I hate jeans because I have rly long legs and a thinner waist so I always have to wear a belt(which I hate),and low rise is even worse. If I dont wear a belt they always slip down, sometimes even when I wear leggings I always find myself pulling them up, its bad
rose schenk (17 days ago)
I hate low jeans toooo 😂
rose schenk (17 days ago)
Woww they all look soo good 😍😍
Hannah Rizzo (18 days ago)
Ok so I've been watching saf for a while and every time I see one of her videos I want a t paler of ,y own even more.am I right ladies?
Hannah Rizzo (18 days ago)
Ok so I've only seen day one but they all look so good. But ,y favs are safs and kristens
a f (18 days ago)
Kristin looks good in pants

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