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history of japan

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Text Comments (70162)
Just a Youtuber (2 hours ago)
the suprised banana (2 hours ago)
Bill can you do a history of israel? That would be cool
jekblom123 (3 hours ago)
Chill out with the auto tunes there, meme lord.
고태훈 (3 hours ago)
japan were Nazi in Asia........ No Funny
田生 (3 hours ago)
田生 (3 hours ago)
Mama Pig (3 hours ago)
Tacataca Molinero (5 hours ago)
I'm still a pice of garbage
Xander Reynolds (5 hours ago)
Mongols: we’ve invades China please respect us or we may invade you Also Knock knock it’s the United States United States: open the contruy stop having it be closed
QFMR Gaming (5 hours ago)
Banjo The dog (8 hours ago)
noah robinson (8 hours ago)
Radonis (8 hours ago)
Did i just learn years worth of history in 9 minutes? also why so much rape?
Jeon Tori (8 hours ago)
Just so everyone knows, he did this entire video knowing absolutely nothing about Japan.
Her Fish (9 hours ago)
can you maybe chill ?
Her Fish (11 hours ago)
Alexander the Greater (11 hours ago)
Whomst the fucc disliked this
InDex (12 hours ago)
Spain history
Giselle Rios (13 hours ago)
ayyおはよ (13 hours ago)
Please do history of Hungary
Shin LiR (1 hour ago)
Actually, Japan took over Korea in 1910, not in 1894. Not to mention that this video reminds me of Nobunaga’s Ambition video game series by Koei.
Josiah Brown (13 hours ago)
Japan:destroys a few ships in Hawaii America:obliterates two whole city’s in retaliation Japan:*shocked pikachu face*
ViperDemon 020 (19 hours ago)
Hi China, China: Hi DiPsHiT
Aria DC al Fine (20 hours ago)
oh my god, my stomach.
meme man40086 (1 day ago)
*W E L C O M E T O T H E R I C E F I E L D M U D A F U K A*
krisz 12 (1 day ago)
let's be real, when I saw oda nobunaga, the first thing that came to my mind is iKeMen sENgOKu
Milly Lee (1 day ago)
Ok get ready for japan history but online and 9 mins long.
Chino Flores (1 day ago)
Knock knock it's the United states
Benjamin Brunt (1 day ago)
Excuse mw, America doesn't knock. Cause freedom rings
Teacup4561 (1 day ago)
rewatching this video after having taken a history of Japan class is really fun I can understand all the little details I didn't care about before the video is really well done, good job
aisha sharma (1 day ago)
We want more documentaries bill! Can you do history of India?
Heather Crayton (1 day ago)
dude, you forgot Anime
Dermot (1 day ago)
In my Geography class, we did an Asia project were we talked about the history of an Asian country. I had Japan. I used this and got a 100%
ash (1 day ago)
AActualJoey (1 day ago)
SOCKS AND MEMES (1 day ago)
This video is beautiful
Jacob Sleeman (1 day ago)
Hey Canada did some shit in WW2
Fleau 000 (1 day ago)
please try out this hot new religion
Ian Balen (1 day ago)
you really have a skill for teaching ppl in a funny way, you should do more
lazydarkblue (1 day ago)
4:32 yup
Christian (1 day ago)
Half the views are weebs trying to learn Japan culture
Nairobi 123 (1 day ago)
And now theyre our source for hentai.
Ryan Wojciechowski (1 day ago)
"The United States is building the biggest bomb ever. Just in case." (Just in case of Nazis.)
Isobel Miller (1 day ago)
2:57 I imagined something more like The Lion King.
Umbreon445 (1 day ago)
3:13  you can sell *jesus?*
Ignacio Delcorto (1 day ago)
OMG what did I just witness?
Dennis the nedry (1 day ago)
*HiRe a sAMuRai*
Tab (1 day ago)
We need teachers like this
Ngọc Khang Phạm (1 day ago)
Can you make more of this ????
Jared cervantes (1 day ago)
kin kez (1 day ago)
what a Wapanese lol
als happyday (1 day ago)
The saddest thing is that the Japan itself is the country that is  manipulated and the people are educated by manipulation and the people do not know their country too much. I think Japan is worse than IS and terrorist . They don't reflect at all. They're not human, they're animal groups.
CRISPY CHRISO'S (1 day ago)
Japan and Britains alliance held together by they're mutual fear of Russia.
Dr. Muto (1 day ago)
you gotta fill in the multitude of tiny bits but if you take Japanese history this video makes a great quick reminder for the final.
Vendo Sembiring (1 day ago)
despacito yeet (2 days ago)
0:44 hi frend
jiwoo kim (2 days ago)
Oh yeah and korea got their land back
YoshiExpert302 (2 days ago)
And when the railroad was done they downgraded to a FUCK TON oh I'm sorry did I say downgrade I meant upgrade
Super Vegetto (2 days ago)
Don't think you didn't get away with putting Super Saiyan Goten and Super saiyan Trunks at the very last second! I saw that! sneaky dog! Love the vid tho :3
Chelsea Lee (2 days ago)
Although China had influence on Korea, Korea WASN'T CONQUERED by China during any period of our history. What you're saying "previous owner" is completely wrong. The word 'suzerain' is also wrong because we never let Chinese government to take our sovereign power; ever since Korea was built, Korea has been an independent country.
Railoss (2 days ago)
Teka teki singham agora anyone?
Azka Khairi (2 days ago)
joseph sullivan (2 days ago)
Cindy Tang (2 days ago)
do more of these please
Kaylyn Davis (2 days ago)
knock knock. *it’s the United States.*
Emperor Japan (2 days ago)
You Got Mail From Germany Japan Is What My Computer Said Before WWII It Started WWII
Emperor Japan (2 days ago)
Chōshū And Satsuma And Me Are Like 👎 I'm Japan
Tjthegam3r (2 days ago)
Thanks for helping with my Social studies homework Wait I’m learning about the Revolutionary War
TheNatuGuy 100 (2 days ago)
TheNatuGuy 100 (2 days ago)
1485: 戦国時代
They also made hentai
invalid Character (2 days ago)
I want more of these videos
gingergamergirl98 (2 days ago)
Omfg this is amazing
haha!!!! i laughed the hell out of myself
Leo Sabatini (2 days ago)
Ecosia.org is a search engine that plants a tree every 45 searches you make😉Google it if you do not trust me☺🌲🌲🌲
Cihan MRT (2 days ago)
1 milion likes?
Eno Bening (2 days ago)
Hi Singham! jadi kalian masih nyariin C D E itu apa ya? hahaha
Yazee OwO (2 days ago)
Parah inj bang
Azka Khairi (2 days ago)
Tangga nada?,dan kunci apa yang ada pas Kalimat "Jesus"?
blackbird (2 days ago)
Farraz Rama (2 days ago)
apaan no
Rafif Budi (2 days ago)
Research aku membawaku kesini dan masih ngga ngerti C D E itu apaan...
Passive Potato (2 days ago)
Wow, its so sad that I just learned more stuff from this video than the past 5 years of social studies and history classes.
xc_bl (2 days ago)
*breathes in japanese*
Owly (2 days ago)
so basically ukiyo is hentai
Muadh Shaikh (2 days ago)
*_sexy time_*
Ti m (2 days ago)
Can u do Germany please?
Emperor Japan (2 days ago)
OMG WWI Is So Hard Is Some-people Would Be Like
Emperor Japan (2 days ago)
👏 It's Japan
Lil Pump (3 days ago)
Cities that don't exist part had me SHOOK
David Maccready (3 days ago)
2:17 - 2:21 That effect was Badass
Neil Catalan (3 days ago)
used this for my history report about the tokugawa shogunate extremely useful!
Jungkoconut (3 days ago)
I hate that I found this so funny while also learning so much
susu (3 days ago)
Its 백제 [pronounced: beck z(j)e <as in like zeze but change the z to a j>] also Japan raped Korea... i dont remember if u mentioned that... also Japan should just apologize and stop denying their wrong doings... dont get me wrong, i like Japan, but they should just apologize...
Nicholas Emanuel (3 days ago)
Maddie3709 : (3 days ago)
This has nothing to do with this video, but did anyone else think that Hawaii was over by Florida? I thought it was so weird when he showed it over on californias side...
Jessie JR (3 days ago)
Wils The Limit (3 days ago)
We didn’t even get to hentai!
Alex DC (3 days ago)
Please make more videos like these :O
Russells Universe (3 days ago)
for every like I will add one Japan flag.
B Dean (3 days ago)
it depressing bc of all the wars bc theres gonna be more wars
birdsaj ! (3 days ago)
America: *knock knock* Me: who's there? America: *it's the United States* Me: it's the United States who?! America: * WE HAVE FRICKEN GUNS AND BOATS! GUN BOATS!*
birdsaj ! (3 days ago)
N - Aera (3 days ago)
03:23 the coolest part of japan history, when some smol dude decided that he will unite the nation BY FORCE and he ACTUALLY SUCCEDED
flame moudle (3 days ago)
I hate how everyone is all like ah we didn't need to drop the bombs.. no .......no we didn't but it was a display of power and told everyone to not mess with us so ya
Daniella Done (3 days ago)
iTS fRoM JApaN!!!!!
Daniella Done (3 days ago)
Bless your soul if you get this reference

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