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history of japan

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Text Comments (73424)
I learn it but I don't understand
anime lover so much! (1 hour ago)
1:39 kūkai sounds like cake lol (for latvians)
TheRedstoneAnimeCat (4 hours ago)
*How about Sunrise Land?*
gringo (5 hours ago)
Anyone rewatching this because it's the good thing around?
LX Forde (6 hours ago)
HA! Well done B W !!
Marline Harrold (6 hours ago)
Cool video. <3
David Alge (8 hours ago)
I love how you say Edo, it’s so peaceful.
WeirdAGamer (8 hours ago)
ᅵᅢᅵᅣYUSUKE (8 hours ago)
Sell jesus!!!!!!
crazyfrog (9 hours ago)
If anyone is looking for the iconic moment in this video it's 7:17-7:20.
DaGameGamer (9 hours ago)
no wonder why I can’t tell the difference on Chinese and Japanese letters
That one Bitch (10 hours ago)
Ive learned more here than i have in 2 years of history class
화엄신장아수라왕 (11 hours ago)
일본이 한국에 대해 레이저 갈등을 부추겨서 감정이 대립되면 남한은 북한과의 은밀한 공조로 남한과 북한은 일본을 전멸 시킬 것이다. 일본 자위대가 남한과 북한에게 이길 자신이 있느냐? 라고 묻고 싶다. Japan has been trying to inspire laser conflicts If the emotions are confronted, South Korea will be able to The South and North Korea will wipe out Japan with cooperation. Are you confident that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces will win South Korea and North Korea? I want to ask. 日本が韓国に対してレーザー葛藤を煽って 感情が対立すると、韓国は北朝鮮との秘密 協力で韓国と北朝鮮は日本を全滅させるものである。 日本の自衛隊が韓国と北朝鮮に勝つ自信があるのか ? と聞きたい。
tachin rikka (2 hours ago)
oh, you are one of descendants of 200,000 sex slaves, aren't you?  keep going👍
Jordan X Crispy (12 hours ago)
OK MAN Im just here for anime
Owen Golder (12 hours ago)
U know what’s scary Now we have bombs way more powerful than the atomic bomb which leveled an entire city
Ali Fortnite (12 hours ago)
Any one 2019?
WinfieldScout (13 hours ago)
We need to send our education funding to Bill so he just makes sexy videos for all of our major school topics.
How bout i do anyway?
Jax Elliott (15 hours ago)
There’s another version of this
obamacare 4937 (15 hours ago)
Draw With Donuts (15 hours ago)
I hope you know that that is not the Dutch flag.....the Dutch flag is this ---------> RED WHITE BLUE hope you don't make the same mistake again......It's pretty cringy........
Alphys Undertale (16 hours ago)
*sexy times*
Leo Carver (17 hours ago)
that was grandiose
glorbguy (17 hours ago)
Just hire a frickin samurai
brady mowen (18 hours ago)
7:40 holy shiiiiit
Princess Luna (18 hours ago)
Everyone: *I learned a lot, because if this video* Me: *what the fu©k* Also me: *Ikemen Sengoku. Fight me* -Btw. This IS a good video-
BridgetTheIPhone E (18 hours ago)
why am i using this vid for my project
1 1 (20 hours ago)
omfg i actually enjoyed learning
julio Montalvan (21 hours ago)
I wish he could do a history of the revolutionary war or world wars that would be cool
Grady Evans (21 hours ago)
You should do a history of USA or UK
Timothy Ng (1 day ago)
but anime is still a mistake
Tek (1 day ago)
this shit never gets old
Yasu94 (1 day ago)
What we japanese learn in history class at middle school is here within 9 minutes ... sigh
Miles Free (1 day ago)
10/10 video :'D The only thing i would say, is Germany going into war with the U.S. had more to do with them shooting the Lusitania down and pissing the U.S. off rather than just standing up for their "friend" (Japan) :)
This was amazing
Da Aussie Chinger (1 day ago)
I watched this In my Japanese class for year 6
Templayz and more! (1 day ago)
History of japan: 1. Hentai 2. Hentai 3. Hentai 4. Hentai 5. Hentai And so on
Erwin Rommel (15 hours ago)
no, just NO
m0kiee (1 day ago)
1.1 million likes?!?!
Ryok (1 day ago)
This actually helped me with my history of Japan test
Taylor Swift (1 day ago)
Bruh I can’t believe I spent 10 minutes watching history
oof (1 day ago)
I thought I Had taken Some drugs before watching this
AVisual (1 day ago)
This is perfect for my test tomorrow
Alain Smoors (1 day ago)
When ur dutch and u hear that only the dutch can trade with japan. you'll scream the nethelands are the best!!
scenicsupernova (1 day ago)
this video has many "no u" moments in it
Th4tPistol (1 day ago)
Yaquelin Rodriguez (1 day ago)
And *jesus*
Matthinator (1 day ago)
Everyone voted so hard that the palace caught on fire 😂😂
theone wolfgirl (1 day ago)
Thanks to this I got an A on my quiz on Japan
Ya boi Hirohito (1 day ago)
Ezra Ford (1 day ago)
This is the first time I have ben entrusted in learning
Richboi (1 day ago)
I learned more than I do learn in a month at school
Ryan-listiq (1 day ago)
Make more of these
Pyrrhus d'Epire (1 day ago)
weebs after watching this: "yeah i'm a historian myself, you know"
Ms Paperlapap (2 days ago)
This is absolutely awesome. I had History main class in school and had a hard time finding interest in all that stuff but THIS is something I want to watch in my free time for entertainment!!
Creative (2 days ago)
*Knock knock it's religion* at my home it's always my uncle 🙁
Nox-inese Nexitanese (2 days ago)
siri liu (2 days ago)
well, as a chinese, I can never like Japan. call me racist or hater or whatever. I do not care.
siri liu (9 hours ago)
KO lol
KO (10 hours ago)
you waste of time. XD
kevin setiawan (1 day ago)
YaLikeJazz MEMES (2 days ago)
*eating nuts off trees*
Wanda Faame (2 days ago)
I'm watching this in my car and the knocksCAME FROM MYDOOR
Jason Fate (2 days ago)
WTF was in my coffee this morning
Davis Long (2 days ago)
He should do one on the United States of America
Persephone Cox (2 days ago)
We can make a religion out of this
AanounymousS (2 days ago)
*Knock knock* *_I t s e u r o p e_*
Ny'Quasha Garth (2 days ago)
Unstoppable Luck (2 days ago)
hedgehoggamer0916 (2 days ago)
Alexander Ruiz (2 days ago)
4:45 knock knock, it's America, best line ever
KingKiler2K (2 days ago)
i'm 99% sure that this is right
Marcus C (2 days ago)
Japan giving up was actually less about being nuked, and more about Russia being done in Eurpoe, and turning its huge army east.
Duuqnd (2 days ago)
Annotations are now gone. RIP.
Ben Bertram (2 days ago)
“With huge boats, with guns. Gunboats.” “Open the country. Stop having it be closed”
Doodling 4 fun (2 days ago)
Teacher: So, does anyone know anything about the history of Japan? Me: (takes deep breath) So...
N64 Classics (2 days ago)
It’s time for world war oneeeeee
Simeon Yetarian (2 days ago)
My personal favorite part: 7:45 - 7:52
Japan is 2068 years old
Some Bird (2 days ago)
But they died by a tornado
Ralph Smit (2 days ago)
4:20 G E K O L O N I S E E R D
alexa play despacito (3 days ago)
Lmao I watched this in my history class
Angel Da Killa (3 days ago)
i want shoguns son to win
Valra Bellkeys (3 days ago)
Where has this video been all my life.
H Hedgecock (3 days ago)
Dragon Ball Z!!!! I FUCKING LOVE ANIME!!!!!!
A Random Guy (3 days ago)
The second half is just Japan being a dick
hi there (3 days ago)
Knock Knock. *It’s the United States*
Videogame Matt (3 days ago)
Benjamin Deloney (3 days ago)
Do the history of America
eRrOR SaNs (3 days ago)
we could make a religion out of this
Skewbrcuber195 (3 days ago)
alpcan doran (3 days ago)
I learned more from this Guy than I did from my History teacher
Christyne Long (4 days ago)
You need to teach history This is awesome
Alex (4 days ago)
Cxrzed 0 (4 days ago)
"please try this religion" - "no" " *try it* " - "no" And so the religion was put into place.
Suctioncup Man (4 days ago)
Keniak1-G9 (4 days ago)
can you do another documentary?
Melv W (4 days ago)
Damn, now I don’t have to do a lot of research.
Glazeatr0n 12345 (4 days ago)
*how bout I do **_anyway_*
Harrison Henke (4 days ago)
More of these please
Red Rabbit (4 days ago)
FEYDunreal (4 days ago)
Jamie Hawbaker (4 days ago)
I was born in year -1,000,000,000...

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