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How To Cook A Perfect Risotto

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Text Comments (649)
Dakila Lozano (1 day ago)
allium cepa is one of my passwords
Sandy Sandy (3 days ago)
Portobello Mushrooms?
E Gursel (3 days ago)
I tried this recipe and it worked perfect.
Zsuzsanna Pintér (4 days ago)
I've cooked this risotto today for dinner, it was delicious, thank you for the recipe and the instructions. My husband is 100% Italian and he liked it.
Leo Joey (7 days ago)
this is why Im so confused with hells kitchen because they cook it in legit 6 mins. how.
JRob Cal (8 days ago)
When the risotto is perfectly cooked you should be able to tilt the plate on a good angle for a couple seconds and the risotto should roll down slow enough to get hight then slide, but not so fast as to slide off the plate. Italians call this "l'onda," meaning the wave. Properly cooked risotto should not be able to hold much height, while at the same time it should not go flat across. Also the idea of "al dente" applies here, meaning firm enough to give "bite" but not mushy. Liquids should not seep from rice cluster as well. When in doubt, butter and shaved parm can help ticken and give creaminess. To truly master this try only using olive oil and stock, then let the starch in the rice be extracted with time for the creaminess. This dish might taste good with cheese n mushrooms, however this dish is not a perfect risotto.
Benjamin Liang (8 days ago)
Wolfgang puck is clapping.
Katie Munro (8 days ago)
The way Americans say risotto makes me cringe😂 ris-O-toe
Katie Munro (8 days ago)
Bella The Bubbly Brunette English people say it Riz-ot-oh
Katie Munro how do u say it properly, i am one of the ones who say it wrong 😂
williammccrea4 (10 days ago)
Awesome dish, I made it last night and everyone loved it. Thank you for the fantastic recipe, I have top chef meals, but they don’t come close to yours xx
Solaris Music (12 days ago)
Bitch lasagna>Perfect Risotto
sirfancypants Mcgee (14 days ago)
Your mushrooms are going to be mush..... Cook them first, then set aside and add at the end.
施宇洋 (14 days ago)
Are you using Shiitake Mushroom?
Fraktur Obsession (14 days ago)
Man what's with her voice !! It's sooo unpleasent and made me so cringy. I couldn't bear to watch the whole video.
Money Green (15 days ago)
It comes out better when you add all the stock to the rice and let it absorb
Stinky Lemon (15 days ago)
Pro tip, always wash the rice first to minimise sticking to the sides of the pot. Put the uncooked rice in a colander and run cold tap water through it until the water runs clear in the bottom of the sink. The rice will still stick regardless if you dont keep it moving mind you
Nasim Akhtar (21 days ago)
What is scallions and was it even added to the risotto?
SlimeyColoring (21 days ago)
I had risotto and I puked 5 secs after. DO NOT LIKE.
Dudes Dudes (22 days ago)
I hate risotto but i love you 😍
Parita Parelkar (25 days ago)
Do we need to use soaked rice or directly add it dry?
Aall Pprr (27 days ago)
Said by an Italian who makes really good risotto: it’a a very bad recipe it lacks of the mantecatura, the final stage, the most important for the risotto and the toasting of the rice the starting stage, without it the rice tastes like boiled rice. You wouldn’t add the mushrooms at the beginning but cook them apart or add them the last 5 minutes there are many more mistakes which don’t make it a real risotto, but I don’t know what the american idea of this dish is
lasciakira (29 days ago)
I'm an italiani chef and this is not a "risotto perfetto". Toast rice apart and then add wine . Better with Carnaroli.
Paul You (1 month ago)
Just looking at the clip says that you don't know how to cook risotto perfectly as you claim...lol.
Raller 2410 (1 month ago)
I find that risotto is one of the easiest dishes ever.
Esther L (1 month ago)
i swear i'm usually really positive towards tasty but please *_rIZOdo_*
emanuele basentini (1 month ago)
Neil Donohoe (1 month ago)
Stop saying it wrong.
gc nj (1 month ago)
is maybe me ... but is looks cheap taste from Europe rizzoto cook
_kyvngsvk (1 month ago)
i like this woman's voice. it's so calming and nice and it goes well with the bgm.
SailorUniverse (1 month ago)
Can I use meat instead of mushrooms? Also great recipe 💜
Risotto con tartufo e salsica the max four italians!!!🇮🇹
KaylahDemi (1 month ago)
In Epic Rap Battles of History: Gordan Ramsay vs Julia Child, Gordan enters with "And that's how you make a perfect risotto." Hearimg that in my head made me click this.
donata sidlauskiene (1 month ago)
Do How to make The best mushed potato
Shakira Murphy (1 month ago)
I get to make this in my classical cuisine class.
Va Man (1 month ago)
You forgot egg 🥚
hakimi mastor (1 month ago)
I love this channel for providing alternative for wine 💘 I learned so much from your channel 😋 💘 from Malaysia
Danielle (1 month ago)
Just made it . SO GOOD
Ulquiorra Cifer (1 month ago)
Ask Soma how to make the perfect Risotto
Zhinx Soupreme (1 month ago)
lmao everyone is either "she's pronouncing risotto wrong" or "thats not a PERFECT risotto" there's nothing wrong with making comments like these but some people don't have to be an arse about it
Ginger Ninja (1 month ago)
That’s how you make the perfect risotto
AR mail (1 month ago)
She pronounced Risotto wrong...
Kira Kuran (2 months ago)
Darn, some people in the comments are like risotto nazis or something, if it tastes good then it should be good enough 😂
Kally McDonnell (2 months ago)
This voice over is cringey
Adi Shtainshneed (2 months ago)
I find it rather difficult to make Risotto and of all things it's my favorite dish
Cynthia Waits (2 months ago)
I mean, they said the right things but the finished product did not look creamy at all. Definitely not enough time or liquid.
Ms. Davis (2 months ago)
I'm still stuck at alium...? 🤷🏽‍♀️
OfficialBooG (2 months ago)
recipe is trash
Sarah - (2 months ago)
That’s just too much stock
janrvb47 (2 months ago)
That rice was still raw
lawrence wei (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot!
Q X (2 months ago)
Put the rice in cold water for half an hour and it will cook a lot faster.
Mauger Nicolas (2 months ago)
I stopped the video when she said people must use an arborio rice...omg...it's not the only risotto rice ...do you know carnaroli or vialone ??
RAJ Kumar (2 months ago)
u nailed it just perfect
PROteek 55 (2 months ago)
... Right Mrs. Child welcome to the grown- ups table, I've got exactly 3 minutes so you should be grateful
Andrea Naletto (2 months ago)
Vialone Nano is also excellent for Risotto.
Lyia duel (16 days ago)
Carnaroli too
Ozan (2 months ago)
Bildiğin sebzeli pilav lan Risotto diye giydiriyolar amk... Ben sizi Cihangirde bi esnaf lokantasına götürüyimde görün amk.
Mirtagf (2 months ago)
1. you should use a pottery (terracotta) pot and not a metal one. 2. you should toast the rice once the onions are halfway browned 3. mushrooms should be toasted in a separated pan and then integrated 4. you should add more than a tiny bit of stock at the time to allow the mushrooms to release their flavor.
MIO BAU (2 months ago)
OMG! Cos'è questa merda..?!Guardate video Italiani se volete imparare a cucinare bene….  :)
E E (2 months ago)
"Use water in a pinch" THEN IT'S JUST RICE NOT RISOTTO! 🍚
bersa888 (2 months ago)
Jeanann Rader (2 months ago)
Chef, what binders would you use to form patties from the traditional rice and mushrooms dish? I was thinking---eggs , cheese and bread crumbs. I saw this served with salad and it looked delicious as the rice lent itself to forming a nice browned crust when fried.
Lily O'Reilly (2 months ago)
No, you put it in the OVEN Ayyyyyy
Malika Eshanova (3 months ago)
Instead of adding mushrooms could you add something else?? Like seafood for a seafood risotto??
Michael Mai (3 months ago)
ive never eaten rissoto before
초이다크호스 (3 months ago)
It is one of hard technique to cook a perfect risotto. It is very important not to burn shallots and yours burnt. It is the first starting reason why it is not a perfect risotto compare to a risotto from french fine dining risotto which we call a perfect risotto.
Econael (3 months ago)
All of these recipes take forever
yat yee Ng (3 months ago)
How much rice is she using
Emma Narine (3 months ago)
my mom makes a killer seafood risotto. she adds soooo much lemon and a generous amount of garlic and butter, its AMAZING
Carl Andrei De Jesus (3 months ago)
How many lemon juice for the substitution of wine?
Plebeu (3 months ago)
It's not that creamy. Didn't like it
Michael F (3 months ago)
I wonder if anyone has messed it up and got their family drunk
Maria Landayan (3 months ago)
Can i have some :>
Henry Louie (3 months ago)
This video popped up while i’m eating risotto
Alexandro Rocca (3 months ago)
15 to 20 minutes? That's a thing of the past, nowadays risotto rice is treated differently and it takes much longer than that even if you are a super al dente fan. When I was a kid you couldn't let the risotto on the stove for two minutes too long without ruining it, now it's almost hard to overcook it. I toast the rice by itself, like it happens in this video onions can burn and give a bitter taste to the whole dish. Mushrooms don't take as long as the rice to be done and you should really be able to feel the texture. Stir fry the mushrooms in a pan and add them when the risotto is halfway done. If you use dried mushroom put them in a bowl with water overnight, filter the water and add it to the stock. Instead of a high casserole consider using a large non-stick pan, you won't have the need to stir it too much and avoid the release of too much starch which can result in a gooey consistency rather than creamy. Arborio is a very good rice but if you can find it, try the Carnaroli, it's more expensive but of great quality.
great (3 months ago)
for Italians it is a torture to hear risodo 😂😣
Gordon Reiher (3 months ago)
Rule #1: Risotto does NOT rhyme with Desoto.
vagurl84 (3 months ago)
All of the Chopped chefs need to watch this.
Eduardo Martinez (3 months ago)
trashy risotto tbh.. you burned the shallots.. they werent 'transluscent'
Luna Gratton (3 months ago)
I'm italian. You don't have to add wine or lemon juice, i've never use it
tito jones (3 months ago)
No heavy cream, no parmesan cheese , fake risotto
Hendry Tan (3 months ago)
Why do we need 6 cups of stocks while we only used it half??
Noura Ak (3 months ago)
2:51 At this point I started chewing my tongue 🤪
Alessandro Mapelli (3 months ago)
Ci provate sempre... ma per favore lasciate fare a noi italiani la nostra cucina.
Uwe Schroeder (3 months ago)
The point of adding the liquid in small amounts is not to avoid a soggy mess, it's so the rice kernels can rub on each other which is what produces the creamy texture. So add just enough liquid at a time to allow the rice to rub - enough so the rice can move but not enough for it to float around.
J Meezy (4 months ago)
Hey you didn't Season it enough, don't you dear serve this to Ramsay 🤣🤣
tiziano carbone (4 months ago)
MT_ Life (4 months ago)
to sticky it should flow like lava
all i want to say is: (4 months ago)
Wtf risodo?
ElephantsLover (4 months ago)
Gordon ramsay is so proud
Eguzzisme (4 months ago)
Risotto is one of those dishes that intimidate you, until you make it and it comes out tasting amazing. Once you’ve “mastered” it, you can make all kinds of risotto: wild mushroom and pea, shrimp with asparagus, primavera, I’ve even made a sweet dessert risotto with vanilla , rum, and orange zest.
Hmmm Cool (4 months ago)
Great reciepe! you can also add a bit of wine :)) very nice with mixed mushrooms as well, like this one : https://youtu.be/GHJef0lfDQk
Alexandru (4 months ago)
Ce risotto ba... face mama un pilaf cu ciuperci te lingi pe bot
Philip Frank (4 months ago)
nooooo! cook mushrooms separately must toast the rice in oil, will not toast and become fragrant with mushrooms in there. Go watch a Genaro Contaldo video!
MASON YOUNGMAN (4 months ago)
1. A proper risotto is cooked in a pan, not a pot. 2. She should have used Grana Padano, not Parmesan.
SF (4 months ago)
yooo her voice tho
Daniel Clark (4 months ago)
I was looking at
Stefano Bardo (4 months ago)
Look, im italian and i just Wants give some advice: -1 if you have dried mushroom you put them in a cup with some water in the microwave for 2 minutes and add the when the rice in cooked in this way you can taste if the risotto is enough salted. And The same for salt, pepper and thyme -2 when the risotto is ready you put , other the parmesan, the butter, in this way the risotto will be more appitizing.
iamjaquanna (4 months ago)
rice is my favorite thing in the world too. i think i've found my tribe.
ZOMBIEZAHNpakuto (4 months ago)
Why can't English speaking people ever pronounce foreign words properly? Risotto, Croissant, Crepe - the most delicious dishes get brutalized by your poor pronunciation -_-
ionicafardefrica (4 months ago)
you don't need to continually drip in the liquid! As long as you remember the right quantity you need for your rice, you can dump it all in, put a lid on and come back 15 min later. Try it, it really makes no difference
Tutto sbagliato. Uno dovrebbe imparare a cucinare prima di scrivere perfect recipe.

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