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How to spot a liar | Pamela Meyer

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On any given day we're lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and "hotspots" used by those trained to recognize deception -- and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Dandy Beano (1 hour ago)
I never lie, if anyone say that am lying, he is lying.
Abby Hernandez (8 hours ago)
You just gotta truly believe your lie and your body language will follow..lol
Margaret B. Moss (12 hours ago)
incredible insights
THYFOUNDINGFATHER Gsc ssc worldsmasterof spirits spiritseekerscananda tm * Sorry We’re is it Exactly in the Bible did you find lies. or a lie something tells me that this presentation is a lie by itself you know what I know and it’s unfortunate that the rest of the people in the crowd do not ........but one day you gonna have to answer to God for that remark. just because your little mind cannot comprehend something doesn’t make it un real. bullshit baffles brains The two senior folks said she doesn’t know the truth she’s a good speaker and she has convinced herself of what she is saying is true ——. ((( Buber 1 reason why the shee wouldd think this. Is thhaat she truly believed in third person or persons that has taught her that I CC I a mindfuckand is partially yes unfortunately 3/4 of it it’s not and she knows thatTHYFOUNDINGFATHER
Yamamoto Genryusai (1 day ago)
Unfortunately she's too certain to spot a liar that she can't spot an actual liar. Let me tell you something about liars. If someone is telling you that he wants to be friend with you in a mockery way, absolutely it's a lie. If someone is telling you that he's on your side rather than acting against you, it's a lie. As a result of one's imply's rather than he cannot say it in front of other people, rather choose to one and one conversation, that person is avoiding witnesses for his lies so that he can carry it on as long as possible. Instead of being able to say that one's bad sides and good sides to you, if he's just implying things, that person is lying about those people. If a person at your first date or second, looks good enough to be perfect, he's lying to you. If someone tells you that he loves in the perfect order for you( building up the relationship) %90 he's lying to you because only players can be that successful since he practiced it with at least 10-20 ladies before he came to you. If a person really likes you, he's over-comfortable around you. Of course you think he's acting weird or he's a freak. If a person is only doing talks and talks but if it's not in action he's lying to you. If a person has deceived other people in front of you or asking your cooperation to deceive someone for a benefit whether it's a big one or small one, that person is doing very same things towards you without you noticing. If someone is too quiet in certain places and about certain subjects but asking too many questions to others for such things, that person is lying to you. Guys who are looking like your best friends especial the one who likes about hearing your sexual life, are the grand master liars since they can hit on you while they have a fiance and about 3 more woman he's texting and hitting on, and he can even get his roommate to look like he likes you and puts you on a date with that room mates just to take revenge from you when that low creature bang you good. If someone is telling you 9 truths and one lie, that's the one you should be careful about. He can control your life. And you can only be happy when they're around you. You can be happy and said due to someones honest, you just need to accept the truth whether it's painful or not. A lying person may say "oh, it's been so many times that I lost the count" this is an obvious lie. "I think he doesn't like me. He's aggressive towards me" another way of saying "I did something wrong towards him. Since I don't want him to be your friend, I'm trying to make him look bad in your eyes too" another lie is that if a person is trying to portray someone in your eye, that person is lying since the portray actually is a clear picture of the actual liar. If a person talks too confident but has very few knowledge about certain things, that person is lying to look more confident. The last one is great to spot whom not to employ. Just avoid people who keeps constantly trying to talk to you without witness whether as a text or face to face. That person is a clear liar.
Ladida386 (1 day ago)
Oh it's easy. You just need to be persistent observer of the person and with the good memory. And how to cover the lie? You need to justify it with your self first and if you believe it and there are no blank spots than here you have the perfect lie.
Greg (2 days ago)
Depends on what the lie revolves around. Liberals are the biggest liars on the face of the planet.
coleen curtin (2 days ago)
Aracelis Indriago (2 days ago)
interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about how can you tell if someone cheated on you try Sarparder Catch Cheats Starter (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.
Daniel Stevens (2 days ago)
Bill Clinton had speech writers. for the interview.
Darrylizer1 (2 days ago)
How can you tell when a politician is lying? When their lips are moving.
Graham Troy (3 days ago)
“The person to your right is a liar” looks at pillow “The person to your left is a liar” looks at wall “The person sitting in your seat is a liar” one out of three I guess.
Mandy Cote (3 days ago)
...and all liars will go to the lake of fire! This is not something to joke about!
chezman0929 (20 hours ago)
We've all lied, stolen, blasphemed and are adulterous at heart . We all deserve eternal damnation. But God is rich in mercy. Cry out to Jesus!
Maida Chloe (3 days ago)
whoever is the child of her is super screwed
oneofthesixbillion (3 days ago)
Depending on the circumstances, forcing people to be truthful can also be a type of lie. Allowing can be a greater truth than coercion.
Birala Baro (3 days ago)
I'm a great liar
oneofthesixbillion (3 days ago)
^duping smile :)
Jonathan Littleton (4 days ago)
She could have made her argument without trashing the Bible. Cheap shot without conclusive defense of that statement
Kenneth Davidson (4 days ago)
Galahad Graves (4 days ago)
She validates the complicity of Eve.
Tracy Gaylor (4 days ago)
I'm not buying into this, can't believe everything you hear
Devonne West (4 days ago)
a 18 minute vid on "Dr" Chrstine Balsy Fraud's testimony.
Saxi531 (4 days ago)
hahaha she got bill clintoon photo on the list.
iCQ (5 days ago)
learn to speak truth instead of spot a lie....
3506Dodge (5 days ago)
Cincinnatians must be the most dishonest people I've ever met. They pull all of these tricks and expressions all the time.
Mary (5 days ago)
I know when someone is lying to me. Don’t have to watch and listen to a woman who can’t get to the point. G’by.
jayfbee (6 days ago)
Miguel Angel Sánchez (6 days ago)
"Oversharing, that's not honesty" 17:45 So, today one way to spotting a liar is just watching all those things people share on social media.
firstbornjordan (7 days ago)
In the end, lying will rob you of true peace and joy. It profits you in the short term but you will have to pay in the long run. You can train yourself to stop lying by being completely humble. That's when you make yourself of no reputation. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." Meekness is power under control - Think Christ.
cs (7 days ago)
Evelryone tells lies. We can thank that rediculous saying, "telling the truth will set you free." That in itself is a lie. Another saying, "telling the truth will make you feel better" is yet another lie. If anyone says either of these quotes to you, don't believe it because they are lying to you.
Emily Williams (7 days ago)
okay but that murderer mothers smile is going to make me lose sleep
Grise Blacolar (8 days ago)
How can I believe this when she could be lying to us?
nhunka44 (8 days ago)
A genuine smile cannot be faked? What a load of bs. While lots of Americans have "fake smiles", especially on photos, anyone can make the appearance of crow lines by just squinting the eyes a little and/or smiling wider
Divine Truth1 (8 days ago)
Easy to spot a liar, watch a big youtube channel, they are all shills..
Cheryl Dias (8 days ago)
We have new subjects to detect: Comey, Stroczk, Hillary Clinton Christine Blakey Ford, Kavanaugh and more.
MAGA #45 (8 days ago)
I think some of this is correct, but I probably wouldn’t accept it as gospel. The main reason why I say this is because this science doesn’t take in mental or physical conditions a person may suffer from, good or bad. For example, for bad people, a lot of serial killers are either sociopaths or psychopaths. They can easily lie to cops and look completely genuine. For the good people, someone could be telling the truth, but they may suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other condition that may make them look like a liar. I will say though, most people know that they’re being lied to. Most of it comes from common sense. You just gotta decide which lie is important, and which one is worth calling out.
Big Sky Blue (8 days ago)
It’s was meant as a joke on an episode of Seinfeld, but was spot on...”It’s not a lie, if you BELIEVE it’s true”...my ex was a pathological liar. I asked her loaded questions to test her honesty. When I’d catch her in a lie with 100% proof, she would passionately deny the lie. Scary. Almost like she made herself believe it was true when talking to me. Over even insignificant stuff.
Michael Saunders (9 days ago)
IAm the silent type.
Andrew Ocean (9 days ago)
gonna? really? try "going to."
Andrew Ocean (9 days ago)
Christine Blasey Ford is a lying liar who lies.
Andrew Ocean (9 days ago)
Al Gore is a lying liar who lies.
SHEKU JANNEH esq (9 days ago)
So there are Lie spotters?? But Emmitt was killed because a White woman lied. No lie spotters where in sight...
A dangerous video which could lead you to believe that we can actually understand the behaviors behind not telling the truth. Than turn it around and look for those behaviors and predict if some one is telling the truth or not. I did not pick up any of ths type of cause / effect reasoning in this video. This is pseudo science at best. I do hope this lady is not being hired by law enforcement.....
anava84 (9 days ago)
Kavanaugh anyone?
Clarissa J (9 days ago)
If she told you that she was a compulsive liar would you believe her? :)
Ruth Turner (9 days ago)
What’s worse being totally uptight or exaggerating?
Cheeseburger (10 days ago)
عطه لايك👉
fresh juice (10 days ago)
I’m watching this to learn to lie without getting caught
T.K. (10 days ago)
it sucks to know that most people lie very often b/c there's nothing more I despise than a liar ... but I'm a social butterfly that loves ppl .. but ppl are liars and I can't stand liars .. er mah gawd , the stress
JD Williams (10 days ago)
I wish I had watched this like a year ago before school started
Joycie Yu (10 days ago)
ChristSalvation (10 days ago)
End times ! Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to life ! Believe in the gospel and repent of your sins ! These dna scientist are liars ! They are the principality sin high places and they are Deceiving those who love the world with boasting of scientist agendas .... I still believe the moon landing was a lie , with a green screen and a textured floor stage that matches the background like a camouflage and every time that they say they have satellite launched they fall back to earth .... I am assured of this ! Ask one of those scientist to come out of their caves and show us the evidence with them personally there to prove it ... they don’t know how Almighty God forms a baby in the mother’s womb.... God is a creator and a Holy Spirit that only he know how he does his creations .... I hate this antichrist nwo agenda of blinding persuasion boasting .... they will never show you the truth or evidence ! Why do you think why a philosopher is spoken about the topic of creation all they do is use they’re big boasting words in a attempt to persuade you , but if you listen to they’re argument it’s a heart that’s stubborn and refuses to accept god in they’re life and ministering of questions while unwilling to accept it as the truth With wisdom from the holy bible is how you spot a liar !
Commendar R1 (10 days ago)
I just lie when my life depends on it Like life and death moments,when my mom asks me if i have done homework
JD Williams (10 days ago)
Commendar R1 Wow same lol
H (11 days ago)
Sometimes people smile even in serious situations because they are awkward and that’s their coping mechanism. Doesn’t mean they’re lying
johannhowitzer (11 days ago)
"Women lie to protect others." Are you lying, Pam? Is this why women lie? I've caught women that I know in lies to protect themselves from negative consequences of their own actions, or to fall in step with other women and avoid expressing opinions I'd heard them express to me privately, for fear of social repercussions. I think the truth is more complex than you're making it out to be, and I don't believe for a second that lies told by women are largely well-meaning.
Monkiesocks56 (12 days ago)
Very informative. BUT have a look at how this video is being edited and corrupted to suit someone else's agenda https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=yFWbxaVg0NY
IronyIsGood (12 days ago)
I have a tendency of doing a lot of this stuff when I'm telling the truth. It's no wonder I used* to get falsely accused of lying all the time. *growing up into a big tall guy may have made people less inclined to question me to my face, but I suspect people still mistake me for lying to this day.
Shane Strickland (12 days ago)
Their is no solid way to tell who is lieing. It all goes by the individual. I can be telling the truth but I crak up most of the time. So people think I'm lieing when I'm not. Their is no fool proof way to spot a liar.
beth 9891 (13 days ago)
Maybe the kitten was actually superkittie? You don't know for sure that koko did it..... 😊
Anonymous Forever (13 days ago)
Look in the mirror
Ryan Lind (13 days ago)
This is such nonsense pseudoscience
John Smith (13 days ago)
The best liars make sure they are caught telling the truth sometimes.
Romans 8:11 (13 days ago)
The bible is not lies. Have you read it woman?
Positve Energy (13 days ago)
Liar made me satisfy in life.
Gypsi Minion (13 days ago)
A guy I was with lied about spending my money. He told me 2 diff. Lies on loaning it to a couple diff. Guys that did work on my car. So I say. One more time. Only him a ask one more time. Told me he got a ticket. Ticket for what I say. No seat belt. Bamm I smash full glass mug of tea in his face. He rides a motorcycle.
Very interesting.
Diana (14 days ago)
A friend of mine once asked me to wipe the neck of plastic bottle of Diet Coke that I was getting ready to drink When I did as she asked she said now look at the tissue...it was a little reddish brown. She then claimed that it was rust and that I shouldn't drink it. Without hesitating I told her, "could that reddish brown stuff be Diet Coke because plastic does not rust."
sunglass-wearing liars
aurora lopiccolo (15 days ago)
just a 16 yr old trying to gain some knowledge
Eric Claeyborn (15 days ago)
Anyone with a "(D)" before or after their name is a liar.
Paul Erickson (15 days ago)
How did Kavanaugh do?
Philip Curnow (15 days ago)
I don't trust her presentational style or hand gestures. They seem so ... rehearsed. Also her thesis is so culturally biased to Western cultures and interpersonal norms.
Philip Curnow (11 days ago)
Gwyn McVay of course they have to rehearse. So much so, however, I think many lose a certain spontaneity when they get on stage. The hand gestures are always the same. When it comes to the subject matter of this presentation I was uncomfortable following her. She was telling us about visual signs to show who was not telling the truth. I felt the same watching her. Not so much because she was lying (she wasn't) but the style was ruining the substance of her talk IMO.
Gwyn McVay (14 days ago)
So if you were giving a TED talk, you wouldn't rehearse anything? You would just kind of blunder up on stage and babble about your topic? I find that a trifle, how do you say, hard to believe.
better world (15 days ago)
HUGE PROTEST! This is a promotion event of Pamela Meyer. I appreciate TED but this video makes me angry and needs strenuous opposition. 10:26 - 11:04 is a method of police "interrogation" and pure imagination. Stereotype! Absurd! There is no reliable academic/scientific proof! Micro facial expression also! The sequence on Diane Downs ends with the freeze frame in which she allegedly shows "duping delight". No freezing in the sequence on Erin Runnion. Diane Downs: 1983, Erin Runnion: 2002. Both of the women are part of their year and shows the favourite female behaviour of this years. Pamela Meyer keep quiet about. I am not an english native speaker. This must be a lie because it is a non-contracted denial. Is it a lie? No! In my time in school it was correct and polite english language. Using non-contracted denial in US would trap me!? 12:23 "Murders are known to leak sadness!" Oh, so simple it is? There is no need to create a great secret about lie and truth and move mountains to find the solution: A honest allocate loving adult will do! Truth is learning by experience.
daniel shoop (15 days ago)
I get it. All politicians lie, just some more than others depending on your preferred narative.
Damien Thorn (16 days ago)
Truth is paramount in all things if we don't have truth then everything is built on a pile of horseshit
Fire Nation Files (16 days ago)
*PLOT TWIST:* She is lying about how to spot a liar.
Paul Erickson (15 days ago)
I watched a speech given by President Trump using your techniques and my head exploded.
George Martin (16 days ago)
crooked hillary clinton
Roman Brown (16 days ago)
They should do one called "How to spot a Pseudo Scientific Con Artist" and use this Meyer lady as their case study.
Sue Gallogly (17 days ago)
This seemed political
dagnyatl (17 days ago)
The commentator is lying when she says we live in a transparent society as everything today one one HUGE deception, starting with the mainstream media.
Honeysuckle Blossom (17 days ago)
If you're interested in this watch the uk series Faking it, Tears of a Crime, it looks at how the experts watched criminals and realised they were lying through their speech and body language.
Anthony Walter (18 days ago)
Cant a psychopath pull off a grieving mother off with as much seemingly 'veracity'?
Augustus Betucius (18 days ago)
There's another solution - one becomes truly unwilling to lie, utterly committed to honesty, no matter what. Then a person retrains themselves to catch themselves in any form of dishonesty or deception. From there, one begins to see it before it happens, and on the occasions when it does occur, the deception is admitted immediately. This makes one cognizant of this behavior on a deeper level, as it's understood that engaging in this behavior will have to be confessed. In time, the behavior, the tendencies become retrained and go dormant. This includes insincerity, white lies, etc. This does mean that some times we have to hold our tongue, or decline to answer. We do not have to be condemned to dishonesty, we have a choice. Thank the great whatever for neuroplasticity.
Sherrie Stephens Snow (19 days ago)
In my world evil people would be dead.
Bradley Waller (19 days ago)
So where is the differential for archetypes? For example, when under the influence I am capable of telling the most bold face lie as an absolute truth, my cousin on the other hand is the most honest individual to a fault, and yet he is more distrusted than I am because of the difference in IQ and his introverted nature.
Charlie Rose (19 days ago)
Here’s some wisdom: If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember ANYTHING. What say you?
tacobill70 (19 days ago)
Blade Runners are my favorite lie spotters.
Don't Bet on It (19 days ago)
What if you lie so often like the President that you think your telling the truth?
Peppa Pig (20 days ago)
Just watch Sherlock and you shall know...
Wain DY (20 days ago)
People usually lying about things they wanna accomplish as a mode of inspiration to achieve their goals. Am I right ?
Mark Hopewell (20 days ago)
The worse lie you can ever experience is lying to yourself.
Non Available (20 days ago)
Listen Man !! I Never lied Once In My Life !!!
H. Pope (20 days ago)
stop trying to be funny, and get on with the topic you're on the stage to talk about.
Mike Sereny (21 days ago)
Beware of extremely disturbing content between 15:00-16:35 minutes. I'm appalled at her choice to use such extremely shocking content to the general public. I nearly vomited. If you're a parent do not watch. Not sure what Ms. Myers' academic credentials are, but no well trained individual in any psychological field would so callosuly use this content in front of an untrained audience. Shameful.
D4md Cykey (18 days ago)
+Mike Sereny ~ So...once again you arrogantly propose to speak for an entire demographic of people while deflecting with more anecdotal grievances that lack any semblance of proof. You need to check that ego in to a size-reduction clinic before it explodes your brain.
Mike Sereny (18 days ago)
what's your degree in? trauma survivors don't take the subject matter I commented on lightly. perhpas you're just numbed from too much news. appreciate your ignorant reply though.
D4md Cykey (19 days ago)
The only thing I find 'shameful' is projecting your delicate sensibilities onto other people, illustrated by your use of loaded words such as 'appalled', 'extremely shocking', 'vomited', 'do not watch' 'callously' etc. etc. You come off like a hyper-emotional drama queen. If you were looking to help people out, you could have just mentioned that section as upsetting YOU and moved on, but you chose instead to go off the cliff, going as far to tell people what not to watch. And then proceeded to spout false information as to what a well trained individual in any psychological field would do--this is categorically false. There are news reports about such things regularly on nightly news in your den, as evidenced by the freakin' clip itself. And what exactly is an 'untrained audience' even supposed to mean? Their reaction was the opposite of shocked, because they are, ya know...adults.
seeker (21 days ago)
Brilliant!!! THANK YOU!!
pclarizio (21 days ago)
Wow, now that's a long pair of legs! No lie.
Leo Tixeire (21 days ago)
Lots of pseudo-science and clichés... A 18 min long advertisement.
dragonize1952 (21 days ago)
38Achilles (22 days ago)
I watch liars everyday on CNN
D4md Cykey (19 days ago)
Of course you will.
38Achilles (19 days ago)
I will take that as a compliment, carry on.
D4md Cykey (19 days ago)
Uh oh, we have an edgy kid here. Bravo?
Christine Haigh (22 days ago)
Gotcha tactic...

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