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Brad Grills Steak on a Campfire | It's Alive with Brad | Bon Appétit

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Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, is back with episode 9 of It's Alive. This time Brad takes his skills out of the kitchen and into the woods to teach you how to build the perfect campfire for cooking delicious food outdoors. Whether you're at a campground, backyard, or taking a quick day trip into the woods, Brad's setup lets you get creative and flex your outdoor culinary skills. This is the first in a four part camping edition of It's Alive. Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/1TLeyPn ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Brad Grills Steak on a Campfire | It's Alive with Brad | Bon Appétit
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Text Comments (584)
Gore and more Reviews (17 hours ago)
Brad keeps me from ending it all
Berra Saral (4 days ago)
If Brad gets fired we riot
Misaka Mikoto (15 days ago)
0:01 the instinct of man to keep the beer balanced
Sharon Mendez (16 days ago)
Brad looks like a homeless person that is lost
Chason Camarillo (16 days ago)
The editing on this episode is hilarious 😂😂
Maddy Gowers (17 days ago)
I actually gasped and covered my eyes at 02:12. Not sure why, seeing as he obviously wasn’t going to cut his hand, but like....I freaked out.
Daniel Martinez (18 days ago)
Brad saying "I'm going to get fired" in the middle of the woods made my week
Kimberly Allan (18 days ago)
Those mushrooms look awful. Trypophobia alert. Love these two though 😂
mondos2001 (22 days ago)
5:38 is that vinny?
NakedAndLaughing (26 days ago)
That Moss Mountain is beautiful!
David K (1 month ago)
They definitely did all these episodes on the same day
NoobBrah JuntBrah (1 month ago)
0:42 lol felt like i was watching Trailer Park Boys
TheJordanRiver (1 month ago)
so the bandaid on his finger isn’t from chopping...yea ok 😂
Mad Sodaz (1 month ago)
broke my finger using that splitting technique on the first day of a week long camping trip in the mountains, it was then i also realized i had for got to pack as much as a band aid. Tissues and duct tape was the next best option.
Sam Jenkins (1 month ago)
U can tell he was a boy scout
Sam Jenkins (1 month ago)
Do more
L S (1 month ago)
I'm starting to think Vinny is a figment of Brad's imagination
L S (1 month ago)
MetaBloxer (1 month ago)
Since one is likely to pack it for cooking in the woods anyway, would a tin foil ball be a suitable alternative to steel wool?
Joe Chung (1 month ago)
lawrdgour ones.. haha!
Kat Gunter (1 month ago)
Brad and Vin's awesomeness aside (and I don't say that lightly), this campfire thing is a brilliant idea. I love cooking. I love camping. I've never thought of a multi-temp fire. This has unlocked a whole world of potential for me. Thanks guys!
Maxim Seynaeve (1 month ago)
I have that same OM shirt.
Alienz R Real (1 month ago)
I love these videos make my day 😺
Sum Dood (2 months ago)
Please use a knife and baton the wood. I like this show too much to have it end because Brad lost a finger
Nyanko Sensey (2 months ago)
Editors cut videos wayy too much
Justin Bumgarner (2 months ago)
Where's the seasoning
Varun Bhattacharyya (2 months ago)
Read that as Bear Grylls and got quite excited
Naked Bandito (2 months ago)
if he would actually got fired i would have said "wouder" 100 times in honor of him
Ryan Moulder (2 months ago)
"Hey guys, I'm Brad Leone, from... F***"
Ryft狼 (2 months ago)
This. Is. A. Safer. Technique.
David Nelson (2 months ago)
Washing pans & dishes. My dad was an island spotter (listener really) who would radio the troops in New Guinea & Australia when the enemy bombers were in flight, headed their direction. He & his crew were brought rations once a month. It consisted of a goat or sheep, packets of seeds, SPAM & a few durable eats. He taught me how to clean your utensils with what you have at hand. It was sand. Almost any river or lake has it in abundance. It works great. No mess & no spreading chemicals around in an environment that won't tolerate it.
John Mager (2 months ago)
aw damn, I live in CT, i drive past two roads brewery every day, love that stuff!
Obscurify (2 months ago)
If they fire Brad I'm gonna kill my dog and then myself.
FakeCypress (3 months ago)
alright, i absolutely love brad and the show, but could we maybe avoid the trypophobia mushrooms from now on? Thanks. XD
Angel H (3 months ago)
I enjoyed this and your other videos that are humorous and extremely detailed. This attention to helpful things that make all the difference in cooking. The generous attitude to viewers in teaching tips and detail in your methods is how you are elevating very good cooks to excellent cooks. Again, inclusivity towards, recognition of, and hard (team)work with your cameraman Vincent makes your videos enjoyable too. Grazie. I posted a video (the first and thus only one on my pag) adding a few tips for the cookfire (the Cub Scouts) and wild mushroom prep (per a pro mushroom picker) to deworm them along with your (and other BA Chefs) videos in my Chefs section.
J-N-H-M (3 months ago)
lol positive vibes mon , but why a frozen steak ? crust factors ?
Chris (3 months ago)
I love this series. It’s so humbling.
Ironclad (3 months ago)
3:35 Alright that was actually some nice editing.
james fisher (3 months ago)
Who else is here from reddit?
Tw!st3d D!gg3r (3 months ago)
Is this dude a yank from New Orleans? He says watah that them Creoles but he sounds New Yorka.
Tw!st3d D!gg3r (3 months ago)
So that's how all those California wildfires start... never mind these guys are Yankees. If you are in California do not start fires next to trees.
Mary Udomah (3 months ago)
When Brad fell, he saved the beer. Doesn’t matter if your leg suddenly falls off. *Save the beer*
Alexis M Hernandez (3 months ago)
Can brad start his own daily vlog
Melissa Williams (3 months ago)
Brad and his A+ editor let the S-bomb slip. Rapoport will hear about this 🤣.
Peter Sorensen Guitar (3 months ago)
First 7 seconds of this video made it worth watching.
Andrew Bortz (3 months ago)
Let's see vinnie
Sawsan Ali (3 months ago)
I love Brad ❤
Matt Alexander (3 months ago)
Gas station firewood? Duraflame? You're going to the woods, guys!
kendrick vandenberg (3 months ago)
by far the best cooking how to ive have watched. funny, quick, good food. some learning. all in all great vids. id say binge worthy
Joey Meyer (3 months ago)
I can’t believe you found Morel mushrooms so easily. A few years back some siblings and I tried helping my Dad find wild Morels on our property in Northern Michigan and it took us hours to find enough to cook and eat
SCARLET★STAR (3 months ago)
That's probably how forest fires start :p
Josh Jacobs (3 months ago)
Vinny is the star of this show.
Jonathan LeBlanc (3 months ago)
Seriously I would intern for you in the kitchen!!!! 💚💚
hairlesssack (3 months ago)
*this is so sad can we hit orphans?*
Desmond Gomes (3 months ago)
one of my favorite videos on this channel
SolarMoth (4 months ago)
the whisper....
Aly Nolasco (4 months ago)
Brad saying “I’m going to get fired” is me everyday at work
Minh Thai (4 months ago)
All of the It's Alive videos are great, but we especially need more camping episodes.
diana velasco (4 months ago)
The editing is the best part of BA
Pyro (4 months ago)
2:19 favorite part.
Fancy Storm (4 months ago)
I’m kinda in love with you Brad. I gotta say.
Zackary Anderson (4 months ago)
Vinny is the true hero.
All About The Blox (4 months ago)
i thought this said bear grylls for a second
Jack Richardson (4 months ago)
Lolol the fukin bit with the owl killed me xD
nohbody987 (5 months ago)
Great video but STEEL WOOL ON A CAST IRON! You will ruin the seasoning. If you are near a river you can use a little water and sand. Much better for the pan
Stephen Sutcliffe (5 months ago)
We want vinny!
I didn’t think Brad Leone could get any hotter... then they put him in the woods and gave him an axe.
Keepingit100 Integrity (5 months ago)
Please....PLEASE do a video of bloopers....he's a hoot
Xavier Ruggles (5 months ago)
Disclaimer to morel mushrooms. Make sure they're hollow and not dense inside. The denser ones are toxic. Just a forewarning
Dictator of God (5 months ago)
I live in Indiana, find pounds of morels each season. Good eating if battered and dried.
B Dean (5 months ago)
i cooked steaks over open flame last week while camping. they were amazing, just have to be prepared bc they cook pretty fast.
Nikka Broce (5 months ago)
“how you feel about that vinny?” “oh yeah you don’t really talk much” LMAO
Tony Ropi (5 months ago)
Idk, but Brad reminds me of Sam Hyde. He’s very funny, but without all of the edginess of Hyde, which is good in show business.
Nouara Imane Rezkallah (5 months ago)
I wanna meet vinny plz
Lily McLean (5 months ago)
We don’t give the editor enough credit/attention. Brad is amazing and hilarious but the editor makes these videos as good as they are! He is awesome!
cuck (5 months ago)
Putting a hit out on anyone that fires brad in the future. 100,000$ paypal
Jimmy (5 months ago)
Trypophobia warning 3:35
Draukagrissah (5 months ago)
Do. Not. Eat. Mushrooms. You. Find. In. The. Woods. If you're an actual Mycologist or a trail guide with 30 years of experience, I'd say do so with care. Everyone else. NOT. EVER. Some mushrooms are very easy to mix up. The common whitecap and the deathcap look almost exactly the same. The whitecap is a nice tender mushroom to add to salads. The deathcap has toxins that will DISSOLVE YOUR LIVER. You WILL die, and you will be tortured the whole time you are dying. Don't eat mushrooms you found outside. Don't do it.
Draukagrissah (5 months ago)
Baby Huey I didn't say no one should ever forage for anything, I said no one should ever forage for mushrooms. Learn to read. Berries are close, but a good field guide can easily help you out there. Anything else, the worst you can expect is usually vomiting and diarrhea. Mushrooms can easily kill you and make you wish you were dying faster. Doesn't really sound like a worthwhile risk when your reward is some mild novelty for eating mushrooms you found yourself.
Baby Huey (5 months ago)
With that attitude, you probably shouldn't even go outside. Yes, there are dangerous mushrooms that look like edible ones, but making the jump to saying nobody should ever forage for anything is beyond absurd.
Claire Lenitua (5 months ago)
when he said "ima get fired" I was just thought 'do you know how many veiws they'd lose?'
Fathiya Rahmani (5 months ago)
please do "drunk history with brad" it would be f-ing fantastic!!
Swoogity (5 months ago)
Brad grills? Or Brad Grylls?
kevin (5 months ago)
You two remind of that one couple from open season ( i think the husband's name was fred?) Because it's basically just a one-sided conversation xD
Ashley Maynard (5 months ago)
He’s so funny 😆
Tino r (5 months ago)
yall skipped all the good parts :(
Young Cho (5 months ago)
Brad hearing voices
Edward Carroll (6 months ago)
So, the whole long thing about how to build a fire? That was for all the viewers who never knew what every early-hominoid knew?
Leo Joey (6 months ago)
fmita he's so manly
Brad Jackson (6 months ago)
Reasons I watch Brad Leone 1.editing perfection 2. Brad's awesome personality 3. The cooking
Alex Cummings (6 months ago)
Just grill it directly on the coal. Dirty steak.
Karsten Von Fjellheim (6 months ago)
Brad, I've been re-watching your videos. A sign of quality and long-lasting-ness. Keep up the goofy cooking!
Flinch F (6 months ago)
the edits are killing me jesus christ im gonna wake up the whole house
toivo12345 (6 months ago)
As a masculine man man is is Nice to see another masculine man man to make food in a manly setting
Channing Choi (6 months ago)
obvi you don't wanna choke it- not only do we need to breath but it needs a place to go <3
Jim Patrick (6 months ago)
You are the bill Murray of cooking sir
GreenRanch (6 months ago)
nice field of dreams reference
YukiSkullDoll (6 months ago)
Those mushrooms look so gross! Ugh my eyes!
Dale Smith (6 months ago)
Brad your my hero!
tallbie.love (6 months ago)
Brad’s commentary in the woods just makes me smile so hard. Come visit Ontario so we can go camping!! ⛺️ 🔥
palonero (6 months ago)
Brad is among the least fireable people I know.
Andrew Fornes (6 months ago)
Mice and Men go on a cookout.

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