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Text Comments (14899)
Lara Butler (14 hours ago)
I didn’t get Ricky’s ? Anyone else
Number Five (1 day ago)
Obviously Shane hasn't seen or read Deliverance.
Marybel Michelle (1 day ago)
Who are dan and Phil???
Lesslie lll (1 day ago)
you guys are so gay that......... *its acutally cute* 💕💕
nora. conklin (1 day ago)
At 1:22 look at the mug in the background. I don’t know if it is supposed to say it but it is hilarious😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Fun With Hailey (2 days ago)
Hey what’s up u guys yes hey what’s up u guys yes hey what’s up u guys yes hey what’s up u guys yes
Lindsay Idar (2 days ago)
I don’t think Ryland looks ANYTHING like Andrew nothing about him looks like him NOTHING
SAVVY LUBUS x3 (3 days ago)
0:50 Yasssss Miss pigyy ain't got nothing on you queen!!! XD
bbheckr mop (3 days ago)
👨‍🎓 This is Jack, he just graduated college. Every dislike = 1 more IQ. He currently has 11 IQ.
Naibeth Velasco (3 days ago)
At 6:39 Shane looked like he wanted to kiss him
daria alee (3 days ago)
Wait dan and phil are still a thing ?
Mariah Alvarado (4 days ago)
Lol pause At 6:10 lol!!😂🤣😂🤣😂
Macee Vance (4 days ago)
3:40 I PEED 😂😂
XxAWESOME LOVExX (4 days ago)
Shane, You are not a pig. You are a cow.
Phoebe Edwards (4 days ago)
Wig as been snatched
Little Maltese (4 days ago)
6:116 rhere shirst and there eyes match!!!!! (and obviously they do for the whole vid but it that time period u can see it perfect)
Isabel Roberts-Mason (5 days ago)
I wish Shane soon starts doing these videos again in 2018
Innocent Child (5 days ago)
Wow u can literally make a conspiracy theory video out of nothing ✨😂😂😂
talking Tom Vlogs (5 days ago)
Wait is Shane dating rylan
Tiffany Irene (5 days ago)
😂”On twitter sniffing for drama!” 🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽
Miya Maki (5 days ago)
Pic: Name a more iconic duo. Me: Sorry, but, I cant.
Cassi 22U (5 days ago)
DAN AND PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
camilla casares (5 days ago)
3:10 I though I clicked another video
Ollin Velázquez (5 days ago)
The real question is... DID RYLAND REALLY TOP?
Juliette Jury (6 days ago)
*inject the memes into my bloodstream*
Rodriguez Cadence (6 days ago)
Im_bored_dont_judge (7 days ago)
2:07 all men are dogs.... Please don’t drag me for that, it’s called a joke don’t wanna have a scandal #jamescharles #justkidding
Boys Huerta (7 days ago)
Sarah FG (7 days ago)
This is fucking hilarious
Wendy Blackwell (7 days ago)
shanes fat as hell
steph cheeseballs (8 days ago)
me at 5:22 at school
SpiritWolf Gardian (8 days ago)
Laughs at every picture he sees even though they are so true lol 😂😂
its gracious (8 days ago)
#nofilter 😥
Salty Crackerz (8 days ago)
Has anyone noticed when he says hey what’s up u guys yes it sounds like heyyo tubby guys yes
Lol 😂
Alice Merry (8 days ago)
2:19 I’m dying
Blossomblox (8 days ago)
3:40 😂
Weird Potato (8 days ago)
"im leaving" ryland says "GO HOME" shane yells for the fanbase "IM ALREADY HOME SHANE AND GO TAKE A SHOWER" ryland yells back as normal ryland would "SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" shane squeals like an un-normal pig would uno and cheeto come over with a knife "take a shower or die" the animals say "kill me bitches" shane replies We never saw shane again
Melanie Castro (9 days ago)
At first i thought he worked at buzzfeed lol
xThund3r (9 days ago)
Wait your g,a,y,
Jordan North (9 days ago)
Every time he squealed with that pig mask on I laughed lol!
Marisol Alvarado (10 days ago)
This made my day
Raylee Askew (10 days ago)
I love Ryland's 2 pointy teeth he look's like a vampire😍😂
Raylee Askew (10 days ago)
Jorge Cantu (10 days ago)
At 00:27 it should be his intro
Jordyce Lenna (10 days ago)
Phoebe Ines Townsend Measures yesssssssss😂😂😂
Shwee .-. (11 days ago)
*We Stan*
Ambytata 83 (11 days ago)
Why does Shane AND Ryland look good in a pig nose and if I put it on I would look like I missed the trash can
Veronica Edie (11 days ago)
Shane your gay?????????????¿????????????
Chris Reichert (11 days ago)
Roland Couillonneur (11 days ago)
My name is Ryland
Me pigggg
Lydia Harper (11 days ago)
CSL 20 (11 days ago)
Shane. If you’re ever extremely depressed bc you think you look like a pig, just remember that pigs are fucking adorable
John Deo I. Bongot (11 days ago)
road to 19m😍
doll girl (12 days ago)
Llama Banana (12 days ago)
I honestly jumped when the pig clip popped up
Annalyssa Brown (12 days ago)
3:10 I died how did he keep a straight face
Faaridah Jessica (12 days ago)
3:29. PLZ shave Shane. U looked like a wolf.......... Btw I luv ur vids, they rlly help me cos I get bullies cos my mom has cancer and I have a mono-brow.......
Kittymeowlol Msp (12 days ago)
0:27 Me (Sees a bald spot on shane's head) : OH HELL NO
CrazyGaming :3 (12 days ago)
3:39 is everything :) thank me later
Fatima Carachure (12 days ago)
Abi Booth (12 days ago)
Shane says I'm going to let you ruin my self esteem Me. Wait you have self esteem😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
JessRyePlayz (12 days ago)
In the thumbnail he spelt thicc wrong
Paisley Marshburn (12 days ago)
I’ll go home.......
McKayla Andersen (12 days ago)
I love how in almost every video there is a bunch alcohol in the background
Katlyn Roberts (12 days ago)
I can’t handle how amazing these Dan and Phil references
Margaux Fernandez (13 days ago)
3:40 Get ready for a jump scare
Sarah 00001 (13 days ago)
Alpha Lps (14 days ago)
Shane? Pig. Snatched? wig.
HycostroHQ (14 days ago)
i miss this *Shane*
gacha galaxy cat (14 days ago)
2:54 and 3:00 it's buetiful
fuckoffsylvia (14 days ago)
This is my favourite Shane vid ever
margarita vives (15 days ago)
At 6:07 Shane farted twice haha classic shane!!
Bid m (15 days ago)
His pig sounds 😂😂 lol
R.D2003 (15 days ago)
Hey what's up you guys yes,I love Shane 🐽
Quetzaly Bravin (16 days ago)
Hi Shane so I love your videos but you look a little creepy with that nostril pay whatever it’s called like really close I was watching this with my little sister and she screamed and yelled and ran out the door
Deanna and Friends (16 days ago)
God bless you! ✝️💛
Jay Crawford (16 days ago)
Omg Shane have you watched Penelope
MËL PËRËZ (17 days ago)
That was too funny
Gabrielle White (17 days ago)
Addison Green (17 days ago)
Can we do a conspiracy theory on the song "fefe" and 6ix9ine? The reason I'm asking is because if you do the "ok" sign with your hands and flip the o and the 3 fingers.... you get 666, which is the devil.
Teresa Maher (17 days ago)
The first one kinda looks like dun with the d backwards too lol 😂😂
Teresa Maher (17 days ago)
Teresa Maher (17 days ago)
If you look at the cup in the background the second one looks like it says “dick” with the d being black bhahaha Shane u tryna send subliminal messages here!!😂😂
Zoshie Poo (17 days ago)
To me ryland look more like zach from the try guys
Olivia Grace (17 days ago)
I like for Shane he is not fat😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Olivia Grace (17 days ago)
Shane you are not fat you are as skinny as hell
roblox loverL0l (18 days ago)
hey wassup you guys YESSS
Marya Shukairi (18 days ago)
pause at 3:40 I died.
BooBoo Bear (18 days ago)
Heyo Tubby guys
Sue Traynham (18 days ago)
I have always loved you so much although your gay
Itz Me (18 days ago)
Luna Groot (18 days ago)
Pigs.. pigs..
live love laugh (19 days ago)
Lan Ayyyeee (19 days ago)
“Heyo tubby guys” now is all I can here
Bluecupcake 12341 (19 days ago)
Master Ryan (19 days ago)
They’re cute together #OTP
Grace Wei (19 days ago)
One word to sum this video up: 😂😂😂 HILARIOUS 😂 😂😂 Lots of love and fun to you and your squad #shanedawson 🕯〰️❤️ / Grace 🌺🌻🌸

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