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Brad Makes Fermented Garlic Honey | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, is back with episode 4 of "It’s Alive," and this time he’s making fermented garlic honey. If that sounds simple...it is. That doesn't mean Brad won't have fun with it, though. Join him on this wild and roundabout journey to put two or three ingredients together. Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/1TLeyPn ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Brad Makes Fermented Garlic Honey | It's Alive | Bon Appétit
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Text Comments (1006)
Excludos (12 hours ago)
Some say it's like a two part epoxy
Dr.Luv andFriends (15 hours ago)
Hey brother, I’m down with this, was wondering if ginger can be added?
Kroneru (19 hours ago)
Have you heard of black garlic and tried fermenting it in honey?
Danielle McIntosh (2 days ago)
I ferment the garlic in water and whey, I eat it once it is like a year old..over time will whey and water that make it more basic or acidic? Should I add Apple cider vinegar too? - Great video edits!
Sara Naidu (3 days ago)
I crush the garlic in a stone mortar...then I transfer to a jar and pour in the honey and stir and the refridgerate.
niksy (4 days ago)
brad's wife must rly love him...he smells like garlic all the time 😂😂 true love right there!!
SammyJo CatLady (6 days ago)
So... could you whip this up and put it on toast?
Hailey H (7 days ago)
chris hogan (7 days ago)
Do you cook with this stuff?
novembermember (7 days ago)
Can we have an extended intro - I really dig that theme song.
john Fitzgerald (8 days ago)
Mines over two years old eating it at the moment
J R (10 days ago)
mines at ph 5 after almost 2 months... will i die >?~~
Isabella Chantrill (11 days ago)
I'm a biomed student and I spent a whole lotta time in the lab making my own far less edible cultures so it's really fun seeing these processes from a food perspective!
Taken4 (11 days ago)
Y tho
geva tinker (11 days ago)
Jamaicans do this all the time and you eat a spoon full when your sick but I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone leaving it for as long as he has though
Kim Byul (12 days ago)
It just wowed me! And ur cute while doing it lol! I just made mine couple of minutes ago
Sahgee (13 days ago)
So basically you gotta scare the garlic in order to make it delicious and release its precious Alison? Got it.
derrik tie (13 days ago)
funny accent lol..
Matt Cochran (14 days ago)
Can you not use minced garlic to speed up the process?
Agnes Tjiong (14 days ago)
What can i use this fermented garlic for?
Nick Supapol (14 days ago)
(0:59) BTW, that’s a big no-no in the food world.
Kendra Thomas (14 days ago)
Anson Hu (15 days ago)
Brad and his allicin
no one man (16 days ago)
Can you use a fermentation rig?
Dale T (16 days ago)
I really HATE the cartoon effects.... Fire production manager... Little more kitchen professionalism. looking for the product, info and chef.
Snazzy nerd (18 days ago)
Im like halfway through this video and i dont know what botulism is... is in CAH? I found out how to spell botulisim
SuccessBasis (20 days ago)
4:40 you're gonna eat the garlic? Dude, drink the juice.
Shaun Richard (20 days ago)
So I’m trying this for the first time. I have some garlic that’s turning blueish green. What am I doing wrong?
Danielle B (23 days ago)
Did he just dip the knife that had the honey on it into the peanut butter? Child, if that were my kitchen...
Adriana Perez (25 days ago)
eric matthews (27 days ago)
Raw, Raw, Raw, sis boom baw! Brad calls upon his time as a high school cheerleader for this episode
Raul Castellanos (29 days ago)
Andrew looks like billybobs brother anyway thanks for the video :) ♥️👌🏾🇸🇪🇨🇴
Bobby Ash (1 month ago)
Thank you for showing me this
Bobby Ash (1 month ago)
Alexia is what some cooks call alecia
Broseph Thomas (1 month ago)
This would make a nice marinade for some chicken wings
Louis Masi (1 month ago)
Can I add lemon juice instead of apple cider vinegar to the mix to keep the pH low or will that mess it up?
carcistan (1 month ago)
DO NOT change the intro omg. You’re scaring us.
Kevin Wong (1 month ago)
Hey Brad, I reckon you should make some ginger beer with a ginger bug.
Tabatha Feucht (1 month ago)
That over fried chicken or on ham would be delicious !!!🤤🍗
MrRingo123 (1 month ago)
I wonder if you can do this with ginger too
Casti (1 month ago)
the editors had a field day
skully 10 (1 month ago)
That stare down was creepy
Chris Scheben (1 month ago)
Garlic Dad
Lewd Donut (1 month ago)
Vinny is probably the only person who wouldn't feel awkward being in between that stare off
Chelsea F (1 month ago)
This editor kills me. Brilliant.
Melissa Perez (1 month ago)
I demand to know who edits these videos; they need a medal ASAP
Island Ghoul (1 month ago)
Brad mentions Alicin so often I almost thought it was a person
Susanna S (1 month ago)
so does fermented garlic ever go in the fridge?
Joseph Madder (1 month ago)
Doesn't seem like it. Honey never goes bad though, and alcohol (made by fermentation) is another preservative.
Angelous 777 (1 month ago)
Hey Brad my grandma used to make this with purple onions too for a so called medicinal type of syrup!!!
zaitesushion (1 month ago)
I want Brad to be my garlic honey
Danica (1 month ago)
Love how the editor dives on into that honey and peanut butter nonchalantly
Chaotic-Fandoms trash (1 month ago)
Did he ever get sick lol
Carlos Acevedo (1 month ago)
Hold up, in the states you also have random people selling honey on the side of the road, or in the streets downtown?
Danielle Hall (1 month ago)
Allicin Vincentia Leone is a child that will exist in the future.
madisen zirnyheld (1 month ago)
i am ......... so attracted to him
Juice bops (1 month ago)
god damnit brad i'm supposed to be doing my homework
Justice A (1 month ago)
it's okay.... @ 0:59 none of us were paying attention anyway
Justice A (1 month ago)
maybe we were...
Hope Lee (1 month ago)
Brad false blinking is the creepiest thing ooff
Horace Cameron (1 month ago)
Is there a ph meter product you'd recommend?
Johnny Yogurtjian (1 month ago)
i've cut the garlic to small pieces , and add pure natural honey ... does it has the same effects ?
Thomas Osborn (2 months ago)
I came here just for Allicin.
Emi Koch (2 months ago)
0:59 oh no no
Maria Martinez (2 months ago)
My mom makes me this when I’m sick 😷 it works really well and it’s so yummy
Galileo Maieree (2 months ago)
heeey i just started a batch of this today!
Syifa Sjah (2 months ago)
2:52 suuuper wourdery
Katharine Kimball (2 months ago)
I am searching for a recipe for making black garlic molasses. Any suggestions?
Fagundes Family (2 months ago)
Soooo, when do we start consuming these?
유후 (2 months ago)
I wish Brad would adopt me. I am sickly these days and I believe it's because of my immune system. BUT to lazy to take care of myself.
유후 (2 months ago)
Feed me
Kathryn Dudley (2 months ago)
The editing on these are hysterical. <3
Stephanie M (2 months ago)
I love these edits 😂😂😂only reason I’ll watch this channel oh and also for Clair’s series too loveeee
Artorias the Abysswalker (2 months ago)
Doesn't the vinegar kill the fermentation?
Jerry Sollien (2 months ago)
That's some beautiful thumbs up/down ratio; I'll SUBSCRIBE to that. Nothing better than making food you have to stare at for a year.
Khidr (2 months ago)
Brilliant !! Thank you ! Love your edit too funny snappy and kept me engaged !!!
Roxann Zeidas (2 months ago)
Been taking my daily dose of allicin (2000 mg per bulb!) and Its boosted my immune system to where I can go outside with out a mask and not get ill. THANKS BRAD!
OtherBlueGirl (2 months ago)
I want someone to love me like Brad loves garlic. 😍🤣
minus trpka (2 months ago)
thank god for internet
TheBigFoot'sDad (2 months ago)
This is like the cooking version of UNHhhh
Trevor Wright (2 months ago)
Brad, I love you. be silly like you are it's great! but also incorporate some of your book smarts as well, just sprinkle it in. this video was great
lilac-w-i-n-e (2 months ago)
Sky Above (2 months ago)
Any suggestion on what to do with the garlic once fermented ? Btw I LOVE the show !!!
S3vere (2 months ago)
Hey look at that alacin
Sweet Cheeks (2 months ago)
Do you eat the garlic or just drink it ?
boka (2 months ago)
0:31 ... Gaga, Oh la-la ..Want Your Bad Romaaaaaaance
Zack Tyler (2 months ago)
What, no eating pizza with garlic honey shots?
Joy Thompson (2 months ago)
Brad... what PH meter do you use? Is there one that's better for food use that's not terribly expensive? Thank you for this video!
Courtney Tovey (2 months ago)
Not to be dramatic but I would die for brad
Abbey F (2 months ago)
could you like blend it up, the honey and garlic once it's done fermenting?
Vincenzo M (2 months ago)
My favorite thing is when literally nothing at all distracts Brad but Vinnie is a real bro and puts a bird hitting the window or something so he doesn't seem crazy.
Robert Pruitt (2 months ago)
All cooking devices kill microbes. The hotter and/or longer it's cooked, the more that are killed. Microwaves kill things by heating them. Just like a stove does. It just does it faster. Multiple studies have been done. Microwaves are better for food than any other cooking method, because it doesn't take as long. Nothing is going to happen from 10-20 seconds of warming.
Kamila McDowell (2 months ago)
Did anyone else peep the Jay tucked behind his ear? Guess he's into multiple types of baking.
This seems like a waste of good honey.
Mary Udomah (2 months ago)
“Bawtulizm.” “Gahlik.” “Prahblems.” Brad-lish is the best English.
S. S. (2 months ago)
0:11 Brad gotta teach us how to make that pizza!
capt.levo (2 months ago)
My mom makes me take a teaspoon of garlic honey every time she hears coughing, so garlic burps are no strangers in my household.
Rivka Weiss (2 months ago)
I swear I can smell that garlic honey!
Macrat (2 months ago)
INCREDIBLE editing!!
Christopher Toole (2 months ago)
0:59 Brad peels garlic over the trash can ROOKIE
Jamie Brown (2 months ago)
why shouldnt you peel garlic into the garbage
valeria26091 (2 months ago)
can you do this with ginger instead of garlic?
JESUSisGODourSAVIOUR (3 months ago)
Who ever gives this video thumbs down must be on some kind of BIG PHARMA drug.... Who couldn't like this Video and what it Teaches..... And the guy doing it is pretty funny...... Good clean sense of humor.

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