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Superfan Brett Baker Grills Sean Evans Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Hot Ones fans have spoken, and we heard your voices loud and clear: Get Brett Baker on the show! Finally, he's here—the man, the myth, the Nebraska legend. You know him from his weekly Hot Ones Power Rankings on Twitter, as well as the time he was serenaded to the tune of Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage by Russell Brand. Now, he's turning the tables on Sean Evans, taking over the hosting seat and making SEAN answer some hot questions for once. Click here to purchase Hot Ones hot sauces: http://bit.ly/2ja8sx2 Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: http://goo.gl/UxFzhK Check out more of First We Feast here: http://firstwefeast.com/ https://twitter.com/firstwefeast https://www.facebook.com/FirstWeFeast http://instagram.com/firstwefeast First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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Text Comments (7778)
Sir Shankin (3 hours ago)
Brett is just the best. XD
Serum7six (1 day ago)
Only just got on the Hot Ones train and this episode was awesome!
spicy MILK (2 days ago)
Shouts to the editors.
NickGFast (2 days ago)
Can we have a how to prepare the wings video?!
LIVENOAH (2 days ago)
I’m new to Hot Ones. Who is brett baker?
Brett Baker (9 hours ago)
LIVENOAH “Icon. Legend. Leader of men.” ~ Sean Evans
John McKeown (4 days ago)
55 hoodies?...I have like 55 articles of clothing total...
Joe Hoe (5 days ago)
great guy
Perry Parsons (5 days ago)
We have a winner, my personal favorite #1 show. As the man said, support the fine arts in your local community, especially throw some money their way. So many schools no longer fund chorus, band, drama programs, are all dependent on the boosters (God bless you all) and the community to keep them going. Absolutely kick ass interview, but would expect no less from a speech teacher.
StatikV87 (5 days ago)
Brett belongs pretty high up there on the power rankings. He barely touched his water and no milk, put a huge smear on the last wing, and didn't mention or complain about the heat level once.
Ben Mitchell (6 days ago)
Can I do an episode when you hit 5milly?
Alex Kiedrowski (6 days ago)
Hey sean's from evanston
Tre Tarantini (7 days ago)
Hey man, I started watching like 2 months ago and I just want you to know that what you’re doing is awesome. You’re asking real questions that mean something, not just bs gossip and that is so rare now and it’s really awesome. Keep it up man
Nick McIver (8 days ago)
This is why this show is awesome, Sean really does it for the fans and proves it by having on the ultimate Superfan props to you Brett you killed it!
Michael Rupe (8 days ago)
Cant believe ive watched a ton of eps and missed this...until now great episode
Peter Twiss (10 days ago)
I really like that guy ...
MrSirFluffy (10 days ago)
I actually came here from the Coyote Peterson episode.
TheAverageChelios (10 days ago)
13:16.. This really pisses me off. Because this is a legitimate media/interview show. And they think they can undermine that just because it is on YouTube.. BS man
TheAverageChelios (10 days ago)
6:38 good job bringing back the weatherman joke
Taubenschlag (11 days ago)
Is it common to say SCHMIER? Cause it’s a German word actually :)
TylerC (11 days ago)
About 80 episodes, 3/4 of them wearing hoodies comes to 60, Sean stop underestimating your hoodie count 🤦🏼‍♂️
cynoclast (11 days ago)
"Hey Sean, welcome to your show!" Absolute genius.
David Hayden (11 days ago)
Jesus. Jim Gaffigan has really let himself go.
Brett Baker (10 days ago)
David Hayden Too many damn Hot Pockets.
Tyler Dokis (11 days ago)
Wow people wanted Bill Burr since season 3
Mikael Gustafsson (11 days ago)
Brett should be a host.
Chris LeBelMusic (13 days ago)
As a teacher and musician I got chills at the end, God bless you Brett.
Brett Baker (10 days ago)
Chris LeBelMusic Appreciate you, Chris!
Mike Y (14 days ago)
This was really cool
Lindsay Lyonuuf (14 days ago)
Probably one of the best episodes on hot ones!
Bob Pisarek (14 days ago)
Well done
Aaron Bowman (14 days ago)
Brett sorta sounds like Jack Black
Rob P. (14 days ago)
We need those outtakes from the eric andre episode!! xD
TheIrek666 (15 days ago)
By the thumbnail, I thought Sean is wearing a lab coat.
Cearka Larue (15 days ago)
can something sound "lumpy". hahahaha
Eric Cooper (15 days ago)
Put yourself at the top of that list, Brett.
Donovon (15 days ago)
Great ‘sode fellas
Christian Aragon (16 days ago)
Brett sounds like Peter from family guy
Jon Bottoms (16 days ago)
what a legend.
Alejandro Worldpeace (16 days ago)
Second best episode behind Russell brand but idk I think Brett is truly the man and I hope he lands a job with you guys and when you want a day off let Brett take the lead I'm sure he will be welcomed easily by all of us. There's such a "Segway" into him that it makes complete sense. He also did pretty perfect to me idk about yall. Imma go get some wings now.
Brad Romans (17 days ago)
Like the show. Love this episode.
Aaron Dyck (18 days ago)
I'm a little late to the party, but well done Brett!
TheMrBluetones (18 days ago)
Absolutely a class act move for this show to bring on a mega fan like Brett to switch out with Sean. Great interview, as they all have been, he handled the wings with gusto, and just a delightful guy. Here's to hoping to your success, Brett! Thanks First We Feast, I'm a fan for life because of this episode.
cocaineinmyvein (18 days ago)
Your professor was the pope?
Christopher Woffindin (18 days ago)
Best most humble shout out!!
Bryon Bosley (19 days ago)
watches so many of these now, and honestly i think its awesome you guys got him on here for this backwards show and the dude nailed it! Happy new years Hot Ones i look forward to more shows in 2019!
Chuck Iringtwice (19 days ago)
Brett the man.
Joseph Ashburn (19 days ago)
Y'all should do like a sister chanel with Bret as the host
Uxbridge (20 days ago)
James Corden shaved his head and adopted the voice of Jack Black. Answer: this guy
Brett Baker (19 days ago)
Uxbridge Fair.
Michael Jenkins (20 days ago)
Great job Brett. Great job Sean. Great job Hot Ones.
Michael Jenkins (20 days ago)
Judging from far too short a clip, and doing so in the knowledge that judging is a dick's move, I can't escape the conclusion that Marie Uridia is cute AF. As both an attractive lady and an adorable person. I apologize for my comment.
Rambo (20 days ago)
When are you going to have Johnny Scoville on the show??
Timothy Frederick (21 days ago)
@therealdjkhaled you need to take a second chance punkin out lol Mr Baker is a boss
andrew gessell (21 days ago)
this was epic
djjazzyjeff123 (22 days ago)
Holy shit that was actually amazing. You NEVER know when a fan is gonna be a cool person or if they're going to be a weirdo with no personality or whatever. Brett is very cool and very charismatic.
Matt B (22 days ago)
idk how I saw this for the first time today. this is so wholesome
Kristina Archibald (22 days ago)
Brett your a fuckin legend!
Tûññêlrãt (22 days ago)
Jason Knaub (22 days ago)
Come to Lincoln to film an episode!
Jason Knaub (22 days ago)
Brett nailed it, just discovered show today, power watching episodes, shout out to Lincoln, & Gabby Union making sure it was said that she from Omaha, Huskers 4 Life!!
Feelin Awesome (22 days ago)
When I was 17 - 18 I had 47 hoodies.
Josh Vickers (23 days ago)
Bret handled this so so well!
Edward Kuhr (23 days ago)
Put a fan on here which is cool. When is Johnny Scoville going to get a chance???
JDM (24 days ago)
I hated DJ Khaled on this show so much. What a fucking puss.
Jeffrey Harmon (24 days ago)
This was so wholesome.
Thunder Braun (25 days ago)
Brett Baker = Bubble Bass....except these are wings and Brett seems chill.
Brett Baker (20 days ago)
Thunder Braun 🤔
Dee Cohen (25 days ago)
“ thank you Russell Brand I love you” Dream it believe it! I happily stumbled upon this show recently and got to see this park through it’s fruition and in such a short amount of time for me at least this is epic
Daniel faseyi (26 days ago)
inv naurdwar
Pistolero Pablito (28 days ago)
Wow that intro !!
Head Ram (28 days ago)
dave chappelle
Head Ram (28 days ago)
get the guys from ghost adventures
Ballconei (28 days ago)
We will always love you Sean but if you were to die in a horrible accident deep down we know Brett will continue your legacy.
Michael Bluth (28 days ago)
Brett killed it
TheMaloney (28 days ago)
Well done Brett
Libby Morphy (29 days ago)
seaney boi <3
Patrick Simpson (29 days ago)
Darn he is epic
Jon MacDonald (29 days ago)
They need to bring in el yucateco EXXXTRA PICANTE Habanero. Franks can fuck off, I put this shit on everything.
squirreljester2 (30 days ago)
1:12 That's the look of damn, he's better than me.
Rapp 1128 (1 month ago)
Alright someone help me out with the background on the Brett baker craze?
Brett Baker (28 days ago)
Rapp 1128 It’s a mystery.
M.M Andersson (1 month ago)
Chili Claus has by far the best and most funny reactions in FWF.
Jeff Glenellen (1 month ago)
You can’t break Sean, not even on the other side of the table
kylitosan (1 month ago)
Watching this from the future of season 7
Hayden Noble (1 month ago)
Brett baker for president 2020
Brett Baker (1 month ago)
Hayden Noble That would end poorly 😂 BUT, I appreciate that.
Sophie (1 month ago)
RiotontheRadioMSCR (1 month ago)
Still come back to watch this. Brett is a solid guy
Robbie Shields (1 month ago)
when you use hand gestures on the phone to point to things the other person cant even see, then your a true hand gesture guy
Prax Presents (1 month ago)
Now we need a live aired Hot Ones in a sold out theatre where people watching sit at tables and all get the wings and can have an "eat-along" with some audience interaction. Hot Ones co-op edition! Live-streaming results on a small app where people can tap out if it gets too hot and city-wide rankings of which city has the most people that made it to the end!
Aporia (1 month ago)
Dude's plug was 'support the fine arts'. Fucking legend.
David Hester (1 month ago)
the history of the show can not be told without this episode, godspeed, Brett Baker
diane cry-anne nguyen (1 month ago)
no offense to sean but you need to replace him with brett as host
gabriel contreras (1 month ago)
This is so wholesome
DrJonez (1 month ago)
Brett did an awesome job :D
Kyle Sullada (1 month ago)
👏🏻 bravo! Thank you hot ones i have acquired a few sauces from your series and most will most def bring the heat to my place of works holiday party! Happy holidays to y’all :)
Ezra Gi (1 month ago)
this dude is the MAN
John Browning's Ghost (1 month ago)
Bretttt Bakkerrrrrr!!!!!
Ty Huffman (1 month ago)
Best ever!
M C A (1 month ago)
He would be a veteran.
twisted tree (1 month ago)
Brett is the man!
SheliakDragon (1 month ago)
Damn this show always makes me hungry for wings
Katie Marigold (1 month ago)
Season 3, Episode 23 is iconic. 03/23/1990 is my birthday. 3:23AM - the time I was born at. Is there any significant sign, or is this just coincidence time? 🤔
Van Tuon (1 month ago)
Brett Baker doesn't play. What a god
nfvy (1 month ago)
Oh this was a good idea lol
Iulia O (1 month ago)
This was great

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