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This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Veitch

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Suspicious emails: unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safe deposit boxes, close friends marooned in a foreign country. They pop up in our inboxes, and standard procedure is to delete on sight. But what happens when you reply? Follow along as writer and comedian James Veitch narrates a hilarious, months-long exchange with a spammer who offered to cut him in on a hot deal. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (20271)
Alex Matsui (1 hour ago)
What is hummus??
TechNOGeek Reviews (1 hour ago)
the doctor who trolling spammers
TechNOGeek Reviews (1 hour ago)
James veitch you are a great stand up this is lit
Kasha S (2 hours ago)
This had me in stitches 🤣🤣
Yucie Chan (3 hours ago)
why I keep seeing Harry Potter at him hmmm....
weldrocks (8 hours ago)
This happens to me on a daily basis so it wasn't funny
weldrocks (8 hours ago)
I got a check once from Harry Houdini
Meehbaoui (14 hours ago)
He's hot
ThePinkCreeper (14 hours ago)
Penis enlargment's. Haha
Louis Renteria (1 day ago)
On flipping dukes of course
Milk Tub (1 day ago)
stupid fucking journey
Scotty miller (1 day ago)
mock man (1 day ago)
Disliked by the Solomon and his freinds
CrazyComedyKid (1 day ago)
I'm dying of laughter! Figuratively, of course, not literally.
The Fake Police (1 day ago)
mkay.. u know its fake. he just typed out a story and said it was real smh
_________ (1 day ago)
Sounds about white
Rotiv (1 day ago)
Nice gift at 8:00
Dixiedasher72 (1 day ago)
HI James would you be interested in replying to other peoples spam emails on there behalf
waterartists 2 (1 day ago)
Lisomi li Yeng (1 day ago)
loll x'DD
Eva Burdette (1 day ago)
Man... I love this guy
Seven Ellen (1 day ago)
This is what Stephen Hawking does with his afterlife?
meghna sankhla (1 day ago)
KitKat is amazing!!!!
Anonymous5253 (1 day ago)
This guy seems like one of those nerds that are actually really funny.
victoria white (2 days ago)
this guy reminds me so much of david tennant!!
Sherry Edwards (2 days ago)
That is so good. Loved it.
Jessica Drennan (2 days ago)
McKenna Cawley (2 days ago)
I've seen this before so funny
Maia K. (2 days ago)
“Bonsoir my golden nugget, bonsoir.”
Juliette Card (2 days ago)
Me and my brother did this with a “woman” named Janet. Pure gold
Carlos Uribe (2 days ago)
Joe luis Kinyua (2 days ago)
😂😂gold you distribute..😂😂
Alp Akal (2 days ago)
Always wanted to reply a spam email, especially those coming from that African prince. You're my hero.
삽사리 (2 days ago)
our time is so precious.
Samuel Reis (2 days ago)
This guy should be a comedian
CEGaming (3 days ago)
He is like Grian
Jodie Platz (3 days ago)
this is better than all the netflix stand up comedy specials
Chopped Suey (3 days ago)
This is brilliant
Vendetta Queen (3 days ago)
one love no women no cry bob Marley 😂😂😂😂
Natalie Spa (3 days ago)
And I START with 'I don't know who you are, but I will find you, and I will kill you.' YOURE RIGHT OUTSIDE YOU DAMN FOOL lol that is hilarious must have scared the scammers so bad . WOW~! That is AMAZING! What are you going to spend YOUR CUT [111] on. PITBULLS 4 LIFE. + a MAJOR FUCKING RASH
Ok. This is epic
Vortex Homy (3 days ago)
I started at 12:00am watching fortnite sfms and i am now somehow here
NeOn AnNiHiLaToR (3 days ago)
GPC™ (3 days ago)
1:30 25 kg k̶g̶s̶ is nothing.
Paweł Poliszuk (3 days ago)
I didnt expect stand up on TED/ :)
Yes kitkat ONE LOVE
Tim Brady (3 days ago)
hi yo
Joseph Moya (3 days ago)
This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen all day
case niv (3 days ago)
Im kind of tempted to try this😄
dunsexual (3 days ago)
yeah thanks for coming to my ted talk
Katrina Iniguez (3 days ago)
When you have no life :reply to scam emails 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eddie Congdon (3 days ago)
This is like a nerdy Russel brand
Prem Kumar (3 days ago)
Marius Berkvik (3 days ago)
Didn't know that Bubbles from TPB was doing TEDs now.
The Dream Team (3 days ago)
I'm crying help
Burrus Entertainment (3 days ago)
This guy is awesome!
Smxiling (4 days ago)
But when will TED ever show up? As the final boss? We will never knoww..
Robert Ortiz (4 days ago)
This guy is a BOSS!!!!
kelly washington (4 days ago)
the good stand up acts are based on real life eh?
Yolo Bro (4 days ago)
This is fake
Perry A (4 days ago)
You'd think he could've gone full-throttle: “Good-night, good-night! parting is such sweet sorrow / That I shall say good-night till it be morrow.” — Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
Bella K (4 days ago)
sardine head!
David Ashby (4 days ago)
He made me cry like a little girl!! Lol excellent.
Nardia McPhee (4 days ago)
Hummus 🤣🤣🤣
Viktor Kiss (4 days ago)
Luna Lovegood in the audience 2:12
Hey It's Sarah. (4 days ago)
Who else eating houmous while watching,dis some dam gud houmous.
Neptune Fish (4 days ago)
I think everyone is laughing of akwardness Like this is how a nerd roasts
Hayden Paul (4 days ago)
Owen Keller (4 days ago)
Jacob Carey (4 days ago)
Daniel Durham (4 days ago)
NPC #1553 (4 days ago)
James Moyer (4 days ago)
Owen Keller (4 days ago)
Spinning Teabag (4 days ago)
Joe Lycett does the same act only funnier. https://youtu.be/wWIwlfo9_OM
Caesar (4 days ago)
This guy has too much time on his hands.
Kimberly Arroyo (4 days ago)
Miguel Rios (4 days ago)
Mason Reed (4 days ago)
Sebastian Wu (4 days ago)
Sarah Boone (4 days ago)
Riley Hoover (4 days ago)
Mackenzie Kaiser (4 days ago)
Seth Wallace (4 days ago)
Aiden Morris (4 days ago)
mahmoud emara (4 days ago)
X Mails https://jvz1.com/c/1151965/317825
x TROLLING x (4 days ago)
so you shot the ventura county sheriff in that shooting...
Varun Mishra (4 days ago)
now I will go and update them gmail filters
*MatureBadge9 * (5 days ago)
Somebody should show Solomon the free real estate ad! This is hilarious!😂
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Matthew Clark (5 days ago)
Mildly amusing but I hope nobody believes this spam story really happened.
babybirdsmommy1 (5 days ago)
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Aundrea Kym (5 days ago)
He's so funny and adorable.
Abena Amponsaah (6 days ago)
I can’t with this video 🤣🤣🤣
Zaffar hayat (6 days ago)
Really funny
Who Are You (6 days ago)
6:43 the guy looked like he was the one who sent him the emails
HamQM (6 days ago)
This seems very set up.
MiXA28 (2 days ago)
I'm finally gonna watch this video after like half a year or it sitting in my recommended... Edit: I wasn't disappointed.
MiXA28 (2 days ago)
+Rainha Coco same, as a matter of fact, i'll edit my comment.
Rainha Coco (2 days ago)
Same and I ain't disappointed 😂
Heartless Browser (6 days ago)
this dude is way too xd randem
shaymae osama (6 days ago)
White british chris rock
Corey Gray (6 days ago)
I'm the Nigerian prince who keeps E-Mailing you

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