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Text Comments (7377)
David Dobrik (1 month ago)
sorry i uploaded so late! lolz okay enjoy! see ya next vlog homies
Anonymous Cheesestick (3 days ago)
This is cringy but I still love ya buddy
Liza Stout (4 days ago)
Gabriela Gutierrez (6 days ago)
David Dobrik lol it sounds like dom typed this
Christian Fernandez (7 days ago)
Israel Boyd (8 days ago)
David Dobrik does susie have her own YouTube channel
Gloria Mendoza (9 hours ago)
Is trisha on drugs
Azra Uptain (14 hours ago)
Michelle Sanchez (14 hours ago)
mamitachocolate (15 hours ago)
Omg all that kissing really grossed me out lmao
SlasherFilmSanctuary (16 hours ago)
Dom made out with a guy? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy!
Big loser #1 (16 hours ago)
Ya know
Gretchen soules (16 hours ago)
3:03 automatically thinks Vlog footage😂
a person ._. (18 hours ago)
Suzie is my fave! 💕
FAYGO AGUAYO (18 hours ago)
2:56 oh damn.
Tory Ann Anderson (21 hours ago)
David makes me sorta kinda feel like its ok to occasionally always do coke
Jadence Douglas (21 hours ago)
Dom called the dumb ass driver before David could even see it😂😂😂😂
Agnes Sunflower (22 hours ago)
Naw Dom you gotta pay for that shit 😂😂😂😂
Alissa (23 hours ago)
Dom shoulda faked an injury lmao get that insurance $$$
Rubu Love (1 day ago)
The car thing was the first time i have ever had any respect for dom
Em.gilmartin (1 day ago)
That shows Dom’s reaction time
mry. amaro (1 day ago)
Vexxy-MobileGames (1 day ago)
Woah I wonder why we never saw the car and it was just the camera that moved wow!
RMWolf1 (1 day ago)
fortnite clips (2 days ago)
Why does suzie always fucking laugh like a velociraptor
World_ Rejects_ (2 days ago)
Dom is a king
Ellie Ortiz (2 days ago)
💟 how this ends at 4:20
Jeff Mangum (2 days ago)
Ellie Ortiz they all do
Elisa (2 days ago)
you remind me of Friends like josh is Monica Jason is ross or corinna and todd are rachal and ross
Vick KnewZeus (2 days ago)
That guy is a legend now lmao
i Z (2 days ago)
Krispy Kale
Edgy boi Dun (2 days ago)
No wonder dom has chlamydia
J J (2 days ago)
Susies laugh kills me every time 😂
Alyah Delva (3 days ago)
good to know that dom isn’t afraid of herpes
justin declair (3 days ago)
3:41 napoleon dynamite?
EggHead (3 days ago)
I love that Dom noticed the car before anyone else
BRIANNA ROWAN (3 days ago)
Girls: 18 Boys: 1 Slut
New Mexico (3 days ago)
And you get Clamitia! And you get clamitia! And you get clamitia!
Wrx Golden (3 days ago)
Jason is so fat
Ellie Jacobs (3 days ago)
I love how dom is the one that is like David watch out! Lol
Lane Anderson (3 days ago)
Anyone else notice Trisha’s nip slip
Kayla Wilson (3 days ago)
when ever vardon gets the donuts you could hear his belly grumble💀
wig flew (3 days ago)
Maclaryn Reid (3 days ago)
David is the only person who still whips
Jack Loubier (4 days ago)
1:49 I promise this is NOT a New York thing
Roxanne Rivera (4 days ago)
trisha is so beautiful here
Alison Young (4 days ago)
2:01 nipple shot smh
Shania Deecee (4 days ago)
anyone think David wants Trisha? or is it just me?
Ffionj 3456 (4 days ago)
Just realised Jason is older than my mom
Bad NoWhale (5 days ago)
Bro eww wtf he's going to catch mono AT LEAST
sxedi edits (5 days ago)
i love how in almost every college party vlog, dom is kissing a guy. lol that’s kinda sus but you didn’t hear that from me..
Vincenzo Gabriele (5 days ago)
Jesus, Jason got fat
Field05Hockey (5 days ago)
towards the end i was like "how drunk do you have to be to actually kiss Dom."
Game Turds (5 days ago)
Dom got the juice
MysticEcho (5 days ago)
This was on my birthday...... 😶😶
Luis Mendez (6 days ago)
dom is a gay icon
Sidney Price (6 days ago)
2:26 dom actually looked concerned awww 🙃🙃
Zamareh Wright (6 days ago)
Is Dom bisexual
Kiyoko Abo (6 days ago)
The one time Dom snaps out of his high (NOT CLICKBAIT)
Gunjan B (6 days ago)
not gonna lie the dude that said he would do anything is lowkey hot as shit
Hatcx _ (6 days ago)
1:42 dammit David it’s no nut November and u made me lose. Why you gotta be so hot
ava austin (6 days ago)
Why was dom the smartest one there and telling you to watch out for a speeding car
CBoxAlmighty (6 days ago)
I love how casually Bi dom is
Emma_da_queen Yasss (7 days ago)
Next vlog th dom can’t be in it he got an std
Alice Alicia (7 days ago)
2:03 is that Trish’s nipple😂
Eye candy (7 days ago)
2:27 if ur a true vlog squad fan realize David reused this clip
Gillian Barlow (7 days ago)
Suzy has the best laugh!!
Sorry I Exist (7 days ago)
3:00 bromance
Yeon - Wahni (7 days ago)
I like how Dom seemed super calm but also worried
Grace Pacheco (7 days ago)
Natassja Ludidi (7 days ago)
Why tf does Paige look like Millie Bobby Brown...omfg..ultimate fucking plot twist..anyway anyone notice that David liked his own comment? David I know you can hear me (Imagine a combination of Trisha's voice and Susie's laugh with Zane drunken slurring) PIN THIS COMMENT. I don't love you..I mean i do platonically in the Oh-My-God-This-Shit-Is-So-Good-Let-Me-Not-Kill-Myself today kinda way. Any way. Dom has to be pansexual. pEACE THE fUCK oUT bros. Oh DAMN, sHIT, fUck, Bitch I got hoooooooeeessss...caaaaaalliiiing a yoooung niiiiggggaaa ohooone (btw i'm giving David a temporary pass to sing this song swearwords and all...even the N-word...just tweet it out though David and double check. I mean Pewdiepie's still fucking chilling like a villain. Damn, this is long. I need a blunt.
Sandy Romarate (7 days ago)
" so If I make out with chlamy- I meant Dom would I get chlamydia? " 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lacy Boykin (7 days ago)
dom seems to like kissing boys so I think he’s hiding his sexuality by kissing all those girls ya feel. I love dom
XxxCutiecatMSP xxX (8 days ago)
Yo Don just saved everyone’s life when he said “Yo watch out! Watch out for this f#@$&%er!”
brie summers (8 days ago)
i will date dom
Ya Gurl (8 days ago)
I love the David “holy shit, what the fuck” Dom “holy shit, what the fuck” 😂😂❤️❤️
Celia Harte (8 days ago)
why he use the exact time “ 8 minutes later “ 😂💀
C A I T Y (8 days ago)
Vardon is my spirt animal 😂😂
Drea Fox (8 days ago)
that kid dom made out with is actually so hot
Octavio Lerma (8 days ago)
You guys realize they could’ve died and this all would’ve ended that’s crazyyyyy and they probably would’ve gone into hell
Elijah Tube (8 days ago)
And that kids is why we don’t film while driving
CHLOE 51 (8 days ago)
Zulma Maynez (8 days ago)
Bro jasons so fat
EaZy BoY (8 days ago)
:40 it’s so weird when she laughs 😂
sammi p (8 days ago)
At 2:01 what's up with Trisha's weirdly placed nipple?
Sophie Turner (8 days ago)
Ben P (8 days ago)
3:43 Natalie’s reaction
Ben P (8 days ago)
No offence but Jason’s but weight on
DM Music (9 days ago)
Maria Ardon (9 days ago)
My heart stopped when dom pointed out the car coming at them 😭 glad they’re all ok ❤️
Justin Baxter (9 days ago)
Is it just me or who else thinks david and his assistant natalie would b a cute couple
Imogine Powell (9 days ago)
The way dom was the responsible one and noticed the speeding idiot 😂
Brandon Cafe (9 days ago)
It's a funny thing that David is faithful but liza broke up with him
random request (10 days ago)
Who else notice dom rejected a girl
Sydney Aiz (10 days ago)
Yo I love how dom is actually so caring for David when a cat allnis hits them
Cecelia Norman (10 days ago)
Oof that gave me ptsd of my car crash
Skye Reyes (10 days ago)
when dom saved all of their lives.....
Ella Tabor (10 days ago)
Wendy dayz (10 days ago)
Bragging about how much money you make..really? Otherwise great vid.
jenlovesjobros (10 days ago)
I'm surprised David didn't honk! I would of been pissed
Sara Gerlock (10 days ago)
The vlog squad.. Is really good at making it seem like they don't write all of their jokes before they say them lol.. Which i mean they obviously do and arent even worried about letting people know that they do but.. For real like the way that they laugh afterwards REALLY DOES make it seem like they just made and said the jokes off the top of their heads.
Caffein Boi (10 days ago)
Suzies laugh is so precious.
Ariel Benavides (11 days ago)
That lough of that ugly cunt sister of jonah ... god eat a fuckin salad for once
jeremy beverly (11 days ago)
God I love her. I can't tell if she's black white or Spanish and she's a freak, great boobs, short, cute.
Mimi.icons AJ (11 days ago)
Ok when Trisha Goes to jail who is going to bail her out?
Veczey (11 days ago)
Natalie is so sexy

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