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Tom Segura Tears Up While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Tom Segura is one of the biggest stand-up comedians in the game, with a Netflix special called Disgraceful out now and a long-running podcast (Your Mom's House) with his wife-slash-fellow comedian Christina P. But how is he with hot food? Find out as Tommy Bunz scampers up Mount Scoville alongside host Sean Evans and discusses everything from savage hecklers, to 6ix9ine, to the inner workings of the Nike-Adidas beef. Eventually, Segura ends up with tears streaming from his eyes—but is it the hot sauce, or the tender words from BFF Bert Kreischer? Find out in this scorching new episode of Hot Ones. We're finally here to supply you with the dopest merch! We sell everything from Hot Ones Hot Sauce like the The Last Dab to the highest quality tees. Shop here: https://bit.ly/2w8lVer We're finally here to supply you with the dopest merch! We sell everything from Hot Ones Hot Sauce like the The Last Dab to the highest quality tees. Shop here: https://bit.ly/2w8lVer BUY your bottle of Los Calientes from Heatonist: https://heatonist.com/collections/hot-ones-hot-sauces/products/hot-ones-los-calientes SIGN UP for the Hot Ones Monthly Hot Sauce Subscription box: https://heatonist.com/collections/hot-ones-subscription-pack SUBSCRIBE to the brand-new Hot Ones podcast for extended cuts of classic interviews: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hot-ones/id1407056689 Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: http://goo.gl/UxFzhK Check out more of First We Feast here: http://firstwefeast.com/ https://twitter.com/firstwefeast https://www.facebook.com/FirstWeFeast http://instagram.com/firstwefeast First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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Text Comments (9625)
First We Feast (6 months ago)
Get you a friend who talks about you like Bert Kreischer talks about Tom Segura.
- JustMaxPirk (12 days ago)
Please have Theo Von on! THE RAT KING 👑 GOTY!
Joe Rice (29 days ago)
When are you gonna have joe rogan on? and when is sean gonna be on the JRE?
Homie Squid (1 month ago)
First Bert then Tom, all we need is Joe now.
Jon W (1 month ago)
That text made me tear up. Fuckin a, Burnt Chrysler
skymb (2 months ago)
asap rocky please and ty 💛
Logan Chabal (28 minutes ago)
Tom segura looks a lot like Bradley Cooper in a strange way
Juan Sahagun (14 hours ago)
Kat Gideon (19 hours ago)
The end had me crying until Tom started cracking jokes at the end. Bert! ❤
Marko Dukic (1 day ago)
Sean can suck a spicy dick!!!! Love this show
Marko Dukic (1 day ago)
Sean’s a bully
Gabe Loza (1 day ago)
I was a huge fan of Tom, but as soon as he said he hates steak fries he was dead to me. Long Live Bert.
LaughingBear (1 day ago)
Tom was right. Fuck that guy.
Trek Fan167 (1 day ago)
The blonde on that morning show is a smoke show
Cassandra Redwine (2 days ago)
You need Joe Rogan on the show!
Ryan Cape (2 days ago)
In one month, I was able to see Tom, John Mulaney and Kevin Hart live. It was just before Tom and John released Disgraceful and Kid Gorgeous so that was the set I saw and Kevin’s newest hasn’t been released yet. Tom was easily the funniest of the 3, his delivery and sense of humor plays to what I love so much, he’s easily my favorite comedian working today.
Hobo Bob (2 days ago)
Adidas baby!
sebastian (2 days ago)
Good luck with telashi69
Chickenbowser (2 days ago)
I had never watched anything with Tom in it before but this episode was enough for me to make him one of my favorites comedians. He's effortlessly funny without being egotistical, he plays off Shaun's energy really well, he cleaned the wings like a champ, and just over all was a pleasant guy. He's a 10/10 Hot Ones guest for sure.
Michael Ballinger (3 days ago)
Tom Segura is fucking hilarious! Love his stand up
camrocksful (3 days ago)
Have joe rogan on!
egshane (5 days ago)
the single cough is the best....hahaha.
ubvids (5 days ago)
Hey what are you guys wearing
Sidanth KS (5 days ago)
Hahaha "I know some people don't like fat shaming and I understand that...but they're really fat" xD
Tim Bishop (5 days ago)
it would be great to see his wife on here too
Anthony Rodriguez (5 days ago)
This guy is a good interviewer.
AfterShock (5 days ago)
Nice jacket, Tom
Garrett Simmons (6 days ago)
I'm with Tom, fuck Tekashi
cleanremarks (8 days ago)
Holy Hell, Trick Daddy looks rough.
Dexter Sue (9 days ago)
"I shouldn't say fuck that guy but fuck that guy!" lol
chuck hottarino (10 days ago)
Tom's sauce promotions killed me lmaooo!
k dou (10 days ago)
Keep 'em high 'n tight!
Brim Fyshin (11 days ago)
"I shouldn't say fuck that guy *tekashi 69* but fuck that guy" goddamn I love you, Tom
shaneeda! zoinks (11 days ago)
Lol, Bert's my friend, don't be mean to him!!!!🤣
Joe Spleen (11 days ago)
the way tom says things fucks me up and gives me belly laughs
Cody Parmarter (11 days ago)
"Hot Ones: Last Dab...try it out"
Cletown1999 (12 days ago)
viewers respect it!! love the podcast and that sent me here. great episode!!
frost1117 (12 days ago)
It’d be cool to have Christina on
J P (12 days ago)
TouchedNut (12 days ago)
4:26 tommy buns laughs cause he knows he is the only ride or die in his marriage
Toby H (12 days ago)
God ol'Tom damm I love him :D
- JustMaxPirk (12 days ago)
Please have Theo Von on! THE RAT KING 👑 GOTY!
Sylvia Bowman (13 days ago)
When Sean calls Tom a snack I completely died 💀
NDAWELOL (13 days ago)
Tom Segura is just great!
BDC Matt (14 days ago)
tommy would have number 69 playin football, lmao.
16Mi Coco (14 days ago)
try it out
shoelesblondlady (15 days ago)
The host shoulda smashed one n been like.... child's play tommm
shoelesblondlady (15 days ago)
That'd be hilarious if there was one guy on the team who puked and everyone else was the type that would all puke if they saw puke
Severo Romo (15 days ago)
Tom is hilarious at 17:29.
Kurloz makara (16 days ago)
please do my other favourite bald youtuber Pcyched substance
Cool Calm (16 days ago)
Dalton Walcker (16 days ago)
Tom is fucking hilarious
alpacacide (17 days ago)
“Is cheesecake a cake or a pie?” “BIKES”
Bret Harper (18 days ago)
I love this show I love hot shit like Maddog. Hey hot ones maybe let one of the wings be Endorphine Rush. Taste like bbq sauce but from hell.
awakennomore (18 days ago)
you have to get Mommy "Tina, Christina P on this next season.
GSTACK57 (19 days ago)
Fucking try it out! 😂🤣
Tim Bishop (19 days ago)
So we need Theo and Joe on here and life will be complete <3
Jack Grace (19 days ago)
Favorite episode! Tom Segura is the real deal.
James Smith (19 days ago)
That Jacket though!
ERik (19 days ago)
15:00 the music switch on that lol
Simon Currell (20 days ago)
"Try it out"
Roberto Macias (20 days ago)
Get Joe Rogan on this please
Will Grover (20 days ago)
Yes!!! TRY IT OUT!
Will Grover (20 days ago)
FINALLY!!! FUCK NIKE!!! I thought I was the ONLY human being who thinks Nike is trash. Nike A Go-Go from the Misfits is the only thing with that name I've ever liked.
Garrett Steed (20 days ago)
Joe Rogan!!!
Michael Bond (20 days ago)
Tom Fifelski (21 days ago)
talk about cleaning a wing....true dedication!
Josh (21 days ago)
"You need people to make you feel like 'fuck this hot', or...huh?"
vaibhav singh (21 days ago)
Dude! Get Jim Jefferies please.
Shaun Atkinson (21 days ago)
Tom ‘I almost threw up’ segura
Shaun Atkinson (21 days ago)
YourPalHDee (21 days ago)
Brian Callen is probably the most disappointing stans up I ever saw.
Garrett Gardner (22 days ago)
I like how Sean said “mommy’s” in the beginning. Dude’s glassin.
J Butler (22 days ago)
When I saw the edit clip of him finishing the whole Da Bomb wing my heart sank. Da Bomb _sucks_, but Tom Segura is hard-CORE. Best!
Rooski Luciano (23 days ago)
when he asked the most savage cities in my head i was instantly like "miami"
Alexander Marquardt (23 days ago)
I somehow am very happy to hear Tom Segura Mike Tyson is a nice guy cause I trust his judgement.
MadDogHoek23 (24 days ago)
Please get Dave Attell on your show!! 🙏🏼
ian farago (24 days ago)
Still waiting on a Joe Rogan episode
Ericson578 (24 days ago)
I watched this one for the first time after seeing Weird Al take parody bites. Segura is a machine!
Warren B (24 days ago)
Good Morning, Julia, this was a high and tight interview. Piss on me and beat me. -Mr. Yearwood
Jereme Waters (25 days ago)
Not a nibbler for sure...hell ya.
Jason Rowe (26 days ago)
Where is Joe Rogan?
SirCommoner (27 days ago)
Jesus, Tom is a naturally amazing story teller. I don't even notice how captivated I start getting when he starts telling a story
SirCommoner (27 days ago)
2:42 Oopsie doopsie
Chrome Child (27 days ago)
Tom Segura is you in just a few years looks wise bro.
Bill Burr and Tom Segura: 2 of the funniest guys in comedy and they're telling you not to retroactively change a comedian's intent for telling a joke and people still do it.
Hi I'm Nick (27 days ago)
4:25 Anyone catch the "Ride or die" reference there?
Richard Barbosa (27 days ago)
Omg! THis was the funniest episode i've ever seen. I'm crying!
Richard Barbosa (27 days ago)
"I told you I'd come back..."
Robert Ruiz (27 days ago)
DJ dadmouth and the 4stroke gang
Digital☆Devil (28 days ago)
If you haven't listened to Your Mom's House podcast, you're not going to get the "Try It Out" meme, lol
Tyler Gilbert (28 days ago)
Joe Rogan lets have him On!
Craig McMurray (28 days ago)
Fucking Awesome...Blab sweat and tears...Keep em high n tight.
Gay Guard Moose Saucy (28 days ago)
huntersdman6 (28 days ago)
Does anyone know what jacket Tom has on? I really like it.
Kevin Agee (28 days ago)
just lock the shoebox and give a code to whoever received it
Anthony Peppers (28 days ago)
Tom "eat the whole wing" Segura.
Brendan Ohara (29 days ago)
He use to look so fuckin fat and dumb lol 💯💯
Craig B (29 days ago)
Will Sasso please ;)
IndianaBulls2015 (29 days ago)
Clean wing king
sarikatimmi (29 days ago)
I was just gonna say I really dont think he wrotw that. I know he thought it but he def didnt word it
sarikatimmi (29 days ago)
Music throws me off. Esp during the eat a booty campaign
sarikatimmi (29 days ago)
Damn tom lost even more weight
Swag Lordman (29 days ago)
This show is soo smooth when watching with an oled screen.
Ryan Campbell (29 days ago)
Joe Rogan?
Bowl of Pho (29 days ago)
Yessssssss he ate the whole wing
tmjproductions1 (30 days ago)
I want to be on this show!

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