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Text Comments (10395)
David Dobrik (6 months ago)
GUYS FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/daviddobrik/?hl=en
Louise Casarez (6 days ago)
Corinna to bad he's gay so you can't be with him
Steal My Beats (6 days ago)
David Dobrik and now your relationship is like theirs.
chloe elizabeth (23 days ago)
Sapphire_ Gaming (2 months ago)
1:10 OMG David my name is Elena OMG
Mattie lynn (2 months ago)
Can you shout out my Instagram (mattie_233) (devil.dobrik) on your November 2nd vlog cause that’s my birthday
Acelin Lopez (8 hours ago)
0:31 Had me dead af
Lily darksong (12 hours ago)
1:03 your right david it's still not over! Y'all will get together again soon
Dania Reylop (12 hours ago)
“Jonah ate it”💀!
Skylar Hill (14 hours ago)
3:44 Scotty take his teddy bear they save his Teddy bear 😂
Emily Twizzlerbee (16 hours ago)
The Eclipse (18 hours ago)
Isn’t David’s assistant his sister?
Ashlee Luxe (1 day ago)
2:29 David, it is a virus...
Amanda Pirret (1 day ago)
1:03 enough said
Brittany Borges (2 days ago)
Scott grabbed a big ass teddy bear when all the smoke went off. What you gonna do with that? . Lmao
Boo boo bear Madison (3 days ago)
official savannahlynn (3 days ago)
“ influenceia “ - um influenza 💀
Emi Emi (3 days ago)
If I was someone in the Vlog Squad I would be Alex because everyone is so social and I just stay there and say a joke here and there lol 😂
0:06 Alex doesn't even crack a smile
Alexis Khatib (5 days ago)
3:55 welcome
Alli Ritchey (5 days ago)
Alex is low key hot
Leira Nieves (6 days ago)
Am i the only one that wants to know where he got the smoke bombs
E y s
dolphinier sarah (8 days ago)
Nayops 18 (8 days ago)
3:25 “ Surprise mother 🤬 “
Mason Thompson (8 days ago)
Alex looked high af in the first 5 seconds
Meg K (8 days ago)
David Dobrik and the rest of the Vlog Squad are the kings of clickbait.
Derricks Aguilar (8 days ago)
Vlogs always 4:20 and 4:21 long
afrah nur (8 days ago)
I love Dom’s laugh but I hate dom
Gradybear (9 days ago)
3:22 you can see todd's face of realization...lol
Monkey Fist (9 days ago)
David's assistant is the best looking chick in the vlogs
Madhurika Dasi (10 days ago)
Andrea Orozco (10 days ago)
1:04 he was hinting that they broke up before they posted the break up video 😱!!!
I’maboss69 G (10 days ago)
What does David Dobrik use to edit? Comment to me what
Isidro Gomez (12 days ago)
whats the song in the outro
James Osgood (12 days ago)
when Alex had the dinosaur head on it sounded like josh peck
Maddistrange (12 days ago)
Anyone notice that the glasses that dom wore are the same that jin wears
Hannah Dormady (13 days ago)
every time the date is messed up in the title card that says the vlog # and date it seriously fucks me up and confused the shit out of me
ShookGandma isquaking (13 days ago)
0:56 ur welcome 🔥❤❤😍😀
Idiot_ on_the_internet (14 days ago)
Jonah ate it 😂
Jackie Verduzco (14 days ago)
1:05 I’m crying like this if you still ship them
Cierra Downing (15 days ago)
I’ve been searching for this vlog for 20 years
lowkeylilith (15 days ago)
Alex is so fuckin pure and cute wljdksjdkdj
Edit Person (15 days ago)
2:21 when my mom buys McDonald’s and says if it’s delicious
Conner Sasaki (15 days ago)
No way I just realized before I started watching the vlogs my dad showed me Doms vid and he said that it was stupid 😂
Freddy Farah (16 days ago)
What do ur naibors think
Cutie ™ (16 days ago)
could u imagine a bish like corinna masturbating to u?
Briannah Blog (17 days ago)
Mania mania mania mania mania!!!
Blanca Bermea (17 days ago)
David: do you wanna go to Walmart after. Alex:pfff dude it’s my fuckin birthday or something 🤣😂😭 I died🙃
Jadyn Marshall (17 days ago)
Love how Scott is outside and in the q&a
JM7 (17 days ago)
What vlog is the lie detector test on
JM7 (17 days ago)
What vlog is the lie dector test on
Sister Snatched (17 days ago)
Does anyone know what the guy in the back said at 0:31 ???? 😂
James Bobman (17 days ago)
2:23 Alex is my spirit animal
mel d (18 days ago)
4:17 "Go buy his meerrrchhh!" the cutest thing
Mr.DankSniper (18 days ago)
The 2 guys that new it Was going to happen should have put on gasmask’s in the last min
RPD Panda (19 days ago)
Olivia strawberry (19 days ago)
Wait why is all the people outside the car not moving
Zombing (20 days ago)
Zombing (20 days ago)
Zombing (20 days ago)
Is it me or all his videos are 4 minutes and 20 seconds long?
dusan milanovic (20 days ago)
at the start i think alex had depression
Glittery Bisexual (20 days ago)
Joseph Castro (20 days ago)
Can we just realize how hot David’s assistant is
Maddie Adams (20 days ago)
literally look at todd’s face after zane read the question.
Adriana Castillo (21 days ago)
“He is being safe” for the first time in forever😂
up comming (22 days ago)
That family is annoying asf
Awkwardness49 Lol (22 days ago)
Alex is too precious💞 I luv him oml the way he said “yes”
Daniela Hernandez (22 days ago)
Anyone notice that the date is wrong
Maddie Smith (22 days ago)
this was my birthday. my birthday is 6-2-2000
Jakiś Typek ll-// (22 days ago)
0:00 Alex r u ok?
Ligma Balls (23 days ago)
0:33 when bae asks you to come over alone
Alicia Moreno (23 days ago)
Also fired on the morning 😂💀😭
Ewan Croft (23 days ago)
2:21 #AlexisaScalie
Emma Faiella (23 days ago)
Zane: Did you just call me big? David: That's what you got from that? IM DEAD!!!!!!!!!
I wish my relationship with liza was like yours like when it's over its still not over omg that line is sad cause it's over now
bec boller (24 days ago)
Fuckin clickbaiters
Braylon Koenig (24 days ago)
What the fuck was you guys thanking
Amanda O'Donovan (24 days ago)
Time Wasted (24 days ago)
I want them to get back together
princess dominguez (25 days ago)
Mau Francisco (25 days ago)
I can literally see that Todd is getting Jealous of Corinna and Davids Friendship😂
TRAX (25 days ago)
Astronaut and doctor hmmm think i know someone like that
B (25 days ago)
B (25 days ago)
katy nguyen (25 days ago)
i loved the “surprise mother f****r” 😂
Adrian Sherlock (25 days ago)
corina kopf is with tfue tottaly
Joshua States (26 days ago)
Why is David wearing a Mizzou shirt?
María Baillet (27 days ago)
Influenza in Spanish is a Virus that gets you very sick 😂🦠
Moon Slut (28 days ago)
*i died when todd close the window* 😂😂
Elin Jannie (28 days ago)
Anna MS (29 days ago)
Scott 😩😍
rawchickennuggetscrb (29 days ago)
Priscilla Musolino (30 days ago)
Ok. That girl was cute but Alex’s yes was the most precious thing I’ve ever heard
Aria Peters (30 days ago)
I wanna be a space doctor too
Riley Crosby (30 days ago)
Where the fuck do they get this shit?
Karisma m (30 days ago)
Raees Kabir (30 days ago)
0:56 dsa
Raees Kabir (30 days ago)
0:55 dff
__lonelywolf__ (1 month ago)
“Whos gonna trust a guy that has a seat belt on his head” “Atleast he’s being safe” THAT SENT ME😂😂😂😂💀
ijohanne 2 (1 month ago)
Me=watching davids vlog🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mom=what are you laughing at Me=nothing
Sophie Richardson (1 month ago)
Necessary Evil (1 month ago)
yall gotta make fun of jonah for his weight so much? just sayin he has tons of other things you can pick on him for lol
Victoria AS (1 month ago)
Liza at the end btw 😂❤️

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