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Text Comments (10296)
David Dobrik (4 months ago)
GUYS FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/daviddobrik/?hl=en
Sapphire_ Gaming (8 days ago)
1:10 OMG David my name is Elena OMG
Mattie lynn (12 days ago)
Can you shout out my Instagram (mattie_233) (devil.dobrik) on your November 2nd vlog cause that’s my birthday
Noreen Healy (20 days ago)
David Dobrik ok
Bri Hernandez (22 days ago)
This video came out on my birthday
503 MARI (1 month ago)
when tod trys to get out it looked like he farted pink
old fools (8 hours ago)
Idk why David clickbaits his vids. Ima click on it anyways
joy steph (15 hours ago)
Your videos make me so happy
emma nicholson (23 hours ago)
Who thinks David and his assistant should date? Same
Nabeel Akhtar (1 day ago)
Nabeel Akhtar (1 day ago)
Liza is such a cutie ♥️
thelegacyarceus (2 days ago)
anyone know where to find the drum beat david uses for the walmart montage
Shelly Brown (2 days ago)
David im mad at you. Ive stopped watching you because of the break up and you better not be talking with that lil woman in tbe back seat. She's not pretty enough for you
Brianna Porras (2 days ago)
To be honest Natalie and David would be a good couple
A.J.A Sister's (2 days ago)
What is the out tro song?
luis robles (3 days ago)
last bruh (3 days ago)
whats that shirt scotty was wearing?
Esty DeeDee (3 days ago)
0:56 watching this way after the breakup and this fucking hurts man
Sketch212 (5 days ago)
3:20 😂😂
Kaitlyn Chavarria (5 days ago)
Every YouTuber is secretly gay.....
Savanah Rayyan (5 days ago)
Did anyone else realize that he put 6-2-18 in the beginning ????
Ms. Eeveevolution (5 days ago)
When Todd screamed it was the funniest thing ever!😂👍
Arjun Boparai (5 days ago)
Where can you buy the smokebomb from ?
Erica Weeks (5 days ago)
"A doctor and an astronaut" Someone please impale me I'm dying
Stealthy Archer (5 days ago)
Alex in the intro
Alisha Sukhu (6 days ago)
Is it just me or did anybody else look for Dom's website?
How 2 Draw (6 days ago)
Why does Alex look dead in the beginning? 2:23 the way he said yes was amazing
Security Guard (7 days ago)
1:18 nice lil transition
Milsim Doc (7 days ago)
That enola gaye smoke is legit
Capa City (7 days ago)
So the video ends at 4:20 David please tell me you don’t do weed
Mr. MoBzz (7 days ago)
You never make a video that's longer then 4 minutes
Cameron Schlitt (7 days ago)
you are FUNNY
Cameron Schlitt (7 days ago)
you are the best
Pris Martinez (7 days ago)
Why does Alex look so depressed at the beginning
Faith (7 days ago)
Holy shit this made me laugh so hard
Carlee Davis (7 days ago)
David’s assistant looks just like Demi lovato
Anti Ivory (7 days ago)
4:04 that's the cutest little boy voice crack I've ever heard from Liza
John Nunez (8 days ago)
David’s assistant is so hot 😩😩😩
Evan Bourgeois (9 days ago)
At 4:05, Liza’s voice cracks😂
Julian Uribe (9 days ago)
Put "Mr.Sandman" more in the outros
Amish Butter (10 days ago)
Alex is hot asf
Coral Zurita (10 days ago)
todd is hot
Gina Fimbres (11 days ago)
whhats the name of the song at the end after the smoke bomb?
Jack Maclean (11 days ago)
Suck dick
Larena Vesques (12 days ago)
You are so hot David dobrik😘😍💓💓💕💖💗💙💞💞💝🖤💜🖤🖤🖤💛💚😛😜😎😎🖤🖤💝🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜
Mattie lynn (12 days ago)
Can you shout out my Instagram (mattie_233) (devil.dobrik) on your November 2nd vlog cause that’s my birthday
xo maddzz (12 days ago)
David : well well well Zane : I’m here David : if it isn’t the biggest bitch of all Zane : oh fuck off Zane : did you just call me big ? David : that’s what you got from that. Zane : Yeah
Ashley Garcia (12 days ago)
I have watched this vlog a million times and at 2:50 I didn't see big (little) Nick in the picture on the laptop
Ana Mullen (14 days ago)
Surprise motherfuckers
Kaylee Merritt (14 days ago)
Alex just sits in silence at the start. -_-
Deathbat 1092 (15 days ago)
David and Corinna should date
Takeout Podcast (15 days ago)
Shane Dawson should make a series about David and his friends next.
Tiffany Barbay (15 days ago)
I love how in the beginning Alex shows no emotion it’s funny but also worrying / can someone check on him?? 😂
chens wife (16 days ago)
"no so when it's over, it's still not over" JSJSJD IM SO SAD
ChubsterPanda (16 days ago)
3:32 the way the smoke grenade goes over Todd's head 😂😂
JLVlogzTv (17 days ago)
Hey does anyone know the blue and grey hoodie that todd was wearing and what brand it is
yvette gonzalez (17 days ago)
When the smoke detector went off my dog got scared and ran under the bed.
Pic Mad (17 days ago)
I want to be a Astronaut 👩🏻‍🚀 too
matthew joy (17 days ago)
Liza had a voice crack
Elise blackwood (18 days ago)
Plz get back with Liza
Victor Rodriguez (18 days ago)
Me and alex share a birthday
• Deonna • (18 days ago)
I laugh SO MUCH when I watch your vlogs😂
Katrina.Faith (18 days ago)
Why does Corinna remind me of like Billie Elish
chiquita adams (18 days ago)
Yall so funny and cute. OMG LOLOLOL
Lia May (19 days ago)
0:31 what did he say 😂
Sara Black (19 days ago)
That seat belt is probably the most protection Dom has ever used haha
rara xo (19 days ago)
Josh @ 1:56 had me crying 😂😂lmfao
Armando Alvarado (19 days ago)
im dying lol
Noreen Healy (20 days ago)
this was the last vlog before the break up video😭😭😭😭
Rosalind White (20 days ago)
"you lost a tooth" "Jona ate it" 0:26
Ashley Salton (20 days ago)
youniverse_ (21 days ago)
1:02 watching this when they broke up
DaRiah Adams (21 days ago)
That One Gurl (21 days ago)
2:11-2:13 I thought the yellow-green thing in the background was Shrek
Billy Wilfred (21 days ago)
Before the intro, alex looks so sad 🤣
Libby Rae (22 days ago)
I thought I wasn’t going to be able to graduate high school, then I saw dom 😂
Jess Dolan (22 days ago)
0:45 me one someone compliments me 😂
Natalia Berrios (22 days ago)
te amo
Lobstercorn (22 days ago)
The smoke bomb was really pretty 😂
TheMissAJM (23 days ago)
I wish Liza and David got back together
Mia Lopez (23 days ago)
Who doesn’t fantasize about david lol
mak diy (23 days ago)
Who else notices that almost all of David's vlogs are 4:20 or 4:21 minutes long?
Mia Lopez (23 days ago)
How old are u omg
Mia Lopez (23 days ago)
Makayla Kennedy it’s because 4:20 is a vine/symbolizes weed 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
He so reminds of of Johnny Knoxville, leader of the group of fucks with everyone but very hard to get him back
Kevin Ho (24 days ago)
"i'm also his friend" LOL
gang squadvlogs (24 days ago)
MORE SMOKE BOMBS!!!!!!!!!......plz.......
Itzlucy x (25 days ago)
FILMMAKING KID (25 days ago)
all of his vids are 4:20 hahahaha
Reine Cabrera (25 days ago)
Suprise motherfuckers 😂😂
Christopher Benavidez (25 days ago)
David ur a bitch because not to be rude u we never see u in the back in the car when Dom is drunk 🍺😜we never see u drunk in the back saying I'm going to suck alexs is dick so hard
Mia Lopez (23 days ago)
Christopher Benavidez pls jump of a cliff nigga
Kristina Pavarde (25 days ago)
is daddy dom lithuanian cus i am
Clear 2017 (25 days ago)
I honestly watch this high as fuck every single log for 195 all the way through and it is a lit as fuck my dude
Lynda Esson (26 days ago)
What was Alex doing at the start? Ahahaha
Abby Batchelor (27 days ago)
throw like 100 u pussy x
Heather Cruz (27 days ago)
What's the song that starts on 3:22 ?!
gabby helm (27 days ago)
Surprise motherfuckers 😂
Elli vlogs (27 days ago)
has anybody else noticed that almost every FUCKING vlog is 4.20 long
MongKes (28 days ago)
We deserve more Natalie
AYEVA (28 days ago)
2:21 idk why this is so cute
Michelle Morera (28 days ago)
“Who’s gonna trust a guy that has a seatbelt on his head” 😂
Cassandra Peterson (28 days ago)
Lizas voice crack was everything
Caroline Herrrera (28 days ago)
Alex looks out of it in the video
Caroline Herrrera (28 days ago)
Caroline Herrrera (28 days ago)
I meant in the begging I didn't realize how much he was in it
Ally Mancini (28 days ago)
When you realize influenza is an actual virus
Lily Baum (28 days ago)
All your bids are 4:20 long lol
Galxay_ Unicron (29 days ago)
Why is scott holding a baer??

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