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Cake Decorator Vs. Artist

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Text Comments (11864)
Snapy Gurl (1 hour ago)
Offcourse we who wins because Brre is a cake decorator ,but Maggie did a good job too,shes learning tho
e bi si Abc (3 hours ago)
Maggie's cake much more interesting
Yuik Gacha studio (8 hours ago)
I'm Maggie because I like the movie The Little Prince it is a good movie
Isis Chien (12 hours ago)
Ew Bree is rude. "What did I win?!" and this competition was NOT FAIR.
Kidlike101 (23 hours ago)
A pro vs a.... well not even an amature really. I'd have loved Maggie's cake for the creativity alone.
Defne Korkmaz15 (1 day ago)
I would take the weird one lol
A W (1 day ago)
Sooooo...how about make the cake decorator do art while the artist decorates cakes? That is a better show. Geeeez.
Aashika Gurumurthy (1 day ago)
There should be another video like this with theme pirates or something bcoz these people r so cool and funny 😁
Elfenii (1 day ago)
so adults would know what a sixteen year old wants, ok
hey its ruby here (1 day ago)
The "weird" one is so much cuter and matches the artists aesthetic. Honestly I wouldn't want the other one to be at my party. It's very childish and high-key. - sincerely, your local 16 year old girl.
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sarang momo (2 days ago)
I'm hungry
EdyAwkward (2 days ago)
Bree had such an advantage! while i do like both of them, i don’t think this contest was too fair. but Maggie was so adorable lmao “i’m here to make friends” :3
Youtube Ammar (2 days ago)
There Is Way Difference Between cake Decorator And Artist Can Cake Decorator Draw!!
Sofia Gaibor (3 days ago)
So what after this are they going to have a drawing contest? Even tho hers was good how was this fair for Maggie at all lol.
Phillip Brooks (3 days ago)
I like the pink,purple and blue
cure smile (3 days ago)
I love the little prince movie.
I wish Bree was a bit more polite towards Maggie.. I mean yeah her cake was good but humbleness doesn't hurt plus I really appreciated Maggie's 🍰
Nikki And Kimi (4 days ago)
1:36 I vote Maggie wins
I love the little prince!!! 💜
DatRandom Girl :3 (4 days ago)
I'm surprised the comment section is not disabled yet.
ThatFloweryDonut63 (5 days ago)
These ladies know what's up
hxsna_ eu (5 days ago)
Why u giving the adult to judge it....
Randy Chopa (5 days ago)
Will you marry me Maggie 😍
Prateek Pradeep (5 days ago)
1:36 awwww
Duh_ ItzAmi (6 days ago)
I'm getting that "I'm the best and I know it" vibe from that red head.
tryme (7 days ago)
Ik the little prince!! We had to watch it in French so it was called le petit prince for us
legends never die (7 days ago)
" I'm not here to win ,I'm here to make friends" That was deeeeep 😂❤ Even though she was joking
Ly Khunnea (8 days ago)
isabella Secriean (8 days ago)
Omg I love the little prince did you know they made a movie of the little prince
Noor Barakat (8 days ago)
I'm not here to win I'm here to make friends lol😂love her
Amber Rose (8 days ago)
I know that movie
Martin Kuta II (9 days ago)
I love maggieeeeeee
Pusheen Donut (10 days ago)
Both are good as eachother
Riley And Dayvie White (10 days ago)
I loved the little Prince
Maria Reyes (10 days ago)
I love the little prince one I would have it for my sweet 16
Raakai (10 days ago)
I feel like if Maggie had a bit more color in hers, she probably would have won.
Trulys Wish (10 days ago)
Everybody has different style and taste so everybody’s choice will be different! Like me I like more of the natural style so that’s why I like the artist cake!!
Molly’s World (11 days ago)
OMG Freddy is judging
kim junmyeong Exosuho (11 days ago)
Bree your super duper rude and boastful wtf youbare
Do NOT read the comments that are ahead they are a spoiler alert! Unless you want to be spoiled.............
Bárbara (11 days ago)
"I'm not here to win, I'm here to make friends" SO CUTE OMG I WANT TO KISS HER
Sxck_Saif (11 days ago)
Not gonna lie they should have had two boys and two girls then that makes it fair. I’m just saying no need to get mad 😡
When you have a sweet sixteen and you make a little prince cake lol
The Reptilian Smash (11 days ago)
I like white-ish colored foods, so Maggie is the winner because it looks more appetising to me.
dragonoid510 (11 days ago)
Maggie is way too adorable and wholesome for this
lps cocowars (11 days ago)
it's b612
Amna Mirza (11 days ago)
Hahaha hahahaha I remember this video when I was 16 I saw that .......... And I was wondering, why they saying that year(16) so special 😱😱 but when I turned to 17 on 1 October I actually feel that what I lefted Yeah😦😦😦😦😦 best year of my teenage
JP (12 days ago)
I’m not 16 yet but I would love those cakes
Happi Nighton (12 days ago)
Okay.... Bree’s cake is too... pastelly and pinky. Honestly.
Rara Nami (12 days ago)
I like maggie's cake. Its very odd yet inspiring
JeLLy FesH (12 days ago)
I love little prince too
Katrina Borja (12 days ago)
The artist is so cute
Xu Linda (12 days ago)
This is unfair
Ayesha Khan (12 days ago)
I hate how Bree keeps bragging about her bakery.. But Maggie is a sweetheart❤
Mika Chan (12 days ago)
the artist is kinda kind the cake decorator is a little like a quarter inch like a microscope tiny rude
Miss I don't know (12 days ago)
Maria Giorgou (12 days ago)
Still Maggie is so Edorable!!!
Maria Giorgou (12 days ago)
I want a cake decorator just like Bree to make my birthday cake so FANTASTICLY AMAZING!!!!
Stxrry (12 days ago)
Hey I google stuff too.
Zard Park (13 days ago)
I'm sorry but i don't like bree 🙃
Fern Bush (13 days ago)
The artist did a more creative thing, I mean the bow is everywhere
ELITE GAMING (13 days ago)
Maggie won
Jouie Reyes (13 days ago)
rude breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :<
whatsername1180 (13 days ago)
Wtf is up with the frosting?
aRtsy Animato R (13 days ago)
aRtsy Animato R (13 days ago)
lol B612 is an app
RobThe_ Kid (14 days ago)
Maggie is soo adorable
Kiera does stuff (14 days ago)
I can write in *bold* I can -cross out- my words! *-Go me!-*
Cherry Gacha (14 days ago)
I love the little prince it's my favorite book
Gamer Điđi best (14 days ago)
Cake decorator
qiixαe• TM (15 days ago)
Bree is so obnoxious and rude😒
Multi Hoe (15 days ago)
Rude bree, maggie wins for me
K. P. (15 days ago)
Obviously the cake decorator's looked much more professional, and it was cute and pretty, but the artist's had more character! And I'm sorry, but stereotyping teenage girls much? I hated pink and bows as a teenager and would never have chosen that cake at 16 (maybe at 6)!
Chicken Yao (15 days ago)
its sad how nobody knows about the little prince its such a cute story! Also with the professional cake decorators cake, the color choice was n a s t y. Did she really expect teens to have such bad taste? I mean- yes, teenagers wear their pants 4 inches below the waist and waste craptonnes of money on ripped jeans and t-shirts with red rectangles but seriously? red. purple. and blue. gross. (okokwaitaminutebeforeucommentsomethingnasty thats just my personal taste)
Bree Postrk (15 days ago)
I love the little prince and knew exactly what you were going for
Give Maggie a pice of her cake 😂😂
Stacey M (15 days ago)
It's not fair they gave the non-cake decorator a chocolate cake. They are harder to ice because you can see the crumbs. They should've both had the same cake.
Nathan Astor (15 days ago)
Bree Bella hehe
Mr. Strange (15 days ago)
4:21 hey girl don't forget there is a sixteen year old boy right now..😡
Girly_m :p (15 days ago)
Maggie’s so cute
Huma Hashmi (16 days ago)
Ok but I would not have wanted Bree's cake if I was a sixteen year old girl. It looks like unicorn threw-up!
Hannah Rae Cabajon (16 days ago)
I totally agree
myra reyes (16 days ago)
A sweet sixteen is for a boy not a girl and a quinceanera is for a girl
Sadia Ismail (16 days ago)
Bree nobody cares if you've been cake decorating for 8 years and btw this is a compatition Like if you think Maggie is really sweet^_^🦄😃😃😃(TT):-)
Unicorn Vlogs and more (16 days ago)
Do it the other way around!!!
SHYLA HANNAH (16 days ago)
Maggie is so adorable💜
Misha Tamang (16 days ago)
shantha villaruel (16 days ago)
I vote for the cake decorations cause I like the colors she make and especially the ribbon
Mena Toda (17 days ago)
Next, Cake decorator and Artist try a Drawing Contest.
Bushra Kaleem (17 days ago)
Y did they think that Maggi wld win I mean Bree is a professional cake decorater
Bushra Kaleem (9 days ago)
Haruhi Yuki (17 days ago)
I know this is super random and nothing to do with the video but......I was eating a breadstick whilst watching and I broke my tooth it really hurt!!!!!!😭
Now do a drawing battle
It's pretty obvious that the cake decorator would win because....duh! She's a cake decorator she has some experience decorating a cake. And an artist I'm pretty sure it would be unfair
Clover Gacha (18 days ago)
I’m not a wisk taker 😂😂😂 Sorry if I spelled It wrong...😂
Mochi gurll (18 days ago)
Maggie is so cutee❤❤
Momo is a top (18 days ago)
maggie is so cute
Amira Cle (18 days ago)
Why's everyone hating on Bree?
Tyra Kingi (18 days ago)
Oh... I’m not here to win, I’m here to make friends = Maggie
it’s not fair because she makes cakes everyday and it’s a cake competition
Nightcore Queen134 (18 days ago)
Bree's cake looks like it's for a 10 yr. old or something..😂 (Just being honest)

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