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$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

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Text Comments (14710)
ZubbyBeast Beast (5 hours ago)
He said mmmm.. about 650 times
Bailey Caudill (10 hours ago)
bruh steven picks the expensive one every time because it tastes the best and doesn’t even think about the money because he doesn’t pay for it
Kalloljit Barman (11 hours ago)
That's it Japanese cuisine is the best 🙏🙏🙏 ❤️from India
A smart person. (13 hours ago)
I love sushi. But is anyone else sad to see that lil shrimp like dancing, and in the other moment he's a sushi ;-;
Yoke Chin Chong (13 hours ago)
Steven: part dua Andrew: is dua two in any language? Me: *is in bahasa melayu*
Kuba_kamil (14 hours ago)
Dwa in polish means two
ProgamerRobin (14 hours ago)
Good video Do mexican food nex
Steven PlayGame (15 hours ago)
In Malay DUA is 2 xD nice
Random Person (17 hours ago)
Came from the seas, makes our mouths water like a sea
Fong CJ (20 hours ago)
2 in malay is dua
Della Hani (20 hours ago)
17:13 DAIKI-SANN!!😆😆
Honey Buddha Chips (23 hours ago)
Dua (du-a) means two in Malay :)
Meg Hodge (1 day ago)
When 今田さん said Andrew could hold out his glass with one hand my heart exploded a little bit. I always find it so sweet when elders can be informal
Dang Vinh Phuc Tran (1 day ago)
17:03 Sweet moment Rie
AnimeMelody * (1 day ago)
My mouth is watering 🤤🤤🤤
Xenolithal (1 day ago)
Every been to Sake? No? Well you should
FAKE_ CLAN (1 day ago)
Feed the room and I feel your last comment I file the comments are right under my name but affiliate who is so passionate
Found new places i want to go in japan i give this 5 stars
PwarkCheesung (1 day ago)
C x c
I AM PHENOMENAL1594 (1 day ago)
Dua is 2 in Malaysia
Sarah Unicorn (1 day ago)
Dua is number 2 in malay.....
Aoife (1 day ago)
i love red bean taiyaki and conveyor belt sushi they're both so delicious and cool
Aoife (1 day ago)
i love red bean taiyaki and conveyor belt sushi they're both so delicious and cool
AshCrash (1 day ago)
That shark skin is called shagreen
sorainvoked serge (2 days ago)
DUA = 2 in MALAY :D Satu, Dua, Tiga = 1, 2, 3!
B.T Gaming (2 days ago)
Is dua to in any language? Me: *Raging* YESS IT IS INDONESIAN (MY COUNTRY) AND IT MEANS TWO *anyway who else is Indonesian here?
Yoke Chin Chong (13 hours ago)
*im your neighbor, indonesians*
Kamarung Gaming (2 days ago)
DUA is indonesian
Utopian Strivings (2 days ago)
They do so many episodes in Japan -- it's time to try out some cuisine in Europe, especially France and Italy!
Fahad Ayad (2 days ago)
Does any of the restaurants open 24hr/7d/30d/365d/1dec/1cen
Crack _The_Anime (2 days ago)
Hey when you say dua duoa or whatever you say it was number two on some asian language
Vee yø (2 days ago)
well "dua" means "two" in indonesian
Liam McGregor (3 days ago)
Best job in the world
Genevieve Laird (3 days ago)
I’m the cameraman 🤣🤣 whenever he eats it makes me laugh
Rendino Arventi (3 days ago)
dua is two in indonesian
Alien skullcollector (3 days ago)
Fun fact : dua is 2 in malay. Now you know.
Wenona Morales (3 days ago)
I didn't expected that there's a 1 dollar sushi in Japan.....wow just make me wanted so bad to visit Japan...❤❤❤ great job guy's ....👍
Arkajyoti Mukherjee (3 days ago)
Is that Agent Pointdexter (aka Bullseye) from Daredevil...this guy looks so much like him XD
Robert Khorram (4 days ago)
Looks great guys!
Crystala Harris (4 days ago)
I would spend that on a week of food $133 😂
FaZe Lietuveens (4 days ago)
dva is russian for two dummy
Great Value Ryuk (4 days ago)
Irr maker wasabi doberr than then
Yfrost Yz (4 days ago)
DUA is two in bahasa indonesia
lance bobo (4 days ago)
Ik im late but can we mention how people are making sushi with their BARE hands
Aurelliusevander Lius (4 days ago)
Do in shushi arai is the best place too eat shusi
nata (4 days ago)
Dua means two in bahasa
Faith Sizemore (4 days ago)
These videos help me plan what restaurants I’ll need to put on my bucket list.
Faith Sizemore (4 days ago)
I’d be a little sacred to eat sushi not made by actual sushi chefs. I don’t believe they’d ever intentionally serve bad sushi, because it is Japan after all, but one could slip through and make someone sick. I’d still eat there though.
Ryan Mya (4 days ago)
Dua is your native language steven!?!. Well its indonesian, so malayu...close enough I guess
Mikaela Santosa (4 days ago)
duwa is 2 in indo
Random Person (4 days ago)
Well, dua is two in indonesian so that intro is acceptable
Justin Park (5 days ago)
The sushi conveyor belt reminds me of that drake and josh episode
Fat LAW21 (5 days ago)
dwa is from indonesia and means 2 :v
Kimora Chua (5 days ago)
dua is 2 in indonesian
Garret Simpson (5 days ago)
Wait.. You're not supposed to shoot Saké (or however you spell it) ... Woops. :O
Brandon Keal (6 days ago)
Isn’t she from tasty?
No_ Name (6 days ago)
Dwa is 2 in polish
Hasann Alii (6 days ago)
How do they always like everything they eat?
YuyaZone (6 days ago)
Try to eat a sushi upside down next time.
Alexis (6 days ago)
I just realized I've been to the first restaurant lol
Rising Deity (6 days ago)
I thought America had plenty of conveyor belt sushi and I live in Cali.
Gareth Pang Zi Yuan (6 days ago)
Dua is two in bahasa melayu
Haqim Yahaya (6 days ago)
“Dua” is also “two” in the Malay language. So technically Andrew has a point there..
david hadaway (6 days ago)
Are they homosexuals
FLXlovesick (7 days ago)
dua is two in malay. come on steven, i thought youre a malaysian
a66036 (7 days ago)
i just ordered sushi from japan
Zi Qian Koh (7 days ago)
Dua is Malay for 2
Jaster Mereel (7 days ago)
The chef makes customers dress in suits, then pretends to want to make them comfortable. He is kind of a dick.
angeline wellvy (7 days ago)
dua is indonesian language for two
I love tuna
Oscar klopper (7 days ago)
duaah its indonesian
BTS_SUGA Lover (7 days ago)
I feel like eating su-sea 😂 that was a punny joke (ok I’ll stop with the puns) XD
Mode Tripz (8 days ago)
two in japanese is ni like knee
Magdalena Dzwonkowska (8 days ago)
Dwa is 2 in polish
ekin valent (8 days ago)
ThirdEye Beauty (8 days ago)
I felt emotional when they ate at the last restaurant. The chef has so much passion and is so humble. So amazing how kind he is and how hard he tries to make everyone welcome
92 jay (8 days ago)
Isnt sushi from japan contaminated from nuclear radioactive ?
냐옹 (8 days ago)
drinking+eating radioactivity. congrats
a3zth3tikz (8 days ago)
You can tell Andrew was sooooo nervous during the first part of the Kyubey section, you can feel it through the screen.
mohd fakhrur razi (8 days ago)
DUA is two in malay,indonesian and philliphine.
raymond santos (1 day ago)
The other reply disappeared
mohd fakhrur razi (3 days ago)
+raymond santos yeap. I didnt specifically mention which now did i?
raymond santos (3 days ago)
The tagalog of two is dalawa, however, there literally hundreds of dialects in the philippines that might have dua as their version of the number two
fydy dfhdhd (9 days ago)
i love how friendly are these shefs, they try to make a conversation with you while making the sushi so we dont have an awkward silence between
Putu Rafa (9 days ago)
Dua=2 in Indonesian
Gusde_ Dabs (9 days ago)
Dua is 2 in indonesia
NY Drawing (9 days ago)
I love sushi
Athari Darvesh (9 days ago)
''Dua'' is ''Two/2'' in indonesia... so u nailed it lol
Cream Whiz (10 days ago)
I want to go to Japan now. Is it bad i liked the $1 place more xd
Kobraz1981 (10 days ago)
Japan our food is natural America TASTE MY GRAIN FED CHICKEN BROTHER
Heaven Maya (10 days ago)
so no one notice how the shrimps were still alive...
Iccha Mia (10 days ago)
Dua is two in malay
Matthew Bulic (10 days ago)
Keysha Zahwa Anandri (10 days ago)
Dua is actually 2 in Indonesia. You just pronounce it differently. Stretch the u in dua
Hello StuP.I.D (10 days ago)
Where did i hear the deshita i think i heard this word before..
Charmed3 (11 days ago)
the last sushi master... his father created gunkan sushi?!! woahhhh.
Alexander Ganchuk (11 days ago)
C'mon guys, we already know that "dua is the indonesian version of two" - read the other comments too.
farrel purwoko (11 days ago)
Dwa, or dua is the indonesian version of two,
zidan lubis (11 days ago)
0:04 when steven saids “dua” its indonesian language
Yoke Chin Chong (13 hours ago)
Its also in malay
Kai Shan Chua (11 days ago)
This makes me want to eat sushi so bad! But I’m pregnant 😩
Nazhif Tarmizi (12 days ago)
Dwa is "Dua" in malay language means two
the ZARSH (12 days ago)
dua is two in malaysia
James Wettstein (12 days ago)
they should do worth it, one dollar pizza, at different price points
E.M. L (12 days ago)
The last dude was kind and funny I love him and hope to go to his sushi restaurant soon. Worth $133

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